Harness the Power of Essential Oil


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This powerpoint is a small piece of a 6 month aromatherapy class that I teach.
More information about the class can be found at www.rosewoodmassage.com .

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Harness the Power of Essential Oil

  1. 1. Aromatherapy PowerPoint Sampler harness the power of essential oils Compiled for LinkedIn
  2. 2. Aromatherapy – Detoxifying Bath Salts harness the power of essential oils
  3. 3. Aromatherapy – Detoxifying Bath Salts Contraindications • Diabetes • Chronic illness • Low blood pressure (heat lowers BP) • Frostbite (heat) • Arteriosclerosis • Neuropathy
  4. 4. Aromatherapy – Detoxifying Bath Salts Indications • Stress • Skin irritation • Detoxification • Muscle fatigue / soreness • Respiratory conditions
  5. 5. Aromatherapy – Detoxifying Bath Salts Lavender (lavendula angustifolia) Properties: anti-inflammatory calming Effects on Skin: promotes cell growth and balances sebum production accelerated healing of burns Psychological and Emotional Uses: balances mood swings and strong emotion (manic depression, anger, etc) balances central nervous system Benefits: can aid restorative sleep can ease headaches 100+ natural chemicals to restore body balance (esters, linalol, linalyl acetate, etc) Cautions: attracts bees
  6. 6. Aromatherapy – Hand Sanitizer harness the power of essential oils
  7. 7. Aromatherapy – Hand Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Trivia In 1946 Jerry Lippman and Clarence Cook of Kent State University invented a grease-cutting soap that could be used with or without water. The Lippmans created a company that they named after themselves - Gojo. In 1988, Akron, OH based Gojo introduced PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer.
  8. 8. Aromatherapy - Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Mint Stomach Tea harness the power of essential oils
  9. 9. Aromatherapy – Mint Chocolate Ice Cream/Mint Stomach Tea Agave • monocarpic relative to the yucca • Blue Agave (agave tequilana) - tequila • honey-like nectar used as a sweetener • glycemic index rating of 11 • flowers/stalks are edible and sweet • nectar-free stalks lather like soap/dried for didgeridoos • sharp end of leaf can be pulled out - used as a needle • leaf tea treats constipation, can be used as a diuretic • root tea treats arthritis
  10. 10. Aromatherapy – Facial Toner harness the power of essential oils
  11. 11. Aromatherapy Strawberry Vinaigrette with Mixed Greens Apple Cider Vinegar • product of fermentation • ‘vinegar’ comes from the French, meaning quot;sour wine.quot; • main ingredient of apple cider vinegar, or any vinegar, is acetic acid - also contains other acids, vitamins, mineral salts, and amino acids. • It's suggested that apple cider vinegar has such curative abilities because it causes one's pH levels to become more alkaline.
  12. 12. Aromatherapy Strawberry Vinaigrette with Mixed Greens Thank you for attending. See you soon! Upcoming Class Schedule Do you have a request for a future class topic? Email me at monica@rosewoodmassage.com .