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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
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Happy Birthday


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Published in: Sports, Technology
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  • 1. From: HeoKun H E h eeeeeeee To: Knut
  • 2. I still remember this day… I saw a familiar nick “mai ha buoi” in Ikariam so I sent mess “hi, nhớ tui ko bạn chơi rag nà”. But you replied “ko đây là game đầu tiên chơi”. I forgot u immediately. This was 14/1/2009
  • 3. But the day after …… in my blog
    • When I lamented about my boring life and showed that I was playing a webgame
    • I thought that “thấy heokun chắc nghĩ mình tuổi heo cho coi” but still had a little surprise and wondered “U found me for what ? “
  • 4. U always make me laught with many stupid things ….such as :
    • Fruits battle :
    • weasel: có trái cà lăm ko
    • an Khang: trái mít đặc
    • weasel: nhót an Khang: đúi lun an Khang: hem bit nhót weasel: nó ăn hay lắm weasel: phải mài vỏ vào quần weasel: rùi mới ăn đc ko nó đắng weasel: nhót chua lắm weasel: chắc trong nam ko có an Khang: an xong phải giat wâ`n hả weasel: uh weasel: bẩn lắm an Khang: ko mac wâ`n la` an ko duoc hả weasel: ko mặc quần weasel: thì chà lên đầu an Khang: troc dau rui` sao weasel: thì mài vào đầu thằng bên cạnh
  • 5. But something really crazy :
  • 6. However , I taught me smthing:
    • But not all things U taught are good :
    • The fact that most of them are really BAD
  • 7. I don’t know much about you but that enough
    • Someone believes u just a funny guy
    • But from the first time we met, deep in my soul I think u have more than that…..
    • Hehe because I am very sensitive as u can see.
    • Thx u for believing in me and telling me your story. I hope U will be fine, around you have many good friends include me ^^
    • At last I want to tell you one secret
    • which I kept for a long time
  • 8. Nice to meet you My special friend ( hey what are you expecting ? )
  • 9.  
  • 10. This is the picture I told you , you look quite good , I don’t know how old were u when u took it
  • 11. H a pp y b i r t h d a y t o y o u Oh I forget the main purpose