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I am Lalit,a Creative writer with command on Hindi language,I can write Hindi Songs,Poetry,Advertisement Copy,Film Script.

Some of my creative work are attached here.hoping that it will give a pleasure and satisfaction.

Looking forward for valuable comments.

Lalit Mohan Pathak

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Hindi Copywriting

  1. 1. <ul><li>Creative Portfolio…… </li></ul><ul><li>Created by: </li></ul><ul><li>Lalit M. Pathak </li></ul><ul><li>M: 9990004353 </li></ul>
  2. 3. Sr. No. VIDEO AUDIO TIME (Sec) 1. Dogs running behind a dirty labour at river bank. VO: Dog’s Barking Voice 02 2. Labour slipped into a tub filled with washing powder fome at river bank. VO: CHHAPPPAKKKKK 02 3. Dogs are wondering and walking arround the tub. VO: Music 02 4. A fresh,Clean person wearing clean cloths coming out from the tub. VO: CHHAPPPAKKKK 02 5. That fresh, clean labour walk away from the tub in a funny mood. Dog’s could not recognised him and dosen’t following him. VO: Whistle sound 02 6. The whole scene has been zoomed out and ended with a scene of Package of Nirmal Washing Powder. MVO: HA HA HA…. Nirmal Washing Powder “ Safedi Ka naya Andaz Jo Kare Naturally saaf…” 02
  3. 4. Sr. No. VIDEO AUDIO TIME (Sec) 1. A villager is pulling his buffalo and passing away from a dry field on a hot sunny day . VO: Music of Dryness 05 2. Thirsty Buffalo’s mouth is releasing saliva due to over hot climate.. VO: Music of Dryness 3. Villager hearing and seeing some thunder’s sound and black clouds at some miles away. VO: Thunder’s Voice 03 4. Villager is pulling buffalo near to thunder and have reached near a Cave. VO: Thunder’s Voice 04 5. Villager Pulled buffalo inside the cave and felt a chilled flow of air from the cave . VO: Thunder’s Sound Whisper: THUNNDERRR 02 6. Inside the cave,there is a black cloudy rainy environment.there is a lake of the Thumsup.At the center of lake there is a hill piece of the shape of Thums Up.Villager wondering to look the scene. VO: Thunder & Airvoice… AAH…………AAH Whisper: MAGIC 04 7. Villager with his buffalo drank Thums Up from the lake and then with a spark,Villager converted in to knight,Buffalo in to a Horse and villager stick into a shining sword. VO: WHISPERRRRRRRRRR It’s Magic 05 8. Knight coming out from the cave riding on the horse.Horse is surrounded by dust smoke and showing its high speed in slow motion. VO: Music 02 9. Knight and horse is climbing on a hill and finally converted into Thums Up logo. VO: THUMS UP The Magic of Thunder 02
  4. 5. Sr. No. VIDEO AUDIO TIME (Sec) 1. Teacher asked Mohit in Class room VO: मोहित तुमने होम वर्क क्यो नही  किया 02 2. Mohit replied confidentially, Students laughed. VO:Maam कल मूवी देखने गया था . 02 3. Slide-1 “ ये हिम्मत कि बात है ” VO: ये हिम्मत कि बात है 02 4. Students getting results on “Amar Ujala” VO: ओये पास हो गए… . 03 5. Slide-2 “ एक नए युग कि शुरुवात है ” VO: एक नए युग कि शुरुवात है 02 6. Farmer’s got rain as per AmarUjala’s wether forcast.one farmer showing Amar Ujala to another farmer. VO: क्या बात है आज बारिस भी टाइम से हुई है . 03 7. Both farmer surprised. and delighting VO: Music 02 8. Slide-3 “ ये जोश है सच का ” ये जोश है सच का 02 9. One Mother is helping her growing child to learn walk. VO: Music 03 10. Slide-4 “ एक भरोसे का साथ है ” VO: “ एक भरोसे का साथ है ” 02 11. Slide-5 Full Screen Logo of Amar Ujala with Tag line ‘Josh Sach Ka’ MVO: अमर उजाला जोश सच का 02
  5. 7. <ul><li>VUs LCD and one same sized transparent Glass should be placed at Sea Beach on a crowdie day(weekend) .Transparent glass should also looks like LCD's front panel so that people can't differentiate easily. now look sea from the transparent glass and then project the adjacent visual of sea in the LCD through video camera. and establish it for the whole day. get some prizes for people and fix a quick game. people who comes at the event should differentiate the actual LCD and get the prize. People will come and will try to identify and if they win then get the prize. and finally they’ll carry a message that VUs LCDs have a best picture quality and view as original as a transparent glass. </li></ul>
  6. 11. Sr. No. VIDEO AUDIO TIME (Sec) 1. Rohit asked her wife Neha for his morning bath water . VO:Neha Mera nahane ka pani ????? 02 2. Neha adding floor cleaner in the floor cleaner water’s bucket and replied. VO:Pani Bathroom mai tayyar hai. 3. Neha’s Child Rahul giving attention to her mother’s activity of floor cleaner addition in water.he asked Neha.. VO:Mamma Ye aap pani mai kyon mila rahi ho… 4. Neha Replied for his innocent question.. VO:Kyoki ye hamare ghar ko Keetaduon(Bacteria) se bachata hai round the clock.. 5. Rahul take that floor cleaner silently and went to the bathroom to add that floor cleaner in to Father’s(Rohit) Bath water. VO: Music 6. Rohit catched him and asked him VO: Rahul ye tum kya kar rahe ho… 7. Rahul Repled innocntly: VO: Vo mamma ne kaha tha ki ye keetaduon se bachata hai round the clock. 8. Rohit lauched and replied.Rohit giving bath to Rahul with him and repled also. VO:Nahi beta ye farsh ki suraksha k liye hai,Hamari suraksha ke liye hai Dettol Soap,Jo de 24 Ghante se bhi jyada suraksha.. 9. Rohit throw a Dettol Soap to Rahul,Rahul Catched it and then both of them told. VO: Rohit-Toh Jab Bacteria ke against lena ho Action… Rohit-Dettol Soap de round the clock ptrotection..
  7. 12. Round shaped clock with clock dial of Dettol logo and a underline mentioning Dettol Soap “round the clock protection” should be placed at every public place for Time check. ---------------------------------------- Concept: A round clock with Dettol Logo Dial itself reminding the Brand and message “round the clock protection’ .
  8. 13. Sr.No. Effects Audio 1. Call Centers employees(Gaurav and Arun) duscussing together.Arun says: यार गौरव ये Call Centre की Night Shift बड़ी tough है . 2. Gaurav: क्यों ? 3. Arun: बस मन करता है कि यही पे नहाने को मिल जाए , सुबह तक पूरी बॉडी की waat लग जाती है , 4. Gaurav: अरे तो तू Dettol साबुन use नही करता क्या ? 5. Arun: नही क्यों ? 6. Gaurav wishes to one other colleague Bye… 7. Gaurav: क्योकि Dettol साबुन हमारी skin मे पैदा होने वाले Bacterias से हमको सुरक्षा देता है और वो भी २४ घंटे से ज्यादा 8. Arun: अच्छा 9. Gaurav: तो जहाँ आम साबुन लड़े कुछ घंटो तक 10. Gaurav: वही Dettol Soap देता है round the clock protection . 11. Gaurav: तो अब कोई भी शिफ्ट हो , मै रहता  हूँ एक दम फ्रेश . 12. MVO: Dettol Soap…..round the clock protection..
  9. 15. Copy: Some Moments are really made to relax Use Condom and get relaxed ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Copy Style: This is the Poster with reference to the campaign against HIV/AIDS ,giving message to use condom for a tension free life..
  10. 16. Effects Audio 1 HIV victim little girl speaking in a poetry tone मैंने देखा है एक सपना आकाश मे उड़ने का 2 उड़ते हुए पंछिओं के संग संग चलने का 3 हर फूल की खुश्बू ले महकूँगी जहाँ मे 4 Exciting mood हर दिन नई धूप को बाटूंगी फ़िज़ा मे .. 5 Depressing mood हर दिन नई धूप को बाटूंगी जहाँ मे .. 6 पर क्या इतनी बड़ी कभी हो भी पाऊँगी 7 Voice with Echo Sound या फ़िर इन गर्म हवाओं मे बहकर यू ही खो जाउंगी॥ 8 MVO: कुछ मासूम सवाल लगा सकते हैं प्रश्न चिह्न इनके भविष्य पर 9 कंडोम का प्रयोग करें और AIDS/HIV से निश्चिंत रहें .. 10 ……………… . मंत्रालय द्वारा जनहित मे जारी
  11. 17. Video Audio Time(Sec) 1. One AIDS patient trying to pick Water glass from table but could’nt able to do so because of his illness. VO: Music 01 2. Whole screen with the single sentence at the middle. VO:We are never here to be poor like this 03 3. An AIDS patient is crying with the pain. VO: Music 02 4. Whole screen with the single sentence at the middle. VO:We are never here to ever cry this. 03 5. Patient's children and wife are crying on the death of patient due to AIDS. VO: Music 02 6. Whole screen with the single sentence at the middle. VO:We are not alone on this earth 03 7. One person buying condom from the medical store. VO: Music 02 8. VO:So have patience and always try this. 02 9. Hospital Patient ward with HIV infected patients. VO: 2.3 million Indians are HIV affected 03 10. VO: And Most of them are due to poor protection. 02 11. Celebrity address VO:Specialists are saying that 75% of AIDS can be prevented by the use of condom. 03 12. Husband,Wife and their children enjoying a picnic. VO:Live a happy,stress free life. 02 13. AIDS ribbon logo Use Condom and get relaxed. 02
  12. 18. <ul><li>Thank You </li></ul>