Evaluation 2


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Evaluation 2

  1. 1. Evaluation 2
  2. 2. The two magazines
  3. 3. posture <ul><li>This was the image that influenced me the most when taking a picture for my front cover so I took this image and used it but with a little difference the two pictures have almost identical poses as both are crouching down which I wanted to bring into my magazine front cover I like this pose as it shows the artist as looking down on us the reader and making them look superior I thought this would help with the use of genre on the front cover as this is a very stereotypical look for a pose in a hip hop magazine so I thought I would include this pose for my front cover as I felt this is important for the reader to recognize what magazine this is without having to read it. Both poses are almost the same however Vibes seems to be more in the cameras way looking more serious than mine </li></ul>
  4. 4. gesture <ul><li>The gesture I feel is very important to my image as it is using a very stereo typical look within the genre as in question one I described how most of hip hop magazines will show a artist and the gesture will be will be looking at the camera with a bad attitude look, if I use a look that is not this it could confuse the reader and make them not notice what kind of magazine it is so I choose to follow this route to make my magazine look more authentic my image has chosen to just get a attitude pose but Vibes has use more detail with shadow to make the artist look more menacing. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Shot type <ul><li>The angle of both shots are very low almost on the floor this makes the artist look like they are better than us and are above us and making us look weak this image is more of an alternative image as apart from the Vibe magazine I have not seen anyone else use this type of angle as most other angles will be straight at head height looking directly at the artist at normal level I choose to use mine differently as my image gave more of a serious look as well as making the artist look better than us which helps with getting a good image of a artist and if this pose is used it will make the reader think why is he better than me and could make them read on to find out why he can pose like that. </li></ul>Low angle looking up
  6. 6. Shot type <ul><li>The shot type of my is a low angle medium shot which is almost identical to Vibe magazine I used this shot because it shows almost all of the artist and showing all of their pose and all of the artist I feel this is better than the close ups as it only shows a certain part of the artist usually the face. </li></ul>
  7. 7. lighting <ul><li>The lighting between the two pictures are very different as my one uses natural light from outside which is very different in compared to Vibes at they have used bug studio lights above them to make shadows on the face of the artist and make the pictures look very glossy even though this is very stereotypical I chose to use natural as it make the image look more raw which is adding to the urban feel of the magazine and with having a natural look to a image the images look more sharp and better quality I felt this was important to use as the reader will see the difference in quality and may opt to by my magazine rather than one of a similar genre. </li></ul>
  8. 8. costume <ul><li>The costumes of the two pictures are nothing alike both use jeans but Vibes uses very stereotypical cloths with the use of a very baggy t shirt and more importantly all of the ‘bling’ used this makes the artists look more authentic to the genre but for my image I choose not to use it as it would make my character look more of a cliché rapper, I choose to use the cloths of a leather jacket and headphones this makes the artist look more real than fake which is adding to a more raw urban look to my magazine rather than a glossed up ‘Hollywood’ rapper. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Hair <ul><li>Hair in the images is not really shown but to compensate both images uses its own method of covering their head in my image the hood is up I used this as it will look more authentic with the pose and gestures as well as adding to the pose with the attitude making the artist looking more menacing however in Vibes magazine the artists are using a more traditional look with the use of a baseball cap which is very stereotypical look for a rapper but I choose to do different because I wanted to make my artist look more such as real straight off the streets. </li></ul>