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  • 1. Aggregatortravelsites
  • 2. 1. Definition
    Aggregators are handy tools that pack a lot of travel search engine punch. Rather than trying to find travel search engine sites and then leaping from one to another, use an aggregator, like Kayak, to search for discount airfare, hotel, car, packages and even cruise prices.
  • 3. 2. Comparison
  • 4. the target audience
    • men and womenbetween 20 and 45 yearsold
    • 5. fromnumerous countries all over the world
    • 6. looking for leisuretravels
    • 7. familiarwith blogs
    • 8. men and womenbetween 20 and 60 yearsold
    • 9. fromnumerous countries all over the world
    • 10. looking for leisuretravels
  • aggregator site’s benefits
    • compare prices on numeroustravel sites
    • 11. reservations for hotels, flights, cars, packages
    • 12. newsletters
    • 13. easy to use
    • 14. proposes a blog
    • 15. MobiFriends (buildcommunity spirit)
    • 16. MobiShare (travelexperiences sharing)
    • 17. easy to use
    • 18. proposes cruises
    • 19. reverse auction (« Buzz »)
    • 20. advantages for +55 yearsold people
  • booking sites
  • partners
    Each site proposes the followingkinds of partnerships
  • 3. How do travel experts feel about meta search travel sites?
    In most of the sites I went on, meta search engines are welcome by experts and consumers as a relevant tool, easy to use of offering the best price in a few clic.
    But expert of tourism can fear the influence of such a tool on customers’ choice. Indeed, when using MTE, the most important criteria is the price.
  • 38. 4. My perspective on the contribution of meta search sites
    According to me, metasearchtravel sites are likely to replace OTAscurrent place. Indeed, people are likely to use directly MTE, which are easy to use and fast, thangoing on OTAs.
    Some figures on show that meta search engines have eclipse 10 million monthly users by the summer of 2007.