Chapter 5


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Chapter 5

  1. 1. The An Apocalypse Challenge VonNuke Family Chapter 4: The One with Rum's True Love
  2. 2. Hey fellow Simmers! Welcome back to the VonNuke family, where we try to make PlantSim killing a sport! Yay! In our last chapter, we witnessed plates getting cleaner, a very hot PlantSim and Poseidon revealing that he prefers the 'company' of males. By golly, we covered a lot! Oh, and Culinary and Oceanography are lifted, hence the swimming pool. Now we have less want panel spam! We left knowing that we could finally use Elixir to age Rum up to adult. I admit, Pet Showbiz finally got me beaten. This, I do not want.
  3. 3. And here is the man of the hour, Rum VonNuke! *Confetti* “I'm telling you, you're my precious-wecious 'ikkle simself!” Hmmm … But what simself is good enough (LOL) for Rummy here? “That's very, very easy! It's-” Carry on.
  4. 4. “What? Maxi-waxi, don't give me negativities! Please?” Ugh oh. A little trouble, Rum? “Yes! Maxi don't luffles me!” Oh, then hang up. We have a few more friends that you can call. Yeah, sorry Maxi. Your relationship with Rum sank like the Titanic.
  5. 5. “Hey! Juuuney! Want to marryary me?” What did she say? “Is this legal? Well … not really. But I have Elixir! I can be a big boy!” Well, it's time Rum. Pull out the green liquid, then.
  6. 6. “Are you sure Mummy? This didn't work out too well last time...” Oh, hush Rum. You're in an Apocalypse – you live on danger! “Hehe, you funny Mummy!”
  7. 7. “It's WORKING!” Haha, you sound like Anakin Skywalker.... “But I'm more adorabubble, right?” Yeah, no bowl cut. “YAY!”
  8. 8. A bottle and a half later... “Ugh, Mummy? I feel weird … like, I feel pooey and stuff.” Well that should teach you to grow up un-platinum! “Mummy? You maked me grow up all sad.” Uhhh, shut up?
  9. 9. “Well, good-bye boyhood! May the daffodils continue to grow with me!” Rum? Have you been drinking 'punch' again? “Teehee, no silly! Entertainment doesn't exist!”
  10. 10. “Wow, my cheekbones grew out way way WAYY too much!” From that sentence, I believe June will love you.
  11. 11. Well, they did shoot out. You had a face that actually changed when you grew up. Who knew? “Can I call Juney now please? The lovey of my lifey, my forever and ever wifey...” Wow, you're a poet and you didn't realise! “Isn't it a poet and didn't know it?” STFU
  12. 12. And so the big-lipped man fell in love with the frozen goddess of MCR. How sweet. I think I may need a moment.
  13. 13. “Say, Juney, you'll leave in approximately 4 minutes due to being cold. Fancy moving in?” “Way.” Well, no going back now! And no, I didn't pick June because of her recessive genes! That's ridiculous! Hehe...
  14. 14. However, when she went and did this, I knew I had chosen the right person. “Dr. Pepper is required to build up zombie resistance. Say, do you have a stereo? I hear a particular emo band also helps keep the Zombies away...” Nope. Dance and Artist and Science. Oh, by the way, here might be a good time to mention that me and June once had a discussion about how to ward off zombies. I find this ironic considering the career she's in...
  15. 15. Military! Military! MILITARY! YES! WOO! JUNEBUG13 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! “Relax, I'm only at the third level...” And you have enough skill points for at least 3 more promotions! Rum, marry the nice woman! “Ummm, Juney? I've always wanted a wifey! Wanna wed tonight?” “Way.”
  16. 16. Military! Military! MILITARY! YES! WOO! JUNEBUG13 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! “Relax, I'm only at the third level...” And you have enough skill points for at least 3 more promotions! Rum, marry the nice woman! “Ummm, Juney? I've always wanted a wifey! Wanna wed tonight?” “Way.”
  17. 17. And this is where I was struck by a glitch. With Rum selected, he could not interact with June. Not a kiss, nor a proposal, nor simple marriage. So, on a hunch, I figured that I might be able to squeeze in a wedding arch with Natural Science lifted. So I had June propose, then selected Rum to initiate the marriage. It worked. “Wow, we're both in black! Is this one of those mad, wierd, gothic weddings?” Yes, June.
  18. 18. Oh look! I still have the special event camera on! So accept this picture to sybolise the union of two such fine sims. They are an example to us all. “Um, Rum? Is there anyway you could suck those lips in? Y'know, before an aeroplane lands on them.” “...Oh. Sorry wifey.”
  19. 19. “Ugh, I overdressed for nothing. It's been a busy Tuesday, but nothing huge or brilliant. I'm just gonna go on SSX at 11:59 PM then...” Well, it's technically legal...
  20. 20. “Wow, I can't believe you're making me skill on my wedding night!” Well, you're not allowed a life until Military is lifted, so I recommend you hurry. Then you can have your babies and girly nights out and what-not. “Deal.”
  21. 21. “Wow, I can't believe you're making me skill on my wedding night!” Well, you're not allowed a life until Military is lifted, so I recommend you hurry. Then you can have your babies and girly nights out and what-not. “Deal.”
  22. 22. Well, I believe it's tour of the house time. I think this'll be the final set up until a Law/Politics/Architecture set up. So yeah, the roof. All our dirty plates from before Culinary lift, and the ashes from last weeks eventful PlantSim killing session. We also have the restricted fountain blocked off from the accessible area.
  23. 23. On the second floor, we have the shower stalls. Believe it or not, these are very, very effective and are private. Good times!
  24. 24. In this direction, we have two bedrooms, a bin, the potty, bunny toy and a mirror. The rest of the floor is either the nursery or a place to do yoga.
  25. 25. On the first floor, on the side closest to the door, we have the desk, computer, table, couch, bookcase and a bedroom. Each bedroom has a toilet and maybe a shower.
  26. 26. The kitchen runs along the wall closest to the street. Not much to say here.
  27. 27. And, lastly, we have the TV and two more bedrooms, which gives us 5 showers, 5 beds, a cot/crib and 5 toilets. Currently, we have two Sims that actually needs these things, but, y'know, babies.
  28. 28. Oh, and here we have a spouse walking around in skimpy underwear! Hey June! Enjoying the Show Biz restrictions, I see? “Yes, actually. I can act offended, yet I am able to let all these delicious PlantSims see my hot bod...” Hot bod? WHERE? “STFU and GFAC!”
  29. 29. So Rum, what's in the newspaper today? “Business! Can I be a Tycoon, mummy?” Errm, take it... It's not what we need at the moment … but it's one of the better restrictions to lift. “I'll check tomorrow too, okay Mummy?” Yes. Sure Rum.
  30. 30. And so an uneventful day passes. Promotions, fights, blah blah blah. The usual. But here, we have Tyson's ghost. Care to say anything for the fine readers? “*^%^ yeah! I got the filter removed in my last scene! ^&%^(^(**(&^ great!” You must be so proud. “*&(*&!” Hmmm … I need some sims to be … disposed.
  31. 31. “Hi. I'm a doctor!” Ladies and gentlemen, today I will learn if it is possible to kill a PlantSim by frightening him/her. Watch as my plan crashes and burns please!
  32. 32. Well, they can get scared, but only two of their needs drop – Water and Sunlight. Their Love need actually goes up! However, I will keep on trying until June lifts Military, because they are cluttering the house. Yeah, I'm one of those 'evil deities'. I'm sure that, one day, ya'll get over it.
  33. 33. Infact, from now on, this PlantSim will be spending a lot of time with Tyson. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
  34. 34. “The Five does not approve!” The Five died. You were instrumental in the process. “I'm sure I'll get over it.” Hey, that's my line!
  35. 35. Yeah, he didn't die. I was unhappy about this, until Rum decided to be awesome and found the job of dreams in the newspaper. “Hey, Mummy, can I take Education please? I luffles kiddies and kiddies luffles me!” Rum, you'll be a great dad, even as a Popularity sim. Or a paedophile. “Education career? Pwease?” Most certainly!
  36. 36. “I know it doesn't look like it, but I got loads of Aspiration points just then. I love work and skills and promotions and all that brilliant stuff.” And people say Fortune sims are terrible for the Apocalypse! June here is Platinum all the time! By the way, I rolled Aspirations for all the simselves, but June got her usual Fortune. This is part of the reason Rose and Lorin weren't my spouse.
  37. 37. Oh, look, more PlantSims being sacrificed for the greater good! By the way, Natural Science and Oceanography are both lifted, so I can use te landscaping tools. Just a reminder.
  38. 38. Oh, look, a picture of Rum in everyday clothes. Not what I would have chosen, but it looks like something a normal person would wear – I'm not used to this. My sims wear the largest fashions and over-the-top clothes! I think they suit him. Not his personality though. His personality calls for Nightlife clothes – the ones with the bracelets and manbag and such.
  39. 39. And here are the newly-weds, skilling together like a happy couple! “We ARE a happy couple!” True. Three Bolts! Like Tyson and Chip had. I think I'll add the True Love handicap to my Apocalypse then! *True Love – For the couples to reproduce, they must have 3 bolts.
  40. 40. June? This will be your new boyfriend. He's called Mr. energizer, and you'll be visiting him alot. “Won't Rum be jelous?” Oh, it'll be your little secret... ;) “Oh. Fair enough then...”
  41. 41. “Hello, the PlantSims. Remember us?” Vaguely... Which were you in? “Intelligence. I have a little tale to tell.” OH YEAH! I remember youse! Carry on!
  42. 42. “HEY! I'm Eden! I'm actually in the spotlight for once! Oh, and this is my best friend, Bob.” Ohhh, you were the one in Intelligence, correct? “Very, very correct, Sir!” Oh. And Bob is your Plant? “He talks to me when I sleep...”
  43. 43. “So anyway, my story begins at this rather cosy row of houses. In the region, people don't trust anyone, paranoia is high and-” Yeah, nobody cares about your speech. Just get to the point. “You're mean!” Awww, thanks! :D
  44. 44. “It was Bob's idea. He said to give everybody a little gift. So he sacrificed himself and his family to bring trust and friendship back to the land. I miss him so, so, so much...” Yes. I'm here for you. “*bawl*”
  45. 45. “Nightfall soon fell, and I waited patiently for somebody to accept my gift. I really wanted to make somebody regain their trust in humanity, and I would appre-” God, shut up! We understand the point; no need to ramble!
  46. 46. “Stop being so mean! Anyway, eventually a woman came out her house. She seem surprised by the plant, to say the least...”
  47. 47. “HELP! A BOMB! A LIVE BOM INFRONT OF MY HOUSE! HEEELLLLLLLLP!” Yeah, she took your gift really well, I see.
  48. 48. “HELP! A BOMB! A LIVE BOM INFRONT OF MY HOUSE! HEEELLLLLLLLP!” Yeah, she took your gift really well, I see.
  49. 49. “i'm gonna die. I'm not gonna live. My life is over.” Well, I see that Intelligence will never be lifted now. Thanks. Thanks alot.
  50. 50. “Hey! I didn't let the poor girl suffer! I quickly ran over to her to reassure her!” Yeah, it's probably just as well...
  51. 51. “Don't worry Ma'am! The Government has been restored, and we now keep records! Now we will know if somebody is being cruel, or mean, or sending bombs! Now we can actually talk to people, find out where they belong, what jobs they do, if they are attracted to you and all other good stuff!” “By golly, the Government osunds like they are doing a great thing!” Yeah, this would have worked so much more with Law lifted. Speaking, of which, I want Law lifted. Somebody lift it please! :)
  52. 52. “So, lemme get this straight. The Intelligence restrictions are lifted?” “In fewer words, yes.” “Yippee!”
  53. 53. “Now, spread the word. The world needs to know!”
  54. 54. “So the Intelligence...”
  55. 55. “Restrictions are lifted...!”
  56. 56. Super cool story! “...Is there a reason why I've joined the others at Tyson's grave?” Umm … no?
  57. 57. Determined not to be outdone, another PlantSim returns from work. “Hey! Promotion?” To the top? “Ummm … no.” Well, get moving!
  58. 58. “i'm back with that final promotion!” Well, that was quick... Story now? “Why sure!”
  59. 59. “Attention Dancers! Tonight, we learn! Tonight, we educate! Tonight, we DANCE! Umm, who are you talking too? “Oh, you'll meet them.” That doesn't and answer my question...
  60. 60. “Tonight, we shall bring back a lost form of art. Now, altogether … 1 … 2 … 3... SMUSTLE!”
  61. 61. Ummm, Root? I don't think they care. They are way too interested in their love lives.
  62. 62. “Really? Well, in that case, I think I should hatch a cunning plan...” Oh, this should be good.
  63. 63. “By the power invested in me and my tool of remoteness, I shall turn on these radios and let us ROCK!” Wow, I didn't realise you were an extremist...
  64. 64. “By the power invested in me and my tool of remoteness, I shall turn on these radios and let us ROCK!” Wow, I didn't realise you were an extremist...
  65. 65. “Ahh, the Smustle. It takes over your soul. Good times.”
  66. 66. “Can't read my, Can't read my, Can't my, no you cannot read my POKER FACE!” *pokes her face* “Not like that!” Ps, if you got that whole slide, you are full of WIN!
  67. 67. “Ugh! I feel the rhythm in these recycled bones!” “Ugh! “Gargh!” “Narf!”
  68. 68. “Cannot … resist … must … SMUSTLE!”
  69. 69. “I … I feel beautiful”
  70. 70. “Rawr! I feel … FANTASTIC! Rawr rawr RAWR!”
  71. 71. “Umm … guys? I really don't get it!” “Grrr!” “Gah!”
  72. 72. And so the troupe descended into chaos, eh? “Well, I fixed it...”
  73. 73. “Haha, you guys are too funny! All you need is Harmony, Balance and Rythm! Gawd, you people are such failures!”
  74. 74. “...I hear you! Perfect harmony!”
  75. 75. “Perfect balance!”
  76. 76. “Perfect rhythm!”
  77. 77. “Hey! Guys! With the perfect harmony, balance and rhythm, I can move and groove wherever I want!” “Oooh!” “Ahhh” Wow, let's wait until the discover fire!
  78. 78. “If you combine all three, you will master the art of Meditation!”
  79. 79. “Now, this is true meditation, balance and rhythm!” And so the Dance restrictions are banished? “Correct!”
  80. 80. And now you're with Tyson! Great parting gift, no? “The Four hate you!” Nice try love, but it ain't working. “Damn!”
  81. 81. “Help! We're gonna die here!” And this is where I'll leave youse! This Chapter is a little short, but you'll try and survive, right? Oh, and sorry for the delay. I had little time to spare in the last week! Life and Christmas obviously arrived together, so yeah. So, will the Plantsims die? Will restrictions be unlocked? Have I really spent 4 chapters on one generation? Anyway, toodles! I love you all x x x
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