Happy Birthday To The Greatest Guitarist


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My project for the birthday event!

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Happy Birthday To The Greatest Guitarist

  1. 1. Happy Birthday To The Greatest Guitarist…. (Uhh-hummmm… that would be you, Mark Lee!) Picture from Wired Album.
  2. 2. Dr. Mark Lee…. On this wonderful 29th day of May, we celebrate the awesome Mark Lee’s birthday.
  3. 3. Sooo… I have learned a whole lot about the doctor that I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would learn. Such things as… • Shoe Size!? (I never thought I would hear this in my whole entire life!) But- of course I got that question wrong. I guessed 11.5, but the correct answer is 10.5!
  4. 4. When do you think the doctor graduated from High School? Well, the correct answer would be in 1991! (I wasn’t even born yet!)
  5. 5. It’s always interested me to know what cars the members of Third Day drive. I don’t know why though. Maybe it’s because I’m about to get my license. But- now we know what Mark drives… A Black Chevy Silverado. (As seen in the background. Too bad he just didn’t want his Third Day merchandise signed and a picture. He wanted a different kind of autograph.)
  6. 6. Everyone has a favorite movie from the year 2008, right? Well… we were given the following choices… • The Dark Knight • Hancock • Quantum of Solace • Iron Man • The Wrestler • All of the Above Well, for Mark his favorite was Quantum of Solace. (Great choice, huh?)
  7. 7. Everyone usually has their moments in the day they enjoy. What kind of person do you believe • A Night Owl Mark is? • Morning Bird • Or Afternoon The correct answer is A Night Owl! Mark’s a rockstar. So… I was thinking about how rockstars usually sleep in and stay up all night. (And he tweets pretty late, too!)
  8. 8. Mark has his idea of the perfect car, maybe it’s just to have fun in or maybe he might call it his “Sunday Car”. But his idea of the perfect car is a… 1969 Orange Dodge Charger! Nice, huh? 
  9. 9. A lot of people enjoy reading. I myself enjoy reading! Some people read a lot of books and sometime reads a really good one more than once. But- most people have the best books they’ve ever read. And Dr. Mark’s happens to be Lord of the Rings!
  10. 10. Mark has a beautiful family. The household consists of him, his wife Stephanie, their two daughters Abbie and Katherine. But right now, we are focusing on the date that Mark and Stephanie got married. They married on May 31st. Just TWO days after the Doctor of rock’n rolls’ birthday. (And they married on my brothers birthday!)
  11. 11. …And then everyone has their favorite television series. Mark talks about his quite a bit. He loves his….. a) House b) Fringe c) Lie To Me (I myself love this show and The Mentalist!) d) LOST e) All of the Above
  12. 12. The correct answer to that last question is… LOST! Mark loves, loves, LOVES the LOST television series. He talks about it all the time on Twitter. Well, I watch it and I tried to get my dad into it, but it’s one of those shows where you have to watch the previous shows to get what’s going on. So, I am the only one who watches it here. It was too hard for them to keep up!
  13. 13. Here Doctor Mark… I drew a picture for you!
  14. 14. The Many Adventures of Dr. Mark…
  15. 15. You have come to the end of my project. Hope you enjoyed it and have a GREAT birthday, Mark! Have an awesome day and see you soon. Project By: Chelsie Gratzer The End! Chelsie Gratzer’s Mark Lee, Are You In Tune? Final- Bonus Round project