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  1. 1. Newsletter April 10, 2009 Business News & Cash Flow Management. Page 1 of 4 Business Advisory Services LLC   QuickBooks Pro Advisory Services - Issue: 201 April. 10, 2009  Free QuickBooks On-line Software.  Click Here and Find Out How. Click Here - Press Releases - Business & More! In This Issue Cash Flow Crisis Strikes! Tax Credits You Might Overlook. TaxHelpLLC.Com Financial Calculators. Tough Times ___________________ Ten Tips for Marketing to Existing Clients and Customers 60-Second Guide to Managing Upset Customers - Click Here No doubt you're familiar with the adage about a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush. Well, this old saw is especially appropriate when talking about customers. But you'll have to adjust the math: on average, finding a new customer costs five times as much as keeping an existing one! That's reason enough right there to start marketing to your existing customer base. Here are 10 expert strategies to Greetings! motivate your customers to keep coming back. 1. Talk to them. How you Tough Times Can make us all a little worried about our business communicate with your practices. Here are some feature articles from experts that can offer customers isn't that important; timely information to help assist you and your business in tough what's important is that you do it! operating times. Stay in touch with email newsletters, mailings, or a blog. These methods remind your clients and customers that you're Tools for Tough Times around when they need you. You can even call them to let them Click the links of interest and it will take you to the know about a sale, a new service Article of your choice. you are offering, or just to ask if there's anything else you can do for them. 1. Tools for Tough Times - Perhaps the most important thing any 2. Get personal. If you want your contractor can do to protect itself against financial problems on a company name to be the first project is to carefully choose the companies it does business with thing people think of when they need your product or service, and to request evidence of those companies' financial strength. you need to build personal 2. 10 Steps to Improve Your Money Habits - By: Millionaire Money Habits. relationships with your Becoming wealthy has less to do with your actual income, and customers. That's why it's helpful to call or send a card on special more to do with the money habits you have developed. occasions - like birthdays, 3. Cash Flow Projections Made Easy - By: Philip Campbell. One of the anniversaries, or promotions. Show your appreciation. Letting 4/28/2010
  2. 2. Newsletter April 10, 2009 Business News & Cash Flow Management. Page 2 of 4 them know you appreciate them most serious mistakes I see in my consulting practice is business builds a personal link and can help keep clients loyal. owners trying to run their business without cash flow projections. Something simple like sending a This is like driving along on the freeway at 70 miles per hour with a $5 gift certificate to a coffee blindfold on. chain and saying "Have a drink on me" goes a long way in 4. How-To Guides - The 10 Absolutely Must-Follow Cash Flow relationship building. You may Rules By:Philip Campbell consider thank you notes to be When it comes to properly managing the cash flow of your no-brainers, but you'd be business, the best way to move from where you are now to where surprised at how many entrepreneurs neglect to write you want to be is to get a clear picture in your mind of the benefits them. Take the time to show your you will enjoy as you take control of your cash flow. customers that you genuinely 5. Top 10 Mistakes Made When Applying for a Business Loan appreciate their business, and they'll remember your Provided by Whether you're applying for a business loan thoughtfulness. or a personal loan, there are common mistakes that can hinder the process. Below are 10 of the most common mistakes made when To review the rest of this article go to the following link applying for a loan. - Click Here. Countdown to April 15: Get Tax Refunds from Prior Years with NOL CarrybacksIf your small business suffered a loss in 2008, tax refunds from prior years (which can provide an immediate infusion of cash to your business) may be within your reach.The IRS announced that small ______________ businesses with deductions exceeding their income in 2008 can use a new net operating loss (NOL) tax provision to get a refund of taxes paid in prior years. ___________________________________________________________ Financial Calculators Cash Flow: When a Cash Crisis Strikes By: Jill Andresky Fraser Should I buy or rent? When it comes to figuring out just whom you'd like to approach for business capital, these tips can help you develop a great list of How much car can I prospects. afford? Cash crises happen. The way they're managed can have a tremendous effect on a company's all- How much can I afford to important relationships with creditors. "Credibility and confidence are built slowly but destroyed lease? rapidly," says David Preiser, head of restructuring and managing director at the New York City office of Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin, an investment-banking house based in Los Angeles. His recommendations for breaking bad news to loan officers, vendors, and other creditors: What is my lease rate? Develop a credible plan. It may require getting advice from a lawyer or an accountant, but it should resemble an action-oriented business plan. "It won't convince creditors if it's just a short- term dance, but it also can't be too gloomy, or they'll panic." Aim for a realistic assessment, and How long will my then focus on how you'll fix problems. Above all: "Never promise anything you already know you retirement savings last? can't achieve." Telephone your creditors to suggest meeting with them and their What rate would I need to lawyers. Schedule meetings before payments are due; mention earn on my savings? but don't fully describe your difficulties; divide in order to conquer. (Don't bring creditors together so they can "gang up on you.") Another tip: "Don't schedule the meeting after you've run out of How long will it take me to funds. Always leave yourself enough to make a tiny payment and pay off my credit cards? demonstrate good faith." Behave appropriately during that meeting. To Preiser, that means being respectful, confident, and strong. "If you seem *The information provided by these prepared to tackle problems, you'll inspire creditors' respect. If you calculators is for illustrative seem overwhelmed, they'll panic." purposes only. The default figures Beware of vendor panic. You don't want to scare vendors "into shown are hypothetical and may refusing to make shipments." Preiser's advice: "Don't treat vendors not be applicable to your individual dishonestly," but don't bare your soul. "Achieve a balance between situation. Be sure to consult a present problems and future hopes." financial professional prior to relying on the results. The calculated results are intended for Business Advisory Services LLC. Call 888-838- illustrative purposes only and 4900 ext 1. accuracy is not guaranteed. Click Here for Solutions For The Most Critical Tax Problems   ___________  Tax Links 4/28/2010
  3. 3. Newsletter April 10, 2009 Business News & Cash Flow Management. Page 3 of 4 Tax Credits Your Small Business Might Overlook   By Maria Markham Thompson IRS Business Informaiton.   The Internal Revenue Service allows a number of tax credits that many businesses might not be aware of. Unlike tax deductions, tax Closing A Business - IRS credits are subtracted from the amount of taxes you owe. Most   credits are broadly applicable, so there are usually more than one Small Business that cover a business's expenditures and investments. Workshops - IRS To claim most business tax credits, you'll file Form 3800 with your   annual business income tax return. Tax credits not used in the IRS Compliance & current year normally are carried back one year or carried into the Enforcement future for up to 20 years.   Business owners should consult their tax advisors to determine the applicability and potential benefit of any tax credit to their situations. IRS - On-LIne Services   Energy Breaks ___________________  Businesses can take advantage of a growing list of energy conservation and alternative energy Recovery Rebate Credit resources credits offered to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The credits for alcohol used as Calculator  fuel and biodiesel and renewable diesel fuels provide additional benefits because businesses that Know the Amount of Your use alternative fuels for transportation can file for the credits on quarterly returns (Form 4136) Economic Stimulus Payment (ESP) rather than waiting for the end of the tax year. Upgrading your heating and air conditioning Recovery Rebate Credit Calculator systems, adding solar energy to buildings, and building alternative energy projects all trigger tax - Click Here credits, helping lower these project costs.   IRS.GOV New Assets _________________ Every year businesses can deduct the entire cost of new assets under Section 179 rather than depreciating them over time. Using Section 179 saves the cost of setting up depreciation schedules for relatively low-cost assets such as printers, cell phones, and office furniture but also applies to vehicles, machinery, and other equipment with a longer life. Businesses can elect ________________ Section 179 treatment on Form 4562 where they depreciate other assets. The limit on how much QuickBooks Basics. Let Us Provide can be written off in a year increases annually, so look up this limit as part of your tax planning. A Tune Up & Review of Your New Hires QuickBooks. Click Here For Balance Of Article Call today toll free 1-888-838-4900 ext. 1. Business Advisory Services Visit us at Click Here and fill out the inquiry and we will provide a review of your account. _________________ Visit us at - http://QuickBooksProAdvisory.Bz Test Yourself ! Small ________________________________________________________________________________  Business Quizzes. See How Much You Know? Try it and see. Correct and Current Financials Can Mean Everything To The Success Of Your Business. Taxhelp llc, & Business Advisory Services LLC offers Would You Like To affordable personal and business accounting, bookkeeping and preparation Manage Money Better In services. Your Business? CLICK Call us today and find out how we can help you Plan HERE TO QUIZ for Profits.     YOURSELF We are a full service accounting and advisory Would You Like To firm specializing in Tax and Business Debt Resolutions, Manage People Better? Tax Negotiations, Business Profit Planning, Advisory CLICK HERE TO QUIZ Services, Business Accounting, Tax Preparation and YOURSELF Virtual Office Support Services. Would You Like To Manage The Sales   Function In Your Business   Better? CLICK HERE TO QUIZ YOURSELF Our professionals carry a combined 40 years experience in resolving serious tax matters, accounting reporting, funding presentions, and other issues with proven results.  More Informaiton? Visit our web site. 4/28/2010
  4. 4. Newsletter April 10, 2009 Business News & Cash Flow Management. Page 4 of 4 Visit us at -http://TAXHELPLLC.COM __________________________________________________________ How to Weather a Stormy Economy Gas prices are up, revenues are down, and money is tight. What's a small business owner to do? There are several important strategies you can use to see you through these difficult economic times. Here are five of them:    1. Protect your personal assets. All businesses hope to survive difficult economic times, but the reality is that some will undoubtedly fail. If yours does, what happens to you? It depends on how you've set up your business.    §  Sole proprietorships and partnerships -- Creditors can look to your personal assets--your home, your car, and your savings--to satisfy their claims.    §  Limited liability companies and corporations -- Creditors can only satisfy their claims from business assets; your personal assets are fully protected. If your personal assets are currently vulnerable (e.g., you're an independent contractor), See balance of article - Click Here Business Advisory Services LLC Helping You Plan For Profits  Phone 1-888-838-4900    email - Office@BusinessAdvisory.Biz   Web Site - http://QuickBooksProAdvisor.Bz Email Marketing by 4/28/2010