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  1. 1. Seattle Parks and Recreation's Mission: “ Seattle Parks and Recreation will work with all citizens to be good stewards of our environment, and to provide safe and welcoming opportunities to play, learn, contemplate, and build community.” The Emerald City
  2. 2. Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation <ul><li>The Parks and Recreation Department administers Seattle's parks system and community recreation programs. It maintains over 6000 acres of city parks, 20 miles of shoreline, and 22 miles of boulevards. The department operates the city's 25 community recreation centers, the Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Aquarium, nine swimming pools, a tennis center, and more than 400 smaller facilities. In addition, it is custodian for four public golf courses, three moorages, and several other athletic and cultural facilities. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Alki Point Lighthouse 3201 Alki Ave SW, Seattle WA
  4. 4. STATUE OF LIBERTY AT ALKI - 1702 Alki Ave. SW
  5. 5. Black Sun Statue near the Seattle Asian Art Museum 1400 East Prospect Street -Volunteer Park
  6. 6. Ballard Commons Park 5701 22nd Ave. NW
  7. 7. Tree structures at Bergen Place Park 5420 22nd Ave. NW
  8. 8. Chief Sealth Statue near Seattle Space Needle
  9. 9. Fountain & Chess Structure Cal Anderson Park 1635 11th Ave
  10. 10. Freeway Park 700 Seneca St
  11. 11. FREMONT TROLL N. 36th and Aurora Ave. Seattle, WA 98103
  12. 12. Gas Works Park 2101 N Northlake Way seattle, Wa 98103
  13. 13. Grand Army Park Cemetery E. Howe Street between 12th and Everett Avenues E.
  14. 14. FLO WARE PARK 28th Ave. S and S Jackson St.
  15. 15. HOMER HARRIS PARK 24th Avenue and East Howell Street
  16. 16. Jimmy Hendrix Statue Broadway & Pine St Seattle, WA 98127
  17. 17. JP Patches Statue In Fremont
  18. 18. Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation <ul><li>General </li></ul><ul><li>Seattle population 572,600Seattle area 143 square milesKing County population 1,793,583Largest Park Discovery Park (534 acres)Oldest Park Denny Park (1884) </li></ul><ul><li>Parks and open areas </li></ul><ul><li>430Parks and open areas, including:  185 Athletic fields  18Boulevards (22 miles) 130 Children's play areas  38 Green spaces (795 acres) 5 Golf courses  3 Moorages  18 Fishing piers , docks, boat ramps  38 Neighborhood playgrounds (135 acres) 33Playfields (413 acres) 62Squares, places, triangles (27 acres)  24Miles of shoreline 9 Swimming beaches , lifeguarded in summer </li></ul>
  19. 19. Kerry Park south of Queen Anne Hill, “ Changing Form” is one of those large Henry Moore – influenced abstract steel sculptures
  20. 20. Japanese Garden 1075 Lake Washington Blvd. E
  21. 21. Kubota Garden Rainier Beach Area 9817 55th Ave S Seattle, WA
  22. 22. Chief Leschi – Duwamish and Suquamish Chief Seattle statue Seattle, Washington, 1912. Fifth Ave, Cedar St. and Denny Way
  23. 23. Sadako's statue in Seattle's Peace Park NE Pacific St. and NE 40th St.
  24. 24. Totem Pole at Pioneer Square
  25. 25. Magnuson Park World Flight Monument 7400 Sand Point Way NE
  26. 26. Statue of Mark Matthews located in Denny Park 100 Dexter Ave. N
  27. 27. Olympic Structure Broad St and John Street Seattle, WA, 98109
  28. 28. Seattle Chinatown International District Shopping 701 8th Ave S Seattle , WA 98104
  29. 29. View of the Chinese Pagoda at the International District
  30. 30. Volunteer Park Conservatory 1400 E. Galer St
  31. 31. Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation <ul><li>488 With more than a million square feet of space, including: </li></ul><ul><li>  24Administrative offices and headquarters 4 Amphitheaters  1Aquarium: 300 marine species 2 Boating and sailing centers  8 Boat ramps  90Comfort stations (outdoor restrooms) 26 Community centers  12 Concession facilities  7 Historic buildings  4Major maintenance facilities  2Museums 4 Environmental learning centers </li></ul>
  32. 32. Detail of Father and Son Seattle Art Museum Olympic Sculpture Park
  33. 33. The Lenin Statue – Evanston Ave N and N 36th St Seattle, W 98103
  34. 34. Plymouth Pillars Park Boren Ave. and Pike St.
  35. 35. Waiting for the InterUrban 34th st and Fremont Ave. Seattle, WA. 98103
  36. 36. Seattle Sculpture Ivar feeding the gulls at Pier 54 by the Waterfront
  37. 37. Statue of Secretary of State William H. Seward Seward Park 5898 Lake Washington Blvd. S
  38. 38. Lady Rainier&quot; statue Rainier Brewery (now the headquarters of Tully's Coffee), Seattle, Washington, USA. It once stood at the Georgetown Rainier Brewery
  39. 39. Seattle Waterfront Fountain Near Seattle Aquarium 2901 Western Avenue Seattle , WA 98121
  40. 40. Firefighter statue Occidental Park, Seattle , Washington
  41. 41. 1301 Alaskan Way Christopher Columbus Statue
  42. 42. The Leif Erikson statue overlooking the Shilshole Bay Marina
  43. 43. Pioneer Square – Downtown Seattle Pergola Glass Roof
  44. 44. Chief Sealth Statue Pioneer Square - Downtown Seattle 100 Yesler Way
  45. 45. Waterfall Gardens Pioneer Square Park
  46. 46. Bronze statue of Chief Noah Sealth (&quot;Chief Seattle&quot;), Tilikum Place – near Denny Way
  47. 47. West Point Lighthouse At Discovery Park
  48. 48. Seattle’s park system is a public resource that makes Seattle one of the nation’s most livable cities. Thanks to City leaders who had the foresight to hire the Olmsted Brothers firm, the Olmsted Plan for Seattle’s parks has been the basis of our modern day park system.