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Musestorm Top10 widget and social application mistakes
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Musestorm Top10 widget and social application mistakes


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Talk given on 6.18.08 at Widget Web Expo in Brooklyn NY

Talk given on 6.18.08 at Widget Web Expo in Brooklyn NY

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. MuseStorm Top 10 Widget & Social Application Mistakes The Professional Way to Widget™
  • 2. This session
    • Fast, furious, fun!
      • "Hands On Workshop: The Top 10 Widget Mistakes.”
      • Both widgets and social applications
      • Actionable knowledge you can start applying Wednesday morning!
  • 3. Case #1
    • Breaking Bad
    • AMC Original
      • Designed for cross over appeal with a 40-something protagonist chemistry teacher
      • Teams up with one of his 20-something students to cook meth
      • “ Black humor”
  • 4.  
  • 5. Mistakes Made
    • Breaking Bad
      • 60M people on Facebook but only 19 of them use this widget each day
    • Multiple problems
      • Mismatch demographics
      • Game does not take advantage of social graph
  • 6. Lessons Learned
      • DO measure/optimize engagement value of your content
      • DON’T overinvest in custom content before you know what works
  • 7. Case #2
    • Free Rice (633K uniques)
    • Ideal fit with demographics
      • 4M high school students on Facebook as of May 2007
      • Majority college bound
      • Third-world causes strongly resonate with this age group
  • 8.  
  • 9. Mistakes Made
      • 90 active users for “bumper sticker” implementation
      • Re-mixed as a true Facebook application – but with only ~1000 active users today
  • 10. 20 grains vs. 10 grains
  • 11. Lessons learned
      • DO pay attention to naming of your application particularly if there are multiple apps or widgets that do the same thing
      • DO look at your reward structure and make sure it is competitive with offerings elsewhere on the web
  • 12. Case #3
    • Blockbuster Movie Clique
      • Collaborative filtering recommendation engine for films
  • 13.  
  • 14. Mistakes Made
    • When it comes to widgets, it’s content that rules, not the brand
      • Application is just not all that compelling when compared with Flixster – an application built from the ground up for film lovers
      • Difference shows in the numbers – Blockbuster 238 daily active users versus 439,699 for Flixster
  • 15.  
  • 16. Lessons Learned
      • DO a competitive analysis of your category before you develop your widget or social application
      • DON’T bet the farm on a single social network – consider going where your competition isn’t
      • DO provide content that is useful, entertaining, and energizing to your audience – versus self serving
      • DO remember why people post/share your widget or social application – it’s the content
  • 17. Case #4
    • Electronic Arts
      • My Need for Speed
      • An electronic racing game
  • 18.  
  • 19. Mistakes Made
    • Not refreshing content prior to game launch
      • Initially this application was a dud
      • Application came back from the dead after the game launched
      • Perfect fit with the FB demographic
      • Provides a natural vehicle for self expression
  • 20. Lessons Learned
    • Build success quickly on the back of mistake
      • Widgets and social applications are by definition new media
      • Experiment now – but make sure what you are doing is measurable
      • Respond, react, and iterate
      • Your audience will tolerate mistakes so long as you are responsive to their needs
  • 21. Summary Mistakes
    • Breaking Bad Case
      • Bad fit with demographics
      • Failing to test content with target users
    • Free Rice Case
      • Not integrating into the social graph/bumper stickers
      • Not naming your widget in a distinctive way
      • Lack of alignment in reward structure
    • Movie Clique vs. Flixster
      • Forgetting that content is king and queen
      • Relying on a single social network to carry the day
  • 22. Additional Mistakes
      • Electronic Arts Case
        • Over relying on generic content
        • Focusing on business objectives to the exclusion of audience needs
      • General Widget mistakes we see every day
        • Letting your widget go stale over time
        • Forgetting to make your widget search able
  • 23. MuseStorm
    • Professional solution for agencies and marketers
      • Cross-platform widgets
      • Engaging content with a set of dynamic components
      • Accountability across all touchpoints
      • Convenience and control right down to the pixel
      • Proven with blue-chip agencies and marketers
  • 24. Thank You [email_address] 650.270.4309