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Connection Marketing Presentation Details Bw

  1. 1. NO DOCUMENTATION 80% Transaction To Value By utilizing the American PropertyTrust, we are able to offer a no documentation 80% transaction to value purchase program to the applicant. Therefore, every applicant will usually be approved regardless of credit score or their ability to prove income and employment. 1
  2. 2. The American PropertyTrust Is a revolutionary innovative program that provides a means for end users and investors to acquire the property of their choice. When conventional or sub prime lenders decline, APT will usually make the deal become reality. 2
  3. 3. The American PropertyTrust APT program is provided by MFI Corporation (Multi-Faceted Innovations) of Atlanta, Georgia. MFI was founded in 1988 and is active in a variety of industries. They are not a lender or broker; rather they harbor an investor group consisting of more than 5000 private investors worldwide. 3
  4. 4. The APT Program Is provided through the resources of European private investors as opposed to banks or U.S. investors. In furthering our mission, the foremost focus is placed on the property being acquired, not on who is acquiring it. Therefore, every applicant will usually be approved regardless of credit score or their ability to prove income and employment. 4
  5. 5. The APT Programs Are not for everyone. Anyone able to secure a mortgage loan would be advised to do so. The APT program may translate into a higher cost to the applicant. 5
  6. 6. Acceptable Property Types Alm s a re id ntia o c m e ia p p rty o t ny s e l r o m rc l ro e lo a d thro ho thew rld c te ug ut o , ( P ha ep e$ 0 ,0 0o hig r.) urc s ric 5 0 0 r he •Re id ntia Sing Fa ily Re id nc s s e l le m s e e •Re id ntia C nd m s e l o o inium s •Re id ntia To nho e s e l w ms •Va a La (Mus ha a p ve e s te y) c nt nd t ve p ro d xit tra g •Re il C nte ta e rs •Offic Build s e ing •Se Sto g Fa ilitie lf ra e c s •Ho ls te •Re o s rts •C nd /Ho l Units o o te •Ap rtm nt C m le s a e o p xe •C m e ia o m rc l/Bus s P p rtie ine s ro e s 6 •Inve tm nt P p rtie s e ro e s
  7. 7. Our Investors APT transactions are funded by private investors. For each application received, a separate investor is sourced. APT transactions are full-disclosure. Multiple parcels may be grouped into a single application. 7
  8. 8. General Property Acquisition The APT Transaction is NOT a loan, and in no way should it be construed as a loan. However, certain aspects of an APT transaction are structured similar to a loan or mortgage in that the applicant is required to pay monthly amortized payments and an interest rate that is determined by the International Investor. The APT transaction general property acquisition program, requires a payment by the applicant of 20% of the purchase price. 8
  9. 9. Once an application is received, the international investor is sourced, and an approval issued. documents are then prepared and executed by all parties. At closing, two (2) separate transactions are executed to conclude the acquisition of the property. First, the International Investor purchases the property and the property is titled to the International Investor. Second, within approximately 24 – 48 hours following the closing by the International Investor, it conveys title of the property to a specially created Trust and simultaneously the trust conveys to the applicant, a first option to acquire the property from the Trust at an agreed upon purchase price. This purchase price is referred to as the trust balance . 9
  10. 10. Once the deed is conveyed to the trust, the property is owned by the trust. Neither the international investor, nor the applicant share in the ownership of the property at that time, however, the applicant will be conveyed an option to purchase the property from the trust at any time prior to seven (7) years. The time frame associated with the closing (s) is determined exclusively by the international investor. The trust is managed by a duly assigned fiduciary. This is typically the attorney retained by our underwriter to conduct this portion of the transaction. 10
  11. 11. The monthly payments on the trust balance are amortized much in the same way a mortgage loan is amortized. When the applicant exercises his option to purchase the property back from the trust , all payments made to date will be credited to the trust balance in the same way payments are credited to the principal balance of a mortgage loan. The only way an applicant may lose the property is by defaulting on the monthly trust payments, much in the same way a mortgage loan default would work. Remember, this transaction is NOT a mortgage loan 11
  12. 12. APT Benefits APT trust transactions do not require qualifying credit or proof of income and employment. No Personal Guarantee 25-30-Year Amortization Owner-Occupancy or Investor Properties Local appraisers are preferred No balance sheet reporting 12
  13. 13. APT Benefits Applicants of APT programs must be agreeable to a higher cost in connection with acquiring their property. Yet others are specific to this program: 13
  14. 14. Cost Factor The APT analysis fee is charged to locate and place the transaction with a private investor. It serves no other purpose. It is paid directly to American Property Trust at the same time the application is submitted. It is refundable only in the event that the application is not approved or if the transaction cannot be completed on account of the APT sourced investor. 14
  15. 15. Cost Factor The appraisal fee is contingent on the willingness of the seller to carry this expense. If payable, it is paid directly to the appraiser. The sourced investor may or may not accept a dated appraisal. Properties zoned commercial typically require an MAI appraisal. In any case, it is the sourced investor that has the final word on appraisal issues. 15
  16. 16. Cost Factor The cash consideration represents the amount of money that the applicant must provide to complete the transaction. These funds must be in the form of cash. Equity in any property may not substitute for cash consideration. Cash consideration funds will be placed in a title escrow account and will be released at closing. 16
  17. 17. Cost Factor The investor fee is what the investor charges to perform on a qualifying transaction. It is a small price to pay for an enormous individual commitment on the part of the sourced investor. The exact amount of the investor fee is determined by the transaction size and the amount the investor has approved. It is not possible to determine in advance of submitting an application where the investor fee will precisely come in. Therefore, applicants should base their decision to apply on the maximum investor fee of 5-15%. The investor fee is not paid out-of-pocket. It is rolled into the trust balance . 17
  18. 18. Cost Factor The closing costs incurred by the APT sourced investor in connection with purchasing the property is passed onto the applicant. It is not possible to itemize the exact costs in advance, though they will be detailed prior to completion of the transaction. Applicants that need this information prior to applying for the APT program should not apply. Generally, closing costs will not exceed 5% of the transaction value and may at the discretion of the sourced investor be rolled-into the trust balance 18
  19. 19. Cost Factor Applicants should apply for an APT approval only if they are agreeable to the potential fees involved, only some of which are known prior to the submission of an application. 19
  20. 20. Estimated Transaction Fees & Costs *** Application Fees (Non-Refundable): CMI Application Fee Residential Properties $ 1,000 Commercial Properties $ 3,500 *** Investors Analysis Fee (Per Property) (Fully Refundable if application denied) $3,000 Processing Fee (Based on Total Transaction Amount) 2% Appraisal Fee (If Required by Sources Investor) $1K - $6K Consulting Fee (Based on Total Transaction Amount) 1 %+ Investor Fee (Based on Total Transaction Amount) 5 % - 15 % Transaction Closing Costs (Based on Total Transaction Amount) 4%-7% Cash Consideration (Based on Total Transaction Amount) 20 % ***Application fee and Investors fee due at application 20
  21. 21. Approval Requirements It is sometimes difficult to adjust to the idea that an applicant will be approved regardless of credit score, income, job status verification. This, however, is definitely the case, as APT programs are not loans and money is not being borrowed. APT does not evaluate the applicant beyond personal character references. Instead, the property and appraised value are the central focus. As long as minimal requirements are met, the application will usually be approved by an sourced investor. 21
  22. 22. Approval Requirements Cash consideration required just 20% of the transaction amount 3 character references Stated income indicating that the applicant can afford monthly trust payments. APT analysis fee and CMI Fee submitted with application. 22
  23. 23. Approval Requirements For each application resulting in an APT approval, an approval letter will be provided. APT approvals expire one (1) year from the date they are issued. If a property on a pending application is withdrawn for any reason, a new property may be submitted as a replacement during the approval period of one year. In this case a new analysis fee is not required. 23
  24. 24. Investment Properties with the APT program. Cash Consideration is also required This amount is 20% of the transaction amount plus sourced investor fee. It is credited to the transaction in a similar way that a down payment is credited on a real estate purchase. The transaction cash consideration is submitted after an approval is issued. 24
  25. 25. Investment Properties The total out-of-pocket expense is limited to the APT analysis fee, CMI application fee, cash consideration and closing costs not exceeding 5%. Properties needing advance funds for construction may require double cash consideration. 25
  26. 26. Investment Properties Cash Consideration has only one of two possible final destinations. In the event of a successful closing the funds are released to the sourced investor. If a closing does not take place on account of the investor or due to a cancellation on the applicant side, the funds are returned to the original submitter. 26
  27. 27. Application Processing The following steps take place in connection with the processing of an APT general property acquisition application: 2. Application fee is received by CMI. 3. Analysis fee is received by APT. 4. Applicant references are verified. 5. Investor is sourced. 6. Formal approval is issued. 7. Approval letter is provided. 8. Consideration is submitted. 9. File is submitted to investor for funding. 27
  28. 28. Closing Process The Investor completes pre-funding due diligence. This occurs at the sole expense of the investor. The investor executes the property purchase agreement immediately prior to scheduling a closing date. Trust agreements are sent to Applicant for approval. Closing is scheduled and completed to purchase the property by the sourced investor. Title conveyance to the trust follows within 24-48 hours later. Trust issues option to Applicant to purchase property from the trust within 7 years 28
  29. 29. The Trust While the sourced investor in fact purchases the property and the property is titled to the sourced investor, the actual property is conveyed to the trust with the applicant receiving first option. The term of the trust is 7 years. The applicant may choose to cash out of the trust any time prior to then. After 7 years, the trust must be settled or re-initiated. 29
  30. 30. Analysis Fee Refund Policy In the event that APT does not approve an application, the associated APT analysis fee is refundable, providing the applicant signs a general cancellation form release. Equally, if the sourced investor is unwilling or unable to complete the transaction, the analysis fee is also refundable. The APT analysis fee is non-refundable in the event that APT approves the application and the sourced investor is willing to complete the transaction. 30
  31. 31. Summary When carefully examined, the APT program is seamless and easy to convey. In fact, the processing of an APT application and closing is by far speedier and less complex than financing via a mortgage loan. The APT program is not exclusively suitable for individuals with poor credit. Interestingly, many of the applicants we receive are of excellent credit standing, but prefer a discreet acquisition process with a minimal paper trail. 31
  32. 32. Connection Marketing International, LLC • Contact : Allen DeVille • Office 239-896-7198 • Contact: Steven Rosh • Office 859-391-4556 • Contact: Michael Sutherland • Office 321-223-5067 • Support: • Office 877-430-3594 • Fax 239-236-0424 32