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10 Seo Mistakes
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10 Seo Mistakes


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Overcoming The Top 10 SEO Mistakes What To Do for Search Engine Success SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 1
  • 2. out of a Million SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 2
  • 3. AVOID The 5 Deadly SEO Sins Not Planning SEO from start  Not Designing for search engines  Not Providing enough content  Not Optimizing pages thoroughly  Not Continually improving  SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 3
  • 4. Top 10 SEO Mistakes: You Don’t Start planning SEO when starting a new Web project 1. Include “link bait” or “link magnets” content 2. Define important messages using effective keywords 3. Distribute keyword phrases across multiple pages 4. Design with all HTML features needed to support SEO 5. Include content concentrated enough for an SEO win 6. Write <titles> unique to pages having relevant keywords 7. Apply keywords in all right places on the page 8. Optimize enough to win without overdoing it 9. Have a continuous cycle of testing and improving 10. SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 4
  • 5. You SHOULD Have On-Page Strategy Optimize for Organic Search Engines  Off-Page Strategy Obtain incoming links to increase traffic and Page  Rank, helping highly competitive keywords win Pursue Pay for Click where we don’t expect good  and timely results from organic search. SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 5
  • 6. Lay Foundation for Success Keywords  Content (Link Magnets)  Keywords mapped to pages  Navigation path for engines  Page layout supporting SEO  Provide reasons for people to visit your site, revisit it, and link to it. SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 6
  • 7. Authoritative Source of Information  Application Notes, Reports  Desirable Tool  Calculator  Community Experience  Forum, FAQ, Blogs  Valuable Information  White Paper, E-book, Newsletter  SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 7
  • 8. Select Right Keywords Appropriate - Fit business goals for site  Popular – Many searches performed  Relevant - Used by buyers, not sellers  Competitive – Capable of winning  Targeted – Specific requests of buyers  Tools: WordTracker, Yahoo/Overture, Google SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 8
  • 9. Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture Suggestion Tool) Free Searches done in August 2005 Count Search Term  shopping cart software 35524  ecommerce template 2048  asp shopping cart software 341  shopping cart software php 284  frontpage shopping cart software 152 No results for [frontpage asp shopping cart software] To find, Google [overture suggestion] SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 9
  • 10. Design Site for search Distribute Keywords Home Link Magnets on Search Landing Pages Navigation Product Customer Forums, Articles Categories Information Blogs, Search Product Tracking Pages Detail Pages PPC, Specials sitemap.htm, sitemap.xml SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 10
  • 11. Optimize Page Elements <title>  Meta Description  Meta keywords  Heads  Text  Image Alt Tags (and titles)  Link names (anchor text)  SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 11
  • 12. Waiting For Believers Page SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 12
  • 13. Optimization Cycle Design or Edit Web Page Metrics of Search Engine Top Web pages Compare Rules Or with SW Selected Web Pages ? Too Weak Too Strong Just Right or Good enough Client Review SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 13
  • 14. SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 14
  • 15. Measure Web Position and Improve SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 15
  • 16. 5 Keys to SEO Success! Plan for SEO victory from the beginning 1. Design site and pages for search engines 2. Author valuable content rich with keywords 3. Optimize All SEO/HTML elements 4. Test and Continually Improve 5. SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 16
  • 17. Use the 5 keys to SEO success and you may take first place, a heavenly experience indeed. SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 17
  • 18. Bonus Slides More information on and SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 18
  • 19. Optimization Principles Keyword Relevance  Keyword Density  Keyword Frequency  Keyword Prominence  Concentrated Theme  Work for Google, Yahoo, MSN  Valuable and sensible to people  SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 19
  • 20. Keyword Density for [Shopping Cart] Shopping Cart 100% FrontPage Shopping Cart 67% FrontPage Shopping Cart 15% Software $105 to $175 SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 20
  • 21. Keyword Relevance Anna Nicole Smith  Shopping Cart Software  The Very Best Solutions On the Internet  SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 21
  • 22. Keyword Frequency (4) Shopping Cart Software Shopping cart software for MS Windows or Linux. Ecommerce templates with Shopping cart software is available for FrontPage or Dreamweaver. At $105 to $175 this is the most cost-effective shopping cart software solution on the market! SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 22
  • 23. Keyword Prominence Low Prominence High Prominence Shopping Cart Software Ecommerce Value Shopping cart software with All of the features you need with all the features you need, the the look you want, at a price you look that you want and a price can’t afford not to spend in our you can’t afford not to spend. shopping cart software. Order your shopping cart software today! SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 23
  • 24. Elements of Top Scoring Pages Google Page Rank Link Popularity  Score based on number of incoming links Page Reputation  Score based on what incoming links say Page Importance – Google Page Rank  associated with incoming link Source: Planet Ocean Communications, SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 24
  • 25. Google Page Rank …perfect search enginequot; … quot;understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.quot; Google uses PageRank™ to examine the entire link structure of the web and determine which pages are most important. It then conducts hypertext- matching analysis to determine which pages are relevant to the specific search being conducted. By combining overall importance and query-specific relevance, Google is able to put the most relevant and reliable results first. PageRank Technology: PageRank performs an objective measurement of the importance of web pages by solving an equation of more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Instead of counting direct links, PageRank interprets a link from Page A to Page B as a vote for Page B by Page A. PageRank then assesses a page's importance by the number of votes it receives. Source: Google – SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 25
  • 26. SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 26
  • 27. Most Important Off-Page Factor Google PageRank The key to high placement for highly competitive keywords SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 27
  • 28. Mysterious Google PR Algorithm PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + ... + PR(Tn)/C(Tn)) PR = Page Rank D = “damping constant” from 0 to 1, typically .85 (Tn) = “citation,” or a vote for your site as an incoming link PR(Tn) = Page Rank of citing page C(Tn)=number of citations on the page that is linking to you Source: The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page Computer Science Department, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305 SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 28
  • 29. Good and Bad Link Structures Good Bad Inbound anchor text varies Inbound anchor text   identical Inbound link count  increases gradually Inbound link count  increases suddenly Site links-out to only  reputable pages Site links – out to link  farms or web rings Links are rarely reciprocal  High percentage of links  Links come from pages  are reciprocal with few links Adapted From Source: Planet Ocean SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 29
  • 30. Directories and Registration “If Yahoo or thinks your site’s important enough to list, then we’ll list it when we find the link from them to you. Planet Ocean Communications, paraphrasing Google SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 30
  • 31. Finding Good Links Find out who is linking to your best competitors: Yahoo search [ Google search [] Request a link from them Sophisticated software tools are available to help with this SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 31
  • 32. Getting Good Links - DO Get listed in directories  Write Articles  Swap links with partner companies  Write press releases  Participate in forums  Learn what a Wiki is  SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 32
  • 33. Avoiding Bad Links – DON’T Participate in “Link Farms”  Accept links from low PR pages  Link to low PR pages  Participate in Web Rings  SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 33
  • 34. Optimize Pages With Enough Ammunition to Defeat Opponent But Not Too Much! Opponent SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 34
  • 35. Danger, Ethical Questions Keyword Spamming, Stuffing, Spamdexing  Invisible or Semi Visible Text, or CSS abuse  Doorway Pages  Redirect Pages  Optimizing for off topic words  Phantom Pixel  Bait and Switch via Cloaking  Ring of Similar Websites or Duplicates  SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 35
  • 36. SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 36
  • 37. References/Resources Planet Ocean Unfair Advantage Book on Winning the Search Engine Wars. SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 37
  • 38. Achieving High Rank and Position Earn It  Link Magnet Content  Architecture and Page Design  Author, Optimize, Get Links  Measure and Improve  SEMpdx SearchFest 07 Slide 38