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Trends in video games amongst influential game players; male vs. female Xbox gameplay; XBLA success stories; online games; WoW; Age of Conan; increasing social, global game population.

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Video Game Trends

  1. 1. Trends in Video Gaming Or, Can Videogames End War? Boston Post Mortem September 10, 2008 Jon Radoff, CEO, GamerDNA Inc.
  2. 2. Trends in Video Gaming Who plays games? Where do they play? How do they play? Will games change culture?
  3. 3. Stereotypes of gamers are either unflattering…
  4. 4. Or simply driven by a desire to categorize…
  5. 5. Gamers are not a media category. Games are played by everyone.
  6. 6. Couples
  7. 7. Parents with children
  8. 8. People of all ages can play Photo credit: Flickr/rachelvorhees
  9. 9. Everyone grows up with games
  10. 10. Games are no longer limited to any type of person. Games are mainstream.
  11. 11. How GamerDNA Spots Trends On, players tell us what, when and how they play. Over 250,000 people have created profiles—the largest real-time panel of influential gamers available today. User generated: psychographics, Annotations, stories, experiences
  12. 12. What games do influential women gamers play?
  13. 13. Women Xbox Owners who are active on the Web…
  14. 14. Versus Men…
  15. 15. Games are becoming more social—and social dynamics drive game adoption.
  16. 16. Social Interaction drives marketing Braid started smaller, but grew faster on a larger number of totally new players each day. Was player-to-player word-of-mouth the driver?
  17. 17. Day 1 Audience: GTA4 On the first day of release, 29% of gamerDNA members with an Xbox 360 had already played GTA IV.
  18. 18. Players per Day – GTA IV
  19. 19. Players per Day – Call of Duty IV
  20. 20. Old media is converging with new games.
  21. 21. Guitar Hero III – Players per Day
  22. 22. Rock Band – Players per Day
  23. 23. Rock Band vs. GH3 Are the more social elements of Rock Band contributing to the increased attention it is receiving?
  24. 24. World of Warcraft, a deeply social game, now has over 10 million players.
  25. 25. What do WoW players also play? 3/4 of top games also played by WoW players feature deep social play.
  26. 26. Bartle Psychographic Categories Quiz taken about 500K times
  27. 27. MMORPG Methadone? Player activity dropped sharply in Age of Conan within a month of launch… But a relatively small number of people went back to WoW.
  28. 28. Where ex-Age of Conan players went In raw numbers, more people picked up an FPS title than MMORPG titles after leaving Age of Conan.
  29. 29. A Game Center in Indonesia
  30. 30. Johannesburg
  31. 31. A “bang” in Korea
  32. 32. The idea that games can unite cultures is not new…
  33. 35. Online gamers are forming friendships that defy geography
  34. 36. The future Olympics?
  35. 37. Megatrends in Video Gaming … and more global Gamers are more diverse Games are more social… … more online
  36. 38. Megatrends in Video Gaming Thank you! Jon Radoff, CEO, GamerDNA Inc. Email: jradoff {AT} Gamertag: Taerinth
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