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Few Power Point Webinar121109 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. PowerPoint Tips and Tricks Utilizing PowerPoint 2007 Click to edit Master subtitle style Date/Time: December 11th - 12pm (EST) Webinar Offered by: Federally Employed Women's Foundation for Education & Training Presenter: Nikki Follis, Grantham University Microsoft Office 2007-Illustrated 12/10/09
  • 2. Objectives  Use SmartArt Efficiently  Add YouTube video to a PowerPoint slide  Integrating data amongst Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint 12/10/09
  • 3. SmartArt  What is SmartArt? • A SmartArt graphic is a professional-quality diagram that visually illustrates text  When to Use SmartArt? • When formatting your text alone simply does not work, you can use SmartArt • You can convert existing text into a SmartArt graphic or start from scratch 12/10/09
  • 4. SmartArt  SmartArt graphics are grouped by category  ClickMore SmartArt Graphics to see additional categories More SmartArt Graphics button 12/10/09
  • 5. SmartArt Basic Venn SmartArt graphic Outco me Click text placeholders to Notice the words that enter text filled in [Text] 12/10/09
  • 6. SmartArt SmartArt Styles group Layouts group 12/10/09
  • 7. What is Integration?  Data integration • Combines data from multiple programs  Example of data integration • Create an outline in Word • Import the outline from Word into Slides  Data integration saves time and effort • Information is reused multiple times 12/10/09
  • 8. Integrating Data  Two types of files used in integration: • Source: file where information originates • Destination: file that receives information  Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) • Microsoft technology for integrating data  Linking an object • Image of object copied to destination file • You can edit object data from source file 12/10/09
  • 9. Integrating Data  Integratedata among Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint  Import a Word outline into PowerPoint  Embed an Excel worksheet in PowerPoint  Link Access and Excel objects to PowerPoint  Manage links 12/10/09
  • 10. Integrating Data  Embedding vs. linking 12/10/09
  • 11. Importing a Word Outline into PowerPoint  Prepare for importing a Word outline • Ensure headings are at Level 1 or 2  Word outline formatted in Quick Styles • Heading 1: imported as slide title • Heading 2: level 1 item in a bulleted list  Copy and Paste techniques • Alternative to importing a Word outline • Pasted text appears in a text box 12/10/09
  • 12. Importing a Word Outline into PowerPoint  Edited outline in Word Outline view Promote button Level of currently selected text Level 1 headings start at the left Demote margin button Level 2 headings appear indented one tab stop 12/10/09
  • 13. Embedding an Excel Worksheet in PowerPoint  Object command: embedding tool  Identifying an embedded Excel file • Worksheet appears in PowerPoint slide • Excel ribbons and tabs appear • PowerPoint title bar and menu remain  Editing an embedded worksheet • Double-click the embedded object • Show only cells containing data 12/10/09
  • 14. Embedding an Excel Worksheet in PowerPoint  Completed Excel worksheet object Worksheet object formatted, sized, and positioned 12/10/09
  • 15. Managing Links  Typical link management tasks: • Update links manually • Find the source of a link • Break a link  Reason for breaking a link • You need to send a file to another user  Edit Links dialog box • Tool for managing links between files 12/10/09
  • 16. Managing Links  Edit links dialog box Link to Access selected by default 12/10/09
  • 17. Managing Links  Completed presentation 12/10/09
  • 18. Summary  SmartArt allows the user to create professional- quality diagrams that visually illustrates text  Video embedding allows the user to include a video within the slide without the need for a hyperlink to the video site  Integration allows the user to use the Office 2007 programs to work together effectively and efficiently 12/10/09
  • 19. Questions? Please contact me with any questions at: nikkifollis@gmail.com Thank you for your time! 12/10/09