Siphon Networks Overview V1


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SIPHON Networks SIP Solutions Provider & Systems Integrator overview

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Siphon Networks Overview V1

  1. 1. SIPHON NETWORKS LTD “Drawing Maximum Performance From Your Network” Company Overview
  2. 2. Company Overview Founded in 2008 Innovative Technology Reseller & System Integrator Focused on the delivery of advanced applications over IP technology Proven Management Team Highly experienced in the design, delivery, deployment and support of NGN platforms across multiple vendors Consultancy, Professional Services & Field Engineering Highly skilled NGN technology specialists for SIP and Unified Communications Coverage for EMEA and Global markets though partnerships Provides effective 1st / 2nd line Technical Support and Vendor Escalation Unique Technology Focus for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) End-to-end service architecture for revenue generating hosted applications Integration of multiple best-in-breed solution components
  3. 3. SIPHON Technology Focus Service SLA Monitoring & System Service Provisioning Reporting Monitoring Management Service NGN Core Session Application Delivery Applications Routing Integration Service & Policy Billing & Edge Service Control Rating Security Functions
  4. 4. SIPHON Technology Focus Focused strategy to work solely with a limited number of innovative technology vendors who provide a defined function within an NGN and Unified Communications (UC) infrastructure SIPHON Networks only work with complimentary technologies, vendors & products – Value is on Integration “Real world” understanding of key functional components needed for successful delivery of advanced IP applications Service Management Provides insight to network & service performance enabling effective SLA delivery Integration with backend systems for end-to-end provisioning of services & users Service Delivery Hosted application logic and service routing functions providing the “core” layer of an NGN infrastructure Integration with external Web & UC application components Service Functions Essential network elements to ensure service security, availability & charging Application of fine-grained policies for customised service
  5. 5. SIPHON Hosted IP PBX Hosted Telephony Server Core IP Network Enterprise A Enterprise B Telephony VoIP Adapter IP Devices Legacy Devices Easy to manage & feature rich ITSPs become the telephony enabler for small, medium and large business enterprises Leverage existing enterprise handsets & infrastructure
  6. 6. SIPHON Fixed Mobile Convergence FMC Control Gateway Hosted PSTN/GSM Telephony IP/WiFi Server GSM Call IP Call Control Control FMC Client Seamless integration with existing networks & mobile phones Significant reduction in call costs “60% of all company mobile calls are made from the office or home” Seamless in call handover between WiFi & GSM/3G
  7. 7. SIPHON SIP Trunking Carrier B Carrier C Hosted Carrier A IP Trunking Carrier D Platform SIP /VoIP Enterprise Carrier E PBX Over 30% reduction in call costs for the enterprise Enables graceful migration to hosted telephony solutions Enhanced user experience through multi-media enabled applications
  8. 8. SIPHON Unified Communications HMC ↔ Voice Integration Platform Microsoft Telephony HMC Server Remote Call Call Control Signalling Microsoft Telephony Client(s) Device(s) Integration of Microsoft HMC & IP Telephony environments Initiate & control calls directly from the desktop Enhance user experience with “Presence Enabled Voice”
  9. 9. SIPHON Wholesale Voice SIP/VoIP H.323/Mobile Carrier C Carrier B Rate & Route Management SIP /VoIP Query H.323/VoIP Carrier A Response Carrier D SBC Platform SIP/Mobile SIP /VoIP Carrier F Carrier E Any-to-any IP routing for inter-operator and international calling Extensive carrier and rate management features Real-time “no loss” least cost routing support
  10. 10. SIPHON Session Border Controller SBC SIP /VoIP H.323/VoIP Platform Carrier Carrier (Interconnect) Hosted Telephony Server SBC Platform (Access) Residential Business Subscribers Subscribers Industry leading SBC platform -unrivalled capabilities & scale Deliver trusted, high quality interactive communications across IP network borders Introduce customized services & service levels to customers
  11. 11. SIPHON Service Assurance Service Assurance Platform Passive Passive Monitoring Monitoring Hosted SBC SBC Telephony (Access) (Interconnect) Server Results in 30% reduction of ITSP operational costs Results in 60% reduction of trouble ticket closure times Improve customer experience with proactive service administration
  12. 12. SIPHON Call Recording Control/Media Hosted Hosted Telephony IP Call Server Recording Core IP Network Enterprise A Enterprise B New revenue streams for ITSPs –value added hosted service for enterprise customers Eliminate the need for enterprise based recording equipment Unique approach for ITSPs to capture telephone conversations
  13. 13. SIPHON Partner Focus
  14. 14. SIPHON Capabilities To successfully identify, close and deliver projects across full end to end sales cycle SIPHON Networks believes that the key success of an Integrator is the ability to scope a standardised solution upfront and then to deliver with only limited interaction with vendor partners required SIPHON Networks Project & Engineering teams have a proven track record in design and deployment of complex service architectures Real world deployment experience across OSI Layers 1 – 7 Significant experience of VoIP & Application service delivery Complete service package capabilities to ensure customer satisfaction Solution Design & Requirements Capture Defined and agreed scope of requirements & project timelines to ensure ITSP deployment objectives are realised Field Engineering & Technical Support Installation and commissioning of equipment, onsite services to support trials and evaluations, plus local technical support for revenue generating deployments Training Capabilities to provide Training Needs Analysis, Courseware Design and Training Delivery
  15. 15. THANK YOU