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Im A Chatter Al
Im A Chatter Al
Im A Chatter Al
Im A Chatter Al
Im A Chatter Al
Im A Chatter Al
Im A Chatter Al
Im A Chatter Al
Im A Chatter Al
Im A Chatter Al
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Im A Chatter Al


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  • 1. IM a Chatter
    By Alison Marie
  • 2. What is a chat room?
    *A chat room is a current conversation on the computer between two or more people. In chat rooms, users can enter text by typing on the keyboard and entering text.
    Two ways you can stay safe in a chat room:
    *if you’re asked for a screen name for a chat room, use a nickname- never your real name
    *if you get an email telling you not to tell your parents about it, don’t reply and tell an adult right away
    Chat rooms are a fun way to communicate with your friends and family! However, it is on the internet, which means there are some safety rules you must follow.
    What should I do if I read something in a chat room that makes me uncomfortable?
    *Leave the chat room and tell an adult immediately.
    What type of information can you give out in a chat room?
    *nicknames and information that would not give away any personal information
    What type of information can’t you give out in a chat room?
    *your real name, passwords, telephone numbers, address, banking details, etc.
  • 4. Emma
  • 5. Surfer Dude…
  • 6. Surfer dude…
    Ways that the internet should be used
    Cyber security can limit the amount of material that is available to kids and you could make the home website a kid safe search engine. Talking to kids about the risks and minuses of using the internet is also a good way to promote internet safety but share with them the advantages of the internet and why it is there for them.
    Educational material, reading materials that interests readers, pen-pal sites, parental information and reference materials
    The internet should not be used to show:
    inappropriate websites, addresses, phone numbers, full names and personal information and pictures.
  • 7. Slick the Spammer!
    By Hope Sievert
  • 8. What is a Spam?
    A spam is an unnecessary mail or newsgroup posting that you may receive. It can involve email advertizing for a certain product or just an un-asked email.
    How Can I Outsmart the Spammer?
    • Don’t put your email address on a website
    • 9. You should create an anonymous account while keeping in touch by Usenet groups; forums at chat rooms at somewhere like
    • 10. Start Fresh! Delete your old email address and create a new one!
  • Why is spam such a problem?
    Don’t share personal info and change your password often while on the email.
    Spam is a problem because it takes up space ,
    wastes time and occupies a lot of network
  • 11. What Should You do if
    You receive Spam?