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What to do in Oahu, Hawaii

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C:\Fakepath\Oahu, Hawaii

  1. 1. Visiting Oahu, Hawaii
  2. 2. menu Pearl Harbor Diamond Head The North Shore Conclusion NEXT
  3. 3. Pearl Harbor The Pearl Harbor Memorial provides a complete interpretation of what happened on that fateful day of Dec 7th, 1941. Since 1962, the USS Arizona Memorial has been one of the most popular tourist sites in Hawaii as well as worldwide, getting an average of 1,500,000 visitors annually. Taking you back into history, the tour starts with a short film giving historical fact and then ends with visiting the monument that straddles where the Arizona lies.
  4. 4. Pearl Harbor continued The USS Arizona Memorial Visitor Center is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Admission to the memorial is free There are security regulations to keep everyone safe. NO backpacks, purses, or other bags allowed Strollers need to be empty
  5. 5. Pearl Harbor quiz Which naval ship does the memorial sit over? USS Arizona USS Bowfin Submarine USS Utah What day did Pearl Harbor get attacked? Dec 24, 1942 Dec 7, 1941 June 6, 1944 CHECK ANSWERS
  6. 6. Diamond Head One of the most famous craters in the world is located on Oahu- Diamond Head. Sitting on the coast of beautiful Waikiki beach and overlooking the Pacific, this crater offers breath taking views from the top. The name was given because the crystallized lava rock glimmers in the sun. Sitting at 3,520 feet in diameter with a 760 foot summit, it’s no wonder why this a must see for those who want to appreciate Oahu.
  7. 7. Diamond Head continued The trail to the top of the crater is 1 ¾ miles and takes about 1 to 1 ½ hours. There are two sets of stairs, one with 99 steps and 76 on the other. There is also a 225 foot tunnel that is unlit.
  8. 8. Diamond Head continued Located off of Diamond Head Road between Makapu’u Avenue and 18th Avenue, Honolulu Opened daily 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Including holidays Entrance fees are $5.00 per car or $1.00 per person if you walk in Bottled water is advised
  9. 9. Diamond Head quiz What beach does Diamond Head sit on? The North Shore Waikiki Honolulu Shores How many miles is it to the top of the crater? 2 miles 3 ½ miles 1 ¾ miles CHECK ANSWERS
  10. 10. North Shore Oahu’s North Shore is one of Hawaii’s most popular areas because of the rich culture. Considered to be ‘true Hawaii’, the village of Hale’iwa provides the opportunity for tourists and residents to appreciate Hawaii’s past in a laid-back atmosphere and is where any surfer can find a perfect wave.
  11. 11. North Shore continued Hale’iwa Town offers great shopping and eating. There are many independent restaurants to choose from allowing you to sample local fair. There are a number of galleries featuring artwork and photography of local artists. Hale’iwa is the place to do your shopping for the most authentic Hawaii souvenirs.
  12. 12. North Shore continued Shark’s Cove is the most popular fish sanctuary to snorkel If you are a surfer or would just like to see the experience, there are numerous beaches along the North Shore coastline. Waimea Bay Banzai Pipeline, aka Ehukai Beach Sunset Beach
  13. 13. North Shore quiz What is the village of the North Shore called? Hale’iwa Waikiki Honolulu What is the popular snorkeling sight called? Waimea Bay Sunset Beach Shark’s Cove CHECK ANSWERS
  14. 14. Conclusion There is plenty to do when you visit Hawaii’s island of Oahu. It is a beautiful island rich in Hawaiian culture.
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