What Can Xerox Do For You

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A brief automated slideshow that describes the solutions and offerings that are available from Xerox.

A brief automated slideshow that describes the solutions and offerings that are available from Xerox.

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  • 1. What can Xerox do for you?
  • 2. Get control of your printing costs…
    • Track and control output and usage
    • Reduce supply and paper waste
    • Control color printing
    • Automatically re-route jobs to more cost effective printers
    • Bill usage back by departments
    • Integrate your systems with your Campus Card or Blackboard system
    • Recover costs by easily implementing a pay for use system
    • Centralize and manage your larger print jobs
    • Control access to your printers and multi-function devices
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  • 4. Streamline your paper-based workflows…
    • Eliminate your need for paper
    • Reduce time spent filing or looking for files
    • Store, name, file documents in multiple places in one simple step
    • Retrieve all your documents in seconds
    • Fully text-searchable PDF’s
    • Generate fax, email, print notifications automatically
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  • 6. Make digital documents work for you…
    • Instantly convert PDF’s to Microsoft Office formats
    • Natively edit PDF files
    • Re-sort and re-stack digital documents just like paper
    • Personal scanning workflows automate your multi-step jobs
    • Sign documents without ever putting pen to paper
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  • 8. Create, grade, analyze your own exams…
    • Recapture money spent on bubble sheets and scanners
    • Create custom surveys or exams for any subject
    • Scan and instantly grade exams
    • Analyze tests and instantly generate vivid graphical reports
    • Embed course, instructor, and student information in 1-D or 2-D barcodes
    • Automatically name, date, and file scans based on barcode information
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  • 10. Eliminate excess costs for faxing…
    • Fax directly from your desktop without ever printing paper
    • Receive faxes to groups of users by email
    • Secure and fully auditable
    • Create automated workflows
    • Generate fax, voice, email, sms, or print notifications
    • Eliminate spend on fax lines
    • Automatically file and store copies of faxes digitally
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  • 12. Manage and control your documents…
    • Make documents available across your intranet
    • Eliminate need to distribute paper forms
    • Allow users to fill out and submit forms electronically
    • Easily manage document regulatory requirements
    • Free up expensive floor space by eliminating file cabinets
    • Create and share IEP’s in a secure environment without need for printing
    • Send immediate notifications when documents are updated
    • Streamline student registration with e-forms
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  • 14. Green up your printing…
    • Environmentally friendly printing with soy-based solid inks
    • Reduced color costs with a true pay for use color plan
    • Reduce waste generated by supplies and consumables
    • Free up storage used by large supply boxes and replaceable units
    • Send less trash to the landfill due to cartridge free toner
  • 15. Xerox ColorQube
  • 16. Xerox has the answers to your business needs
    • We have the solutions and experience to help you get control of your costs, manage your documents, and streamline your business intensive workflows.
    • Talk to your Xerox representative today and start discovering ways to save money and improve your efficiency.