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Resume2 v1.1 lite

  1. 1. my name is S iddharth N air
  2. 2. Studied to be an Engineer I
  3. 3. But took a plunge, 3 Years Ago
  4. 4. Into an exciting new world
  5. 5. Of Internet Advertising
  6. 6. where they now call me Consultant- Digital Improvisation @
  7. 7. Who’s good at Interactive Advertising Uncovering consumer insights And I’m good at
  8. 8. Creative and Analytical thinking
  9. 9. Analytics Skills Adserving Platform Familiarity Planning Tools HTML Programming Languages Known Software knowledge Search Skilled at Tools
  10. 10. And work well with cross functional teams
  11. 11. My Journey April 2007: Trainee July 2007: Media Manager Feb 2009: Media Account Head
  12. 12. Some examples of the campaigns handled
  13. 13. Dream Fantasy Cricket
  14. 14. Dream MSN Takeover
  15. 15. Dream MSN Takeover
  16. 16. Dream MSN Takeover
  17. 17. The contest website received over 32,000 page views in the campaign duration Users were prompted to share their Recipe and Moments of Pride Over 500 Highly Detailed Entries were submitted Oster: Moments of Pride Contest
  18. 18. Detailed Entries with Photographs were submitted by Women from all over India Ingredients and Instructions on how to prepare the dish were shared in great detail Sharing their most special and proud moments with Oster Oster: Moments of Pride Contest
  19. 19. What others are saying about me
  20. 20. “ In the evolving online marketing business, its good to know someone who has been there and is open to new ideas. Always a pleasure to interact with Sid.” Harish Jagtiani, President, Intermark Corp. (was with another company when working with Siddharth at Media Contacts) “ Siddharth is someone you can totally depend upon and be assured that the job is totally done and that too, to the manner that you have thought about. I have certainly seem him grow, he maintains a low profile but is passionate about the clients that he works for, very detailed and structured in his work which is one of the major reasons that clients, media sellers and his team admire and respect him. I wish him all the very best!” Kushal Sanghvi, Managing Director- Media Contacts- India, Havas Digital (managed Siddharth at Media Contacts) “ Siddharth was an amiable colleague, always helpful. His interest in not only his work but overall business is enthusing. An intelligent person & one who delivers smart solutions, Siddharth is an asset to any team that he works for.” Arpana Bhatia, Communication Strategy Manager, R K SWAMY BBDO (worked with Siddharth at R K SWAMY BBDO ) “ Siddharth happens to be a very dedicated (read Ultra committed) & a fast learner, nothing has stopped him from earning the distinction of the most stratical (strategic+ tactical) brand planner. Over the years we have constructively argued in providing the best brand integrated strategy for all our clients.......all I can say is the clients trust him....and you will love to work with him........” Sarfaraz Karmale, Media Manager, RK Swamy BBDO-Digital Direction (managed Siddharth at R K SWAMY BBDO)
  21. 21. Click to know more about me