Child Slavery, Social Studies
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Child Slavery, Social Studies






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Child Slavery, Social Studies Child Slavery, Social Studies Presentation Transcript

  • Child Slavery
  • My Essential Question
    • If child slavery continues how will it affect Africa?
  • Why I Chose This Topic
    • I chose this topic because I wanted to learn more about how child slavery works, who’s involved, and how much better kids have it in the United States than in Africa.
  • What I Already Knew
    • Parents sell their kids into slavery.
    • Parents are bribed thinking their kids are going to a nice family and educated.
    • You get whipped or beaten if they disobey there owner.
  • How many slaves are in Africa and is it illegal?
    • Over 200,000 children work as slaves in central and west Africa.
    • Even though its illegal in Africa it is still very common.
  • How do children become part of slavery?
    • Some kids are sold for as little as $14.
    • Brokers scout for children among poor families in rural areas.
    • Brokers also persuade the kids parents saying they will have a good education or going to live with a wealthy family.
    • Some children are kidnapped right outside of their houses.
  • How do Slaves Live?
    • The slaves face very harsh living conditions and are unable to see their families.
    • Farmers operating cocoa farms are paid so little that they turn to slave labor usually with children.
    • The children are not paid, they are forced to stay locked up at night, beaten and killed for doing a bad job or trying to escape.
  • How are the slaves transported?
    • Many people die in transportation.
    • 400 people were found aboard a boat anchored in Continuo harbor
    • When a ship carrying hundreds of people that was recently turned away from Benin, Africa officials suspect slaves.
    • Millions of men, woman, and children, roughly twice the population of Rhode Island are being held against their will as modern day slaves.
  • What Countries Sell Slaves?
    • Countries at the front of the line in slavery include, Benin, Gabon, Nigeria, Cameroon, Togo, and Cote d’Ivoire.
    • Sometimes referred to as bonded laborers, UNICEF estimated that 200,000 children from west and central Africa are sold every year.
  • What Surprised Me
    • That so many African kids are sold into slavery every year.
    • How bad their living conditions are.
  • Questions I Still Have
    • Is it against the law to own a slave or just to sell them?
  • Resources
    • http://