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07 Expedition - White

07 Expedition - White



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    A05460 A05460 Document Transcript

    • CarProof Claims Report #2080218 for Vehicle VIN Page I of7 * Veitirl* *'list*ry R*p*rt S3$S027S A Vehicle History Search was performed on the referenced vehicle and completed on the date and time indicated. After searching the relevant databases in each of the Provinces and Territories of Canada and the United States, CarProof provides the following authentic Vehicle History Report: $#frusFj I * Ytr$f,fiitr ;"trFsffi$'$A;-f,s{v Vehicle VIN: 1FMFK20527LAo5460 Year/Make/Model: 2007 Ford EXPEDITION Body Style: Utility Assembly Location: United States SFsff Gfrr .? FRtrpsRr,$c.JFsF,rx ml' f.Sxr Ber*ur Fsm #srA"rr"sj Date:21812010 Time: 5:47:00 AM Canadian Vehicle Summary ffil United States Vehicle Summary Registration Records $te*istrstinn it***rdr $***d Vehicle Status Odometer Readings H+ i)tlr:flirir:l lii:t;r..r: d* i *irrit"t is I I ( ttt ilt I Ift lt.t N il{i{rt s t}i t" itt ltt{t 3rd Party History lnsurance History Data Reporting "(ll l)niit iqrurc* fiep*rtiercl Sccff*N 3 - f**r,e*;anr tfsFd"rfrc ffgG"rsreH ruord Ft"rsFs#l/ Alberta Transportation Alberta 4999-98th Ave., Edmonton, AB T68 2X3 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: F"l;: RebuilVRebuildable: N* Moved: lnspection Record Found: #* Salvage: flir: $$ Sold: Required: Non-Repairable: f+* Abandoned: $'$r: lncorrect VIN: ffirY lru This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction. t0t Dept. of Transportation, Province of British Columbia, ffi British cotumbia Victoria, BC V8V 1X4 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: N* RebuilURebuildable: n]is Moved: lnspection Record Found: M* Salvage: Required: S{* Sold: Non-Repairable: N* Abandoned: ${* lncorrect VIN: ffi This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction ls'i Dept. of Transportation Wffi Manitoba 1075 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3G 0Sl This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: RebuilURebuildable: S* Moved: lnspection http ://reports.carproof.net/view_repoft .aspx?id:CB 1 29E AI28 A7 1 4 3t9t2010
    • CarProof Claims Report #2080278 for Vehicle VIN Page2 of7 Record Found: N* Salvage: Fd* Required: Nq: Sold: trii: Non-Repairable: Sc Abandoned: N* lncorrect VIN: It{ } lffi This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction tffi Dept. of Public Safety New Brunswick 364 Argyle St., Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: RebuilURebuildable: N* Moved: Record Found: l,i* Salvage: M* lnspection Ns Sold: Required: Non-Repairable: ${+ Abandoned: N* lncorrect VIN: This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction. h&. Dept. of Government Services & Lands ffi; " , Newfoundland 149 Smallwood Dr., St. John's, NL 41 B 4J5 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: M# RebuilURebuildable: N* Moved: Nrl lnspection Record Found: 9.1;r Salvage: ft* Required: Sold: Non-Repairable: rus Abandoned: lncorrect VIN: ffi This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction t# Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations d% Nova Scotia 1505 Barrington St., Halifax, NS B3J 3K6 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: S* RebuilURebuildable: Moved: lnspection Record Found: N* Salvage: $;s) Required: Sold: Non-Repairable: i.::". Abandoned: lncorrect VIN: rru lFfr This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction. tw gW Northwest rerritories Dept. of Transporation 4501-50th Ave., Yellowknife, NT X1A 219 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: RebuilURebuildable: Ns Moved: Record Found: N* Salvage: lnspection $rn Sold: NN Required: Non-Repairable: N* Abandoned: ffi* lncorrect VIN: Nt* ffi This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction. 1Al Director of Motor Vehicles - Government of Nunavui S-i Nunavut P.O. Box 207, Gjoa Haven, NU XOB 1J0 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: RebuilURebuildable: N* Moved: L!- Record Found: Salvage: lnspection ili$ Sold: Required: http://reports.carproof.net/view_report.aspx?id:CB 1 29E AI28 A7 I 4 319120t0
    • CarProof Claims Report #2080278 for Vehicle VIN Page 3 of7 Non-Repairable: f',t* Abandoned: #r: lncorrect VIN: trs ldl This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction. lfri Ministry of Transporation ontario 1201 Wilson Ave., Downsview, ON M3M 1J8 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: S'; RebuilURebuildable: sJ* Moved: &J* Record Found: Yes salvage: l{* lnsPection Required: s* Sold: Non-Repairable: M* Abandoned: N* lncorrect VIN: ffi This vehicle has been registered as N****! in this jurisdiction. Vehicle is registered and currently has no abnormal statuses iS Dept. of Transporation and Public Works *g. : Prince Edward Island 11 Kent St,, Charlottetown, PE C1A7K2 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: fu* RebuilURebuildable: itl : Moved: lnspection ili# Record Found: .t; Salvage: iii, i;ffi;; * sord: vl* Non-Repairable: l.ir: Abandoned: $,k: lncorrect VIN: tli {} $rqa lHl This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction tsi lEE E Societe de L'Assurance Automobile du Quebec ffi "ffi Quebec 333 boul. Jean-Lesage, Quebec City, QC, G1R 5H1 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: fdqr RebuilURebuildable: Moved: NE: lnspection Record Found: i'tr* Salvage: N* Required: Sold: Non-Repairable: fd* Abandoned: iJ, r lncorrect VIN: This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction lffi SGI saskatchewan 2260 - 11th Ave., Regina, SK S4P 2N7 This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: l4ir RebuilURebuildable: l{* Moved: lnspection Ns Record Found: rlc: Salvage: tif * Required: Sold: a!n Non-Repairable: Nq: Abandoned: ffir: lncorrect VIN: tf"w lF# This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction. l{1I w:ffi Dept, of lnfrastructure - Government of Yukon W.Y,ffi Yukon Territories P.O. Box 2703, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2Co This vehicle has been registered as: Stolen: Nr* RebuilURebuildable: Srr Moved: hr..r lnspection [*$ Record Found: Salvage: Sold: Required: Non-Repairable: hJ,* Abandoned: Ss lncorrect VIN: http://reports.calproof.netiview_report.aspx?id:CB 1 29EA 128 A7 1 4 31912010
    • CarProof Claims Report #2080278 for Vehicle VIN Page 4 of 7 lffi This vehicle is not registered in this jurisdiction t# tI# SfifFJotr 4 - {f#"rrss} $rxrss & S*ssxrpxx# Fdcsr*s?y ry j:" " United States Summary No U.S. Title/Registration Record on File .j #i,4n d r' Il{}f;.t*If} r o,,"**..",r" Vehicle Title Gheck Report (United States) Problems Checked Results Found Abandoned No Abandoned Record Found Damaged No Damaged Record Found Fire Damage No Fire Damage Record Found Grey Market No Grey Market Record Found Hail Damage No Hail Damage Record Found lnsurance Loss No lnsurance Loss Record Found J unk No Junk Record Found RebuilVRebuildable No RebuilVRebuildable Record Found Salvage No Salvage Record Found Vehicle Problem Gheck Report (United States) Problems Checked Results Found NHTSA Crash Test Vehicle No NHTSA Crash Test Vehicle Record Found Fire Damage lncident No Fire Damage lncident Record Found Frame Damage No Frame Damage Record Found Major Damage lncident No Major Damage Incident Record Found Manufacturer Buyback/Lemon No Manufacturer Buybacl</Lemon Record Found Odometer Problem No Odometer Problem Record Found Salvage Auction No Salvage Auction Record Found Water Damage No Water Damage Record Found Vehicle lnformation Summary Report (United States) Problems Checked Results Found Accident Data No Accident Data Record Found Corrected Title No Corrected Title Record Found Driver Education No Driver Education Record Found Duplicate Title No Duplicate Title Record Found Emission/Safety nspectionI No Emission/Safety lnspection Record Found Lease No Lease Record Found Lien No Lien Record Found Livery Use No Livery Use Record Found Government Use No Government Use Record Found Police Use No Police Use Record Found Rental/Fleet No Rental/Fleet Record Found Repossessed No Repossessed Record Found Storm Area Registration/Title No Storm Area Registration/Title Record Found Taxi Use No Taxi Use Record Found Theft No Theft Record Found Combined Canadian & United States History Details http ://reports.carproof.net/view_report.aspx?id:CB 1 29E Al28 A7 I 4 31912010
    • CarProof Claims Report #2080278 for Vehicle VIN Page 5 of7 Date Location Source lndependent VEHICLE MANUFACTURED AND 10t17t200e lnformation Source SHIPPED TO DEALER TORONTO Motor Vehicle Canadian 12t21t200e CANADIAN RENEWAL ffiNS ON Dept. Renewal TORONTO Motor Vehicle Canadian 6t28t2007 CANADIAN RENEWAL ON Deot. Renewal lnsurance N*,tS 2t1t2008 ON New Policy Soverage Dat€ Records lnsurance 5t31t2008 Accident Claim Partial Loss Records lnsurance 6t6t2008 ON Collision Estimate Estimate Records TORONTO Motor Vehicle Canadian w&m 5t29t2009 CANADIAN RENEWAL Renewal ON Dept. I nsurance 2t1t2010 ON New Policy Coverage Date $R..:...S* Records Sscrrerw S * "fMpsRr *trsoRos - da,vn*r*/#.s. ffiS$ Registrar of lmported Vehicles - http:l/www.riv.ca lmported lnto Canada As: No Normal No Salvage No Non-Repairable This vehicle appears to have only been registered in Canada. Our records do not indicate that this vehicle was registered in a jurisdiction outside of Canada. U.S. De pa rtment of Tra nsportation - http ://vtrww.n htsa.dot. gov ffii1l.I lmported lnto U.S.: Location: Date: Bond Release: Location: Date: WehavesearchedtneUS Oepartr"ntoftr"nsportdatabaseandourrecordsindicatethatthisvehiclehasnever been imported into the United States. Str#?"J#/v S * S$$nserrr? Rgd,)"flnd6s No Records Found No Odometer Problems Found "srcru#tr 7 - 3RD PseFv &ffs?-0Rv ff Anti-Theft Systems Sh*r}#*k lirt$le$?! &*{rith.slfi Ms $i{x$ '. 'Ylf-,].:,1r " Vehicle VIN Date of Marking lSherlock Reference No. Odometer Reading No Records Found $$ lnspection Records $rlren iry / {*s 1}{'r" r;t}} 'n$f nHr)tr** http ://reports.carproof.net/view_repoft .aspx?id:CB 1 29E Al28 A7 1 4 3t9120t0
    • CarProof Claims Report #2080278 for Vehicle VIN Page 6 of7 Ner:*rq$s l:*trlrri Date Location Data Source Type Category Odometer Independent VEHICLE MANUFACTURED t0t17 t2006 Information Source AND SHIPPED TO DEALER ffi Maintenance Records j nr,ven n ('xtr&{'$'} iI El *sl *&ft,!d ' No Records On File s€'crg0ff S * erqruxm"c'etr &cgss€'sr'Atrs f${"rJsf#s gsrcf4srtr {}AF"A CarProof reports Canadian accident and collision estimate data from many different sources. 'Accident Data" reflects actual accident incidents reported and the dollar amount of the incident described. "Collision Estimate Data" reflecis data generated by a collision estimating facility while in the process of estimating the amount and extent of damage to a vehicle. lt is possible that CarProof may report Accident Data and Collision Estimate Data for the same incident. NOTICE: The claims values contained in this report are related to THIS vehicle only. THE CLAIMS IDENTIFIED IN THIS REPORT DO NOT INCLUDE ANY CLAIMS FOR MEDICAL PAY-OUTS, DAMAGE TO OTHER VEHICLES, DAMAGE TO OTHER PROPERTY, TOWING, RENTAL CARS OR ANY OTHER INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. Accident Data Vehicle VIN I Date of lnspection lAlert No Records Coverage Data Coverage Dates Province Policy Status Claim Record 2010-2 to 2011-2 ON Renewal _!,i* 2408-2 lo 2009-2 ON Renewal ,{c{idn?1t llic.i4+r.;*s This "*l+itlr h+s. ''i ittcr**nl{s} Vehicle VIN Date Of Accident fvpe Of Accidenl Damage Amounl 1 FMFK205271A05460 5t31t2008 Partial Loss $ 3,203 Definition of Terms o Collision - Vehicle: lncident related to vehicle collision o Total Loss: lncident equals or exceeds current value of vehicle o Fire Claim: lncident related to vehicle fire e Comprehensive Theft: lncident related to vehicle theft o Miscellaneous: lncident to vehicle not involving collision, fire or theft o Collision - Trailer: Damage to Trailers Accident Estimate Data Report Activity Estimate Date of Cdometer Point of lmpact Location Date Type Amount lncident Reading p"!s[-tT RtiA$q 4nso Af 4d Rstimart* *ftRxssR :t$3.*$ Srcrroru I * epruxs,rxlv Po{J{:r gF{Fd}RFdArusI{ grlvrns {CWC) Stolen Vehicle Check: No s**lsn r*e*rds fsun{$ CPIC is operated by the RCMP under the stewardship of National Police Services, on behalf of the Canadian law enforcement community. This vehicle's identification number has been checked in real time against the CPIC stolen vehicle registry and has returned the following result: No stolen records found 5/vFolrFr,smse $Ar R€F*Rrs http ://reports. carproof.net/view_repofi .aspx?id:CB l29E A128 A7 1 4 31912010
    • CarProof Claims Report#2080278 for Vehicle VIN Page 7 of 7 CarProofs Vehicle History Report is compiled from multiple sources, lt is not always possible for CarProof nor its U.S. VIN data provider, Experian Automotive, to obtain complete information on all vehicles, therefore, there may be other title brands, odometer readings or discrepancies that apply to this vehicle that are not reflected on this report. CarProof and its US. data provider, Experian, search data from additional sources where possible, but all problems and discrepancies may not be reflected on the CarProof Vehicle History Report. These reports are based on information supplied to Carproof and Experian by external sources believed to be reliable, but no responsibility is assumed by CarProof, Experian or its agents for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. The reports are provided strictly on an "as is where is" basis, and CarProof and Experian further expressly disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including any implred warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose regarding this report. CarProof and/or Experian shall not be liable for any delay or failure to provide an accurate report if and to the extent which such delay or failure is caused by events beyond the reasonable control of CarProof and Experian including, without limitation, acts of God or public enemies, labor disputes, equipment malfunctions, material or component shortages, supplier failures, embargoes, rationing, acts of local, state or national governments, or public agencies, utility or communication failures or delays, fire, earthquakes, flood, epidemics, riots and strikes. @2010 CarProof. All Rights Reserved Print Report Close Window http://reporls.calproof.net/view_report.aspx?id:CB 1 29EA I28 A7 1 4 3t912010