Art History Midterm Summer Session 1
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Art History Midterm Summer Session 1



Art History Midterm Slides 114

Art History Midterm Slides 114
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Art History Midterm Summer Session 1 Art History Midterm Summer Session 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Venus of Willendorf Paleolithic
  • Woman Holding Bison Horn Paleolithic
  • Bison Altamira Paleolithic
  • Hall of Bulls Lascaux Paleolithic
  • Stonehedge, Plains of Salisbury Neolithic
  • People, Boats, and Animals Early Dynastic
  • Palette of Narmer Early Dynastic
  • Mastaba Tomb Old Kingdom
  • Stepped Pyramid of Djoser and Funeral Complex Saqqara Old Kingdom
  • Great Pyramids, Gizeh Old Kingdom
  • Great Sphinx, Gizeh Old Kingdom
  • Statue of Khafre at Gizeh Old Kingdom
  • Menkaure and Khamerernebty at Gizeh Old Kingdom
  • Seated Scribe Old Kingdom
  • Wall Reliefs, Tomb of Ti Old Kingdom
  • Sensuret III Middle Kingdom
  • Rock-Cut Tombs, Beni-Hasan Middle Kingdom
  • Temple of Hatshepsut New Kingdom
  • Temple of Ramses II New Kingdom
  • Hypostyle Hall, Temple of Amun-Re, Karnak New Kingdom
  • Model of Hypostyle Hall, Temple of Amun-Re, Karnak New Kingdom
  • Akhenaten Akhenaten Period
  • Bust of Nefertiti Akhenaten Period
  • Aknenation, Nefertiti and Three Daughters Akhenaten Period
  • Coffin of Tutankhamun Post Amarna Period
  • Figurine of a Women Cycladic
  • Lyre Player Cycladic
  • Palace at Knossos Minoan
  • Minoan Woman Minoan
  • Toreador Fresco Minoan
  • Landscape with Swallows Minoan
  • Kamares-Ware Jar Minoan
  • Octopus Vase Minoan
  • Harvester Vase Minoan
  • Snake Goddess Minoan
  • Aerial View of Citadel of Tiryns Mycenaean
  • Corbeled Gallery Tiryns Mycenaean
  • Plan of the Palace and Southern Part of Citadel, Tiryns Mycenaean
  • Lion Gate Mycenaean
  • Treasury of Atreus Mycenaean
  • Funeral Mask Mycenaean
  • Dagger Mycenaean
  • Geometric Krater from Dipylon Cemetary Geometric
  • Lady of Auxerre Archaic
  • Metropolitan Kouros Archaic
  • Kroisos Kouros Archaic
  • Peplos Kore Archaic
  • Kore from Acropolis Archaic
  • Francois Vase by: Ergotimos and Kleitias Archaic
  • Achilles and Ajax Playing Dice, by: Exekias Archaic
  • Hercules and Antaeus by: Euphronios Archaic
  • Kritios Boy Classical
  • Zeus Classical
  • Warrior, Riace Classical
  • Discobolos by: Myron Classical
  • Doryphoros by: Plykleitos Classical
  • Athena Parthenos Classical
  • Lapith vs. Centaru Classical
  • Three Goddess Classical
  • Panathenaic Sculptor Classical
  • Nike Adjusting Sandal Classical
  • Parthenon By: Iktinos and Kallikrates Classical
  • Propylaia By: Mnesikles Classical
  • Temple of Athena Nike by: Kallikrates Classical
  • Erechtheion by: Mnesikles Classical
  • Aphrodite of Knidos by: Praxiteles Late Classical
  • Hermes and Dionysos, Olympia By: Praxiteles Late Classical
  • Apoxyomenos by: Lysippos Late Classical
  • Dying Gaul Hellenistic
  • Altar of Zeus Hellenistic
  • Nike Samothrace Hellenistic
  • Aphrodite of Melos Hellenistic
  • Boxer Hellenistic