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Podcamp Seattle Preso - Sterling Communications
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Podcamp Seattle Preso - Sterling Communications


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Presentation by Kevin Pedraja and Chris Warfield of Sterling Communications at PodCamp Seattle on June 21, 2008

Presentation by Kevin Pedraja and Chris Warfield of Sterling Communications at PodCamp Seattle on June 21, 2008

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Communications in an Always-On World Kevin Pedraja Chris Warfield PodCamp Seattle June 21, 2008
    • 2. Getting to know you
    • 3. Setting the Stage
      • The “always-on” mentality is changing the marketing and PR landscape
      • You have to expand your toolset to reach audiences where they live
      • Familiarity and dexterity with social media is a requirement for marketing today
      • The only constant is change
    • 4. The Always-On World
      • Technology and services are cheap, everywhere, evolving
      • Expectation of continuous/convenient access to information
      • Constant connection with family, friends, interests
      • Information overload/signal to noise
    • 5. The Always-On “Generation”
      • Use social networks, blogs, podcasts, wikis, etc. to get and share information … and make decisions
      • Mobile
      • Enthusiasts/evangelists/critics
      • Fickle
      • NOT just young anymore
    • 6. What are they doing online?
      • People now spend twice as much time online vs. watching TV
      • Social networks: MySpace 110 mil. users, Facebook 80 mil., LinkedIn 20 mil.
      • Internet Video: 11 B illion views per month
      • Blogs: 128 million
      • Podcasts: 28 million listeners (est. 2008)
      • User reviews: ? (lots and lots…)
    • 7. Who Do You Trust?
      • We are our own best sources of info
      • No longer just talking at influencers
      • Real-time conversation
      • Affinity/Interest relationships cross subject lines
      • Authenticity is essential
      “ Person like yourself or your peer” is seen as the most credible spokesperson about a company and among the top three spokespeople in every country surveyed. -Edelman 2006 Trust Barometer
    • 8. Reaching The Right Audience
      • Social media is a tactic , not a strategy
      • Still have to capture interest, tell a compelling story
      • Audiences are self-selecting, so don’t waste their time
      • Reward enthusiasm with support; don’t hide from criticism
    • 9. Examples
      • Will it Blend
      • Dell IdeaStorm
      • Starbucks MyStarbucksIdea
      • Urban Spoon
    • 10. Death of the News Cycle
    • 11. Always-On PR
      • Objectives are the same: create
      • visibility, awareness, influence,
      • preference , but…
      • New channels for outreach
      • Immediacy
      • Expectation of 2-way conversation
      • Personalization/segmentation/community
      • “ Virality”
      • Transparency
      • Reach
    • 12. “ Oh look, shiny…”
      • Remember: 1) people are lazy 2) people like shiny things
      • Do the work for them and they will love you for it
      • Aggregate
      • Cheap video is good video
      • Free is better
      • Go link crazy
    • 13. What’s Next?
      • Who knows?
      • Listen and learn
      • Keep asking questions
      • Challenge the dominant paradigm
      • Eat leafy greens