Microsoft and Open Source Interoperability


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Zend Con Presentation by Tom Hanrahan

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Microsoft and Open Source Interoperability

  1. 1. Microsoft And Open Source Interoperability Tom Hanrahan Director, Open Source Technology Center Microsoft Corporation
  2. 2. Composed of Linux, UNIX, Day-to-day: Long-term Mission: and OSS experts 1) Promote collaborative Produce mutual respect development between and understanding between Microsoft and the open Microsoft and the Open source community Source community such that 2) Extend support for open both act responsibly toward source products on each other for the sake of Windows better software and human potential and inclusion 3) Produce insights that advance our efforts to interoperate and collaborate
  3. 3. 1. Open Source Software Lab 2. Microsoft-Novell Interoperability Lab Application platforms Virtualization on Windows Standards-based systems management PHP community outreach
  4. 4. Products Community Access Standards Deliberate delivery Listen to and work with Make Microsoft Participate in standards of interoperability customers, partners, and technology assets bodies and support in Microsoft products competitors to build available to others product standards to and technologies bridges and coexist foster interoperability Networking Interop Commercial Work with UNIX systems Vendor Alliance Community hundreds Data OSP (Open of standards Interoperability Specification setting Management organizations Integration Executive Promise) Customer Council Interoperable Support thousands Identity of standards Collaboration Solutions Applications Agreements Documents Open Solutions Languages standards Legacy host
  5. 5. MySQL DBA admin Apache Web Services OSS Applications JAVA admin PHP SQL DBA Active Python Directory Internet System Information Center Services admin admin
  6. 6. Windows Open Protocols MySQL DBA OSS Dev ISV Dev admin Apache Web Services Visual Studio Eclipse OSS ZendStudio vim/emacs Applications JAVA admin PHP SQL DBA Active Python Directory Internet System Information Center Services admin admin
  7. 7. Application interoperability WAMP WASP LAMP WIMP WISN WISP Windows Linux
  8. 8. Interoperability Component Parent Partition Guest Partitions VM Worker Processes Windows Windows User WMI Provider Applications Applications Mode VM Service Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 Windows Server 2008 VSP HCL Win Win Linux Linux VSC Kernel Kernel Kernel VCS Kernel Mode Enlightenment Enlightenment Hypercall Adapter Windows Hyper-V‫‏‬ Virtualization-enabled Hardware
  9. 9. Stack interoperability System Center WAMP WAMP WASP WASP WIMP WIMP LAMP WISN WISN WISP WISP Windows Hyper-V
  10. 10. Novell Solution Microsoft Solution Virtual Disk System Center Zen Orchestrator Service Conf Ops Exc VM Updt Mgr Mgr Mgr Mgr Mgr CIMOM ws-man ws-man P r P r P r P r P r binding binding o o o o o v v v v v Linux Windows
  11. 11. ADOdb First LGPL Open Source project that Microsoft has contributed to SQL Server PHP Driver This first release of SQL Server Driver for PHP is designed to enable PHP applications to be developed and deployed on SQL Server IIS7+ FastCGI Improvement the performance of PHP on Windows Expression Web 2.0 Broadens tool focus to support PHP site editing
  12. 12. Developers working together to meet customer needs Vendors and communities working together Active collaboration on next-generation interoperability challenges Microsoft is committed to participate, partner, grow, and learn with you
  13. 13. PHP, LAMP, Windows, Make’em Talk Joe Stagner Tues 9/16 1:30pm Room 203 PHP on Windows: The Undiscovered Country Garrett Serack Wed 9/17 5:15pm Room 204 Unconf Sessions Getting started with PHP on IIS 7.0 Ruslan Yakushev Tues 9/16 2:45 pm Area 1 IIS 7.0 URL rewriting capabilities for PHP applications Ruslan Yakushev Wed 9/17 1:30 pm Microsoft Confidential Area 1
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