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Portugal Results

  1. 1. Portugal Youth's leisure and living conditions among students in the EU member states
  2. 2. Female Male 53,85% 46,15% 1. Gender?
  3. 3. 2. Age?
  4. 4. Portugal Spain 92,31% 7,69% 3. Which country do you live in?
  5. 5. Climate Governement No Religion 69,23% 15,38% 7,69% 7,69% 7,69% 4. Are there any special factors in your country that affect your possibilities to practise any activities? Tradition
  6. 6. No Don’t Know U.S.A If it would snow I would do ski or ice skating 5. Do you believe that your leisure would have been different if you would have lived in another country?
  7. 7. Yes No Don’t Know 6. Do you believe the government considers youth's leisure and health as something important to put money on?
  8. 8. No Don’t Know Health Care 7. Has the time for leisure changed anything the last couple of years?
  9. 9. No, not much as I want Yes 8. Do you think you have enough leisure?
  10. 10. We have a lot of differents activities Some, but we want more Nothing 9. Does your city range different leisure pursuit?
  11. 11. No 10. Do you have a part-time job?
  12. 12. Not much, we can do whatever we want to. Sometimes it can have an affect, but not something worth to mention. It does have an affect; it limits us to do different activities. 38.46% 11. How does the climate of your country affect your leisure?
  13. 13. Yes, certain things we can't do because of our religion. Yes, certain things we can't do because of our religion. 84.62% 12. Does your religion affect your leisure?
  14. 14. Better economy More time Less classes Better facilities 13. What could make your leisure better?
  15. 15. At Home At friends houses Out, with my friends Others 14. Where do you spend most of your leisure?
  16. 16. Yes, the ordinary youth don't afford to be in an organized sport association. 38.46% No, almost everyone are members of a sport association, club etc Sometimes, it depends on what sport you want to practise. 15. Does it consider being expensive to be a member of a sport association?
  17. 17. 16. Which are the 5 most popular leisure activities for you? Cinema Listenig to music Going to the Mall Spend time by the computer Watch TV 76.92% 69,23% 53,85% 61,54% 53,85%
  18. 18. 17. What type of music do you listen? 53,85% 38,46% 30,77% 30,77% 30,77% 7,69% 15,38%
  19. 19. 18. What type of books do you like? Romance Drama Horror None Comedy Triller Epics 46,15% 53,85% 23,08% 15,38% 15,38% 15,38% 30,77%
  20. 20. Horror Musicals Drama Thriller Comedy Romance Epics 69,23% 38,46% 46,15% 30,77% 15,38% 15,38% 61,54% 19. What type of films do you like?
  21. 21. No Yes Some 20. Do sports have a big influence on your leisure?
  22. 22. None 10h or more per week 6-10h per week 3-6H per week 0-3h per week 21. How much time of your leisure are physical activities e.g. sports?
  23. 23. I don't like sports I don't have time 22. If your answer was NONE, what's the main reason why you don't practice?
  24. 24. 23. Which sports do you practice? None Rugby Football Table-Tennis Basketball Airsoft Cannoyng Baseball Swimming Skating Tennis Voleyball Riding
  25. 25. 24. Why do you practice this specific sport? My friends influenced me Always wanted to do
  26. 26. 25. Are there any of these sports that are in a minority in your country? Ski Darts Skating Baseball Windsurf Rugby Cannoyng Ice-Hockey
  27. 27. Doing nothing important Being with my friends and just taking it easy. 26. How does your Friday night look like?