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Footprint Challenge

  1. 1. It’s getting hot in here…
  2. 2. Global warming is the biggest issue of our time.
  3. 3. “ The problem is that, once global warming is something that most people can feel in the course of their daily lives…
  4. 4. it will be too late to prevent much larger, potentially catastrophic changes.” -Elizabeth Kolbert
  5. 5. “ The world is now warmer than it has been at any point in the last two millennia, and, if current trends continue, by the end of the century it will likely be hotter than at any point in the last two million years.” ~ Elizabeth Kolbert
  6. 6. "If we did not take action to solve this crisis, it could indeed threaten the future of human civilization. That sounds shrill. It sounds hard to accept. I believe it's deadly accurate.” -Al Gore
  7. 16. “ There will be no polar ice by 2060...Somewhere along that path, the polar bear drops out." Larry Schweiger, President, National Wildlife Fund
  8. 21. New York 2040?
  9. 22. Drought affects twice as much of the earth's surface now as it did thirty years ago. - TIME
  10. 24. More than a million species face extinction
  11. 27. 2004
  12. 28. 2000 1993 KILIMANJARO aerial view
  13. 29. 1928 2002 Kongsbreen Glacier, Svalbard
  14. 31. Shepard Glacier 1913 2005
  15. 32. Upsala Glacier 1928
  16. 33. 2004 Upsala Glacier 2004
  17. 41. “ Everywhere we look, human activities are tearing at the very fabric of life on Earth.” -David Suzuki
  18. 42. “ Everywhere we look, human activities are tearing at the very fabric of life on Earth.” -David Suzuki
  19. 43. “ Our personal consumer choices have ecological consequences. It is time to re-examine some of the deeply held notions that underlie our lifestyle.” -David Suzuki
  20. 44. “ With an estimated population of nine billion by 2050, we cannot continue to consume resources at the same rate and maintain our quality of life.” -David Suzuki
  21. 45. “ The good news is we know what to do. The good news is, we have everything we need now to respond to the challenge of global warming. We have the technologies we need and more are being developed… … but we should not wait, we cannot wait, we must not wait .” - Al Gore
  22. 46. Because the longer we delay, the more severe it becomes… Think about brushing your teeth. If you don't brush for one day, chances are no harm will be done. But if you don't brush your teeth for one month, you may develop a cavity, and if you don’t brush at all, you loose all your teeth! It's the same thing with global temperatures. If they continue to rise, we are condemning future generations to global catastrophe.
  23. 47. We have to do something NOW.
  24. 48. And “we don’t need to wait for governments to find solutions…
  25. 49. Each individual can bring an important help adopting a more responsible lifestyle: starting from little, everyday things.” -Al Gore
  26. 50. Go to . Take the test and make a pledge to make your footprint smaller.
  27. 51. No problem can be worked out until a first step is taken
  28. 52. Are you ready to take yours?