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Selected Case Studies

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Rham - 1

  1. 1. Rham K. Sriram Case Studies
  2. 2. Summary of business experience Financial Services Charles Schwab – Market Data strategy and technology solutions American Express – Value added service for smart credit card Wachovia – On line web bill payment Xtria – Re-engineering of insurance application Information Technology IBM/Webify Solutions – SOA, Web Services IBM – Program product development – OS/2, Directory Services,DCE; Robotic part fabrication IBM/Lotus – Migration of product IBM/Tivoli – Migration of Framework and applications, Vendor application integration HP/Digital – Mini computer & multi computer development SUN – Identity management product development, GUI re-engineering, Integration adapters BMC – Quality Assurance, GUI development Encore – Work station design & development PC Compatibles – Engineering, manufacture, RFI certification Health Care Kodak – Migration of imaging application BCBST – Claims Filing & Response Automotive Volkswagen – On line web car configurator & leads generator Consulting Accenture – Web site re-engineering Oil & Gas Shell Oil – On line real time trading system 5/6/2008 CONFIDENTIAL 2
  3. 3. Overview This following slides provide a short summary of my professional contributions and the solutions delivered to enhance the customer experience for different corporations / businesses in USA / India for some of the projects detailed in the previous slide. The chronological ordering starts from the oldest and ends with the most recent. 5/6/2008 CONFIDENTIAL 3
  4. 4. HP/Digital Equipment Corporation, Maynard, MA • Role Team Leader Role: • Challenge Create a solution to extend the life of PDP-15 (18 Challenge: bit computer) product family utilizing the state of the art PDP- 11 (16 bit computer) • Solution Solution: Lead the team that architected, designed, developed, tested, deployed and supported the Unichannel-15 dual processor system across the globe (PDP- 15=computational resource & PDP-11=peripheral handler – the first for Digital). The project entailed developing a memory multiplexer, base OS that ran on both the computers, cross-assembler, Input/Output spooler and migrating existing OS to support this configuration. • Result Project cost was under half million dollars and Result: returned over $15 million in sales internationally. 5/6/2008 CONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. PROMAC, Chennai, INDIA • Role Owner Role: • Challenge Challenge: 1. Introduce micro-computers to India. 2. Develop machine monitors using micro-controllers • Solution 1. Partnered with US companies to market, sell, Solution: install and service microcomputers. Assisted prospective customers in obtaining clearance from the Indian government to import micro-computer systems under OGL. Procured systems from USA installed and maintained these systems at IIT’s, REC’s and research institutions in India. 2. Designed, developed, tested and deployed low cost 8085 micro- processor based monitors/controllers for manufacturing organizations. • Result 1. Start of micro-computing in India. 2. Awareness Result: of factory automation in South India. 5/6/2008 CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. ACS International, Dallas, TX • Role: Role Engineering Manager • Challenge 1. Establish a reliable PC manufacturing process. 2. Re- Challenge: engineer all products to comply with FCC class B RFI emission standards • Solution 1. identified the weak links in the manufacturing process. Solution: Established repeatable, scalable and measurable processes to reduce failure using steps like prototyping, field testing, critical component testing, system burn-in, QA etc. 2. Procured test instruments for less than $5K and set up a small in house RFI lab for testing of boards and systems. Systematically identified the circuits/components causing problem and engineered changes to eliminate these RF interference. Got all products manufactured FCC Class-B certified • Result 1. Company was able to manufacture and sell reliable pc Result: compatibles in volumes. 2. The FCC could not shut down the manufacturing activity. 5/6/2008 CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. Shell Oil, Houston, TX • Role Senior Consultant Role: • Challenge Develop a state of the art real time trading Challenge: system for Oil products to maximize sales revenue • Solution 1. Work with engineering team to define and Solution: develop a consolidated requirements specification. 2. Assist in interfacing with vendors, establishing the real time data feeds, design, development and testing of product. 3. Assist in deployment and training of product to end users/traders. • Result 1. Company was able to obtain current market Result: conditions, pricing and availability of products. 2. As a result the traders were able to obtain the best margins on each sale and increase volume of products sold. 5/6/2008 CONFIDENTIAL 7
  8. 8. PSW Technologies (Concero), Austin, TX • Role Sr. Manager Role: • Challenge Deliver managed services to port product suite Challenge: and develop customer enhancements for Tivoli/IBM. • Solution Built a team of 40 people from scratch to migrate, Solution: test and deliver the code base on a periodic basis. Established a large multi-vendor computer laboratory for development and testing. Mentored and trained team members. Created an on line knowledge portal. • Result The group supported the Tivoli product suite on Result: several platforms and generated over $10M in revenues in 3 years. 5/6/2008 CONFIDENTIAL 8
  9. 9. Globeset, Austin, TX • Role Sr. Manager Role: • Challenge Deliver a value added product to enable secure Challenge: eCommerce for the American Express blue credit card at introduction. • Solution Worked with the American Express design team to Solution: define the product requirements and the project plan. Built a team of engineers to design, develop, test and deploy a secure on line electronic wallet using cryptographic technology - eWallet. Worked with different vendors and corporate divisions at American Express to address their concerns regarding the usability, security and merchant coverage for the eWallet. • Result The eWallet enabled 1 million blue cards to be issued Result: in the first week. 5/6/2008 CONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. Silverline Technologies, Edison, NJ • Role: Role Associate Director and Team member • Challenge: Challenge Deliver state of the art eCommerce solutions to the automotive and banking industry. • Solution: Solution Worked with Volkswagen North American executives to develop an on line car configurator and personalization web site. The site enabled prospective customers to interactively configure a car to obtain pricing and availability from a dealer. Existing customers could share their experiences with others in the VW club and obtain original and 3rd party accessories for their vehicle. For Wachovia a bill payment solution was developed and deployed using vendor products for on line banking. • Result: Result The on line car configurator increased sales of VW vehicles in North America by 1.5% in the first 6 months. The bill payment solution helped Wachovia decrease their transaction cost, time to settle transactions and increase the number of on line banking customers. 5/6/2008 CONFIDENTIAL 10
  11. 11. Charles Schwab, Austin, TX • Role Consultant & Senior Manager Role: • Challenge Assess present state of Market Data systems and Challenge: Ticker Plant technology, study best practices, define strategy, develop roadmap and implement select initiatives from strategy to achieve future state by aligning with business objectives. • Solution Worked with CIO, CTO and the senior management Solution: team in Austin to define strategy, roadmap and obtain funding from the governance committee for programs to re-engineer and enhance the Market Data suite of applications and the Ticker Plant infrastructure. Lead the technology teams to explore new ideas and created proof of concept working prototypes and implement solutions. • Result Established six different initiatives to address and Result: solve - capacity bottleneck, performance enhancement, scalability, redundancy + disaster recovery, room for growth. 5/6/2008 CONFIDENTIAL 11