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Educ. W200 Power Pt.
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Educ. W200 Power Pt.


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Education Resources
    • Would you like to see my power point and learn more about three different resources and have fun while doing it?
    If not click on the image below If so click on the image below
  • 2.
    • LaunchPad- a virtual wide desktop resolution
    • -Targeted for innovation, project-based learning, and technology skill development.
  • 3. NYC iSchool
    • Access from anywhere:
      • Helps students and teachers use their own home computers connected with schools.
    • Easy maintenance
      • From one server
      • ClassLink support (Aronowitz, 2009)
  • 4. NYC iSchool Review
    • I found this article very interesting. There wasn’t really enough information in it. I wish there would be more information. Resourceful article. Good topic.
    • Aronowitz, S. (2009, November 20). THE Journal . Retrieved November 28, 2009, from 
  • 5. ECRP
    • Early Childhood Research and Practice
    • Charity work
      • Support pledge
    • Tax deductible
    • Good funding, supporters, and pledgers. (Katz, 2009)
  • 6. ECRP
    • They Edit, translate, correspond, do web design and maintenance
    • Maintenance cost 35,000 dollars per year.
      • Want to find out more information and/or become involved?
      • Yes -NO
    • I found this article to be a good resource and article. It has a good review of the program. The program seems to be very effective.
    • I found this article to be an altogether good article.
    • Katz, L. G. (2009, November 18). ECRP (Early Childhood Research and Practice) . Retrieved November 28, 2009, from
  • 8. BRAIN POP
    • Elementary age is an adventurous age
    • There’s lots of good websites out there with lesson plan ideas and good resources.
    • Ones that I really like have lots of good accurate ideas. Click yes to explore some good holiday ideas for Thanksgiving.
    • Want some suggestions for lesson plans, for instance for the holidays: such as Thanksgiving?
      • yes -no thanks
  • 9.
    • Thanksgiving placemats for your Thanksgiving Table.
    • Fill in the blanks for a "gut busting" Thanksgiving story from National Geographic Kids
    • The First Thanksgiving - Learn how the Pilgrims reached America and lived to celebrate the first Thanksgiving; from Scholastic
    • Thanksgiving and Pilgrims - Resource with many links.
    • Can you find the Thanksgiving words in this interactive Seek-A-Word puzzle?
    • With relatives visiting, how about a fun game of Tic-Tac-Turkey? Print out the board and the playing pieces from this page.
    • Talk like a Pilgrim!
    • While you are waiting for the turkey to finish roasting play a game of Spin-the-Turkey.
    • Test your knowledge of Thanksgiving. Read each question and click on the button in front of your answer. The computer will keep score for you.
    • You are the Historian : Investigating the first Thanksgiving - If you are doing research on Thanksgiving in American history this page would be a good starting place.
    • Find out everything you want to know about the Mayflower and the Pilgrims who came to America on the ship.
    • Thanksgiving World - information on history, quotes, facts, recipes, songs, poetry, and gifts ideas
    • In the mood for some history? Read Lincoln's 1863 Thanksgiving proclamation.
    • CNN's Thanksgiving on the web is from 1996, but Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving.
    • Enchanted Learning has a great page stuffed full of Thanksgiving crafts.
    • Thanksgiving facts, poems and crafts.
    • Thanksgiving Activities from the Teacher's Corner
    • An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott
    • Find out all about Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • 10. BRAIN POP
    • Has lots of demo videos (animated)
      • Kid safe
    • Lots of (free) videos with different topics:
      • Internet safety, email and IM, cyber bullying, computer mouse, information privacy, internet search, online sources, and social networking just to name a few.
      • Plus other school topics such as: Social Studies, Science, English, Math, Art & Music, Health, and Technology. ()
  • 11. Brain Pop
    • For educators to learn more or to teach the class.
    • Great resource
    • Can do funding and can subscribe to the site.
    • Fun and creative web site
    • Useful information such as state standards (Brain Pop, 2009)
  • 12.
    • I really liked this website. There’s so much information and ideas. It’s a good resource for teachers who need some ideas and has great free videos to show students. Easy access and fun.
    • Brain Pop . (1999). Retrieved November 29, 2009, from