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Op Manager Lyneir

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  • 1. OpManager When you choose OpManager as your network monitoring software, you are buying a powerful network management tool that can auto-discover your entire network.
  • 2. Optimize Bandwidth Allocation Measure Bandwidth Utilization and Traffic
    • OpManager helps you monitor and troubleshoot WAN links for traffic, utilization, errors and Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • 3. Know Your WAN Availability
    • OpManager lets you proactively monitor and provide a high network availability environment with the aid of configurable thresholds and real time availability distribution charts.
  • 4. Monitor WAN Performance
    • OpManager keeps you abreast with the performance across the various links in your network, giving you the capability to proactively manage and sustain your network well over the acceptable performance levels.
  • 5. Server Monitoring
    • OpManager provides detailed availability graphs and daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly availability reports of your servers.
  • 6. Ensure High Network Availability Monitor WAN Links Proactively
    • With OpManager you can create business views (maps) to graphically visualize your entire WAN
  • 7. Service Monitoring
    • OpManager has built in support to monitor system services like HTTP, FTP, Telnet etc that are running on your servers.
  • 8. CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization Monitoring
    • OpManager monitors key health parameters of your servers like CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization and proactively alerts operators on low disk space, high CUP utilization etc.
  • 9. Alerting (SMS, Email)
    • OpManager can alert operators by email, SMS and can even run a custom program whenever a failure occurs.
  • 10. Security event log monitoring
    • OpManager’s Windows Event Log Monitoring provides several automatic rules o monitor critical security logs across all windows servers and workstations in your network.