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  1. 1. l_",~+ N~~,,- f)= (LvV 1 f),j Kelli French 0, S~~.-<J Prof lJa¥itI. English 103 September 7 2009 ~ Boop Boop Hoop Yeah Boo Boop Hoop Yeah was my 2008-2009 girls varsity basketball team logo. I have been playing basketball since the third grade. We were always good. With my basketball team we played with each other for many years .. First we started out in a church league then when we 'hL"~ .- ~" ~~ ~ooT' ~ were too old for the league we started our own select team. We would play against good ,'<.C<- b .-+"1 • v·rS competition and won most of our games. We also we received many trophies and medals. One 1..' -t'-- ~ ...r ...... :> -- _ II V"'''') ~ .~ ...- of the medals that we were most proud of was the one when we won first place at the Show Me <-.+ ....~ ....)f" l,;I'-"- t' ' s~.............. . s .-t>-.' State Games, which is where basketball teams all across Missouri come to compete against each f' t;. .l( J ..... ol- ~~ oJ other. Winning that medal was a big accomplish for our team. Since the third grade one of my ''-' f ~ "'t I ...... ·~ f·'1L~ main goals was to be on the varsity basketball team as a freshman. Some other goals for my ~ .. I team was to win conference, districts, and move on a little further after districts, but I knew for ~'-~ '-1' r'--" '? -t J • these goals to be accomplished it was going to take a lot of hard work and dedication and I also (~-j. .- ' "... ' -., <- ... .) ....,-' c.""'" r__ ~ V ~ .... knew it was not going to happen right away. -- '"'fh 6 V ~ S ~." .....-- ' i") y' ~r -v- ~ . It took our team four years to really' work 'nard t'eig'etherand get what we had to get done. -rL- ~, . >~ ",-;- r'::J Since I was a freshman our team had a lot of potential to do well and really go far, but for some reason we could not do as well as expected. My senior year was the best season of my basketball career. One of our biggest accomplishments was winning conference. In our conference we ~ f.:r....-·" r'-1'"'-) •~ J' competed against six good teams. Our biggest win in our conference was against a school called "'t'..) .-- <,I,._-T /" Webster Groves. Winning this game ~~s ~(!ry imp6rtant because it guaranteed our first place .)
  2. 2. (}0d' f. Se.vt..r> 0 .a- J -t-h ...... conference victory also stopped Webster Groves sever year conference winning streak. ~ cr ~ --h--...-T '" 'J'" Winning conference was a very important"gohl 'for bur. team and we finally did it. This made all -l-h-' J "0 ~ -+ 6<... b..~..f,c-- v . of us very happy and made our team more recognizable th~ out our school and the . , ~ IS ---t-o l"'~lll community. ~ o.~lv~ ~. '1""1-'''' orJ- Since winning conference we were destined to do even better. We knew that people had 0-1'- ~ a.- real high expectations of our team and we wanted to prove that we were the best. Practices were I::<.{ Lvv-. +, '? ~ y;.o~ SO' more intense and got us ready for our hextopponents. Districts were coming up soon, and these C:.c -+~ -j"v ~ O ..} / ~ ~ would be the most important games of the season. With districts there are three rounds and if ~,- .vL- ~. 'J J.O . ~o~+L- ,,>., ..;-,."'" ,r {au lose one round then you're out and your season is over. These games are very important to ) c.,"-- G--"'D....,~) .A' .--"-" high school seniors because most seniors do not go on to play basketball in college, so it is , ,_. 1 ~ o..-....f. cle..:!Ic.. .... ' b<- v-'''-' important to do your very best and work together as a team. Districtsfi very important to our '" c.lL+-"', ---- - I ""();"-l' 'l. ,.:~ 'i.' ' ~.~"':---'---'::""''''':'_-- team because this year our high school'waS-hosting the 'games and every year since freshman ..-- year ~ur team Im~ver · S· - h-' made it past the second roupd. So)we really wanted to prove ourselves -n-ov'T " '" ~. ---- ,~, ~ <..v ... "(-n· -') "'fP"-""LJ, t h year. Jnce our team aa De,' IS ~ ) • r'v ~ <-"'--r ,-I- B,(I"-~ we pIa was against Parkway Westtho was a very good team)and every time we played them ~~, :~:::._ t~<lS lways close an ey were.~fl~:~st~iS arne because th~son they '~f'' +-~: ' ~ 'C'....-<- could not beat us. The game was very inte~s(nhe ~vhole time and it took a lot of teamwork and ~'- 'T -r ~ ~::>X<"..., ~ , ,,/" <.._~~<,,';' ~ V" +-effort to pull this one outbut we did and we won only by three points. The next game was the ,>. ",.;) ().~ .+.-t--o+"" district championship and if we wanted to be champions we would have to work extra hard <-.~ ....0(""'1 - r-J~ because each team we played wanted to beat us very badly. Having home field advantage did ~~ I.....~J, SP· 8~ help us out because we had a very large crowed and we were very comfortable playing in our on "-~ 1"·~·· '" "'11--..lL-f" '-""L~L .,.... c- ..,.. f I"~ I' • j A 1 spe...<.. ,............ ,vii; q); , "J ~,~ gym. For the championship game v hadto'play'against very strong team and / ..~ ck' "-', (1..-' .~..,...... ~came after us right from the beginning but my team still hung in here. By h~e mv ) b <: ,,,,,,.- +"- ? -./ " ...~ reI' . s~~~·:~ "-'S., f r" L,-t" ~ -<....- b ~sc-. I
  3. 3. Sf· team was down my ten point~ if we wanted to win we knew what we had to do. During the o~....-t->--, ~.) /"- , second half we came out very strong and we did not want to lose this game. By the last few -:;J:'~ r .... 7 '"'O-+- se...e... ...... ) seconds of the game we came back and we were up by three points. Pattionville was not able to ,......o",r , f't..<..e..- score in the last seconds and we had won the district championship! This was one of the l~ • , OL"T"' ..... J happiest days for our team. We were surprised that we had made it this far and even won c),U'''''' r-""-' '7,)v b..... lL1 ~·........ districts, it was amazing. The team was happy, our parents were happy, and the school was -+<....l ~ r~~t...- happy. ~s -t" v-........ STATE! Every time dreams of going to state, and our team is. For state the teams who ~ f'... won their district play at least two games.~they win both then they continue to play at h.~ ~o .f sc.. ..... S'2.- u Missouri University and have their championship state games there. Our first state game was h .....-.J ~~. t>, vi against Poplar Bluff, a small school in'Fanni'ngton, Missouri.v«:e had to play at their court so ..h., ~. .--..A I ~ tl"-"~ they had a lot of support there from their community and it was about a two-hour drive from r..... ...., . ~ '. _ ---..-/ (ex. c..vlJ.. ~)~' ,..., ~ where w live so not many people from our community could make it to our game, but we still Y'~ 0..0" ,AvEr '"' had a nice crowd. When we starte the game it was pretty much back and forth for both teams, c. __ b ... ~ """'~ '- sc..~ /' .--------.-. ~ r) ph,,!' . '-~ I -'" but then for some reason when halftime came around we were down by I0 once again. We have (~.....,. / '--./, , ~,~,.f"o't<,1'·"" Ior</,)<- 'v6een in this situation before so we kne(wil~f'to"do. 'We kne'v.>one thing not to do and that was. f- yo- ~ ,-r--'Y L' vI" not to give up so we gave it our all for the rest of the game and came out with another victory. e><..,1'<.~"T' ? d(..'·"s ........ ~ The final score was 42-36 Parkway North. After winning our first state game we were moving on ~ 't~-' r+-"" s<-p·r ;jto the state quarterfinals. If we were to win this game then we would be moving on to the final P" ~> ? ..t-t. .....<.e...> sv-<(.W-f-,-.), s~~ four state competition, at Missouri University. This game was:i'ret more than importan)it was (tu-- ~_r"t very important. Even though our tea~ ha'd:d6ne a"0onderful job during this seas0'Yt would be p,-~J,: ~/ .I'-""I.)~ nice to make it to the final four. This game was held at UMSUL, it was not too far for both , c. ..."'.......... .) ~ams so many people attended the game. There were also many college scouts and a T.V. crew sc.o<:_~~,••/) :
  4. 4. taping the game. It was very d>%'A~y,ing -~r this game because many people were watching the game, but we all had to focus and do the best that we could to come out with another victory_ ,...-..... During the beginning the game was neck and neck and at this half time we were only dov,11by '--../ five. All throughout the game we had some foul trouble, which is something you never want during an important game. So many of us had to sit out for a while, including me. After half time it was really hard to keep focus and really'step up, by the end up the game we were down my ten and could not come out with a victory. It was a horrible feeling to see the other team celebrate because they had just won .... our season was over. My senior year of varsity basketball was the most fun and best season ever. Our team and a.J.. coaches got a long very well, our parents and school support us throughout the whole ,I.d· ' , ~,' ~'l :", ~ experience. What I learned from this season is that setting goals for yourself and the team can be accomplished through hard work, positive thinking, and teamwork. Not only did my team / accomplish all the goals we wanted to but I also accomplished my personal goals. My personal goals were to make first team all conference, and to make all district, which are two nice honors. ~ sp . -T'hr'~) ..... ~-Y At your end of the year banquet when they innocence that I had received these awards are more ~ _-,.0-' "0. '·,,'1,.,'·, ' ~{L... ~ than happy, because since freshman year ihafjs what I have always wanted for myself and it ~ .f- Ie... • U-"'~~ finally happened. ~ -'l-'-"-'-) 'i'.> .-1-' of' I(d ; - J---~) o~<-- ) ~, ....J-~- .... 0 I e.. (;.e... . j ,....e..-.~ ~~--t, .. _ c...o" ....... b'L-+-'-L~ b<-,"",~' • ~':> / ~++, ~.l<'-) I. <...-+-L 1 ~--J-