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Metals bro.0413


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  • 1. Metals Industry Solutions
  • 2. Metals Industry Solutions Driving Productivity.  Ferrous and non-ferrous  Initial startup to predictive maintenence repairs  Driving  Support by phone 24/7 Performance or onsite in hours  High performance drives to Ut alitas none reiciditatur aceptae nos velibusto dolutem am quidem. Oribus, quuntiust vellab imusa dolor aut as aped. complete process automation Profit from Avtron’s Experience The Avtron Metals Team serves the global metals industry by working directly with mills and mill equipment builders to improve productivity in new and existing facilities. Whether the project is a line upgrade Boosting Productivity — Reducing Costs with high performance drives or installation of a complete process automation system, Avtron can handle the project – regardless of Aging and overworked mill equipment causes low throughput and who made the original equipment. Since 1953, we have been helping breakdowns that are much too frequent. The resulting maintenance worldwide industry solve productivity problems and reduce costs with costs are bad enough, but they are only the tip of the iceberg innovative drive systems and related automation products. compared to lost revenue and profits due to poor product quality, increasing downtime, and reduced output. With decades of experience as the manufacturer and systems integrator of Westinghouse metals industry drives, Avtron is uniquely Added to these headaches are difficulties in getting parts and mill qualified to supply process line drive and automation solutions. equipment serviced because the original manufacturers may no We designed the first Digital Front End (DFE) for drive systems, and long make that equipment or supply parts for it. Even when parts are custom electronics for industry leaders such as GE and Reliance available, technical data and service personnel may not be available Electric. We form close partnerships with mill builders to understand from that OEM. Struggling with a repair, upgrade, or retrofit because their mechanical designs and how best to control them. Our advanced of poor support will extend downtime all the more. electrical drive technology complements their technology.
  • 3. Metals Industry Solutions  Avtron can get Keep output rolling mill operation even in the face of aging back to peak or overworked equipment.  performance. Iron & Steel Flat Products Flat Products Flat Products Long Products We Supply Productivity Production Hot Rolling Cold Rolling Cold Finishing Rolling Today, Avtron offers a comprehensive range of automation • Blooming Mills • Reversing Mills • Leveling Lines • Merchant Mills products, systems, and services for new and existing mills – • Blast Furnace Skip Hoist ferrous and non-ferrous: • Hot Strip Mills • Tandem Mills • Coating Lines • Bar and Rod Mills • BOF & BOP • Skin Pass/ • Steckel Mills • Slitting Lines • Tube Mills  Turnkey Installations Vessel Tilt Temper Mills • Plate Mills • Cut-to-Length  Level 1 and 2 Automation Systems • Slab, Billet, and Lines Bloom Casters • Pickle Lines  System Engineering/PLCs/HMIs  Mechanical Mill Modifications  Digital DC and AC Drives and Systems  Field and Factory Service and Training Front to Back Mill Experience Ut alitas none The Avtron Metals Team has automation and drive equipment In close cooperation with globaly based mill builders, Avtron has To supply the right solution, our engineers dig deeply into underlying reiciditatur aceptae experience in all areas of a mill, from melt shop to hot and cold supplied some of the largest DC bridges for revamping rolling mills issues that destroy productivity, such as downtime, maintenance, nos velibusto dolutem am quidem. Oribus, rolling. We provide an American-made option for high performance in the industry. Our system architecture emphasizes off-the-shelf product quality, throughput, safety, control, and lack of flexibility. quuntiust vellab imusa drives and sophisticated process equipment. From single-stand to products that seamlessly integrate with existing plant systems. We Avtron engineers work with you to answer the tough questions: dolor aut as aped. multi-stand continuous tandem rolling mills, we supply electric drives, supply replacements and upgrades for all the major OEMs, including:  What equipment can be kept and what really process diagnostic monitoring systems, and other process automation equipment that improve productivity and quality in the finished  Obsolete GE drive systems such as the Silcomatic, Silco, Siltrol, needs to be replaced? product. For example: and DC2000 Drives  How can we upgrade or replace equipment By answering questions like these, we quote exactly what’s needed for the best results. But that’s only the beginning; our experienced  PLC-based HGC & AGC regulates the thickness of the strip  Retrofits for Reliance drive systems such as the MaxLine, with minimum disruption? project managers work hard to ensure the successful implementation MaxPak, and AutoMAX™ system  Should we install a digital retrofit or an entirely new drive?  Shape and flatness controls optimize strip quality of every mill project – on time and on budget. They will be deeply  Upgrades for other drive equipment, including Ansaldo,  Which will be the most cost effective, an AC or DC drive? involved with scheduling, engineering, manufacturing, coordinating  Custom rolling models improve surface quality and yields Westinghouse, Siemens, and ABB product shipments, creating documentation, and training. During during product changes installation and commissioning, they help expedite startup by making Avtron’s system solutions have proven we are the uptime and  Roll eccentricity compensation results in performance experts in North American and Asian mills. Generally, sure integration testing is coordinated, and that installation and unparallel performance supervisory personnel are familiar with the system’s operation. the system architecture uses “off the shelf” products that seamlessly integrate with existing plant systems. Our “Limited System” upgrades are cost-effective, easy to install, and designed for zero downtime. They can get a mill operating at peak performance for a fraction of the cost of an all-new system.
  • 4. Metals Industry Solutions  Avtron improves Inefficient operations line control and and troubleshooting?  diagnostics. High-Productivity Processing Lines Avtron Systems with Powerful Diagnostics Process Automation System For treating and conditioning cold rolled aluminum and flat steel Avtron provides superior product quality and systems of unparalleled products, Avtron supplies the latest drive and control technologies for reliability, with the engineering capacity to design the system best processes such as pickling, annealing, skin passing, galvanizing and suited for your application. The biggest gains in productivity and color coating. To meet the productivity and quality demands on these finished product quality are often attributed to the automation lines, Avtron designs its high-performance drives and controls in a way system. Avtron PV (Performance View) automatically records events, that enables operators to supervise complex processes efficiently and status bits, drive values, and PLC data from the controllers on the control an entire inline operation. Avtron systems feature: wiring. It also allows you to upgrade all or part of a drive system – as it process line. fits your mill schedule and budget. By upgrading a mill in sections, it’s  Ergonomically designed Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) possible to complete an upgrade in a few hours of regularly scheduled Avtron’s PV can collect 768 analog inputs and 9728 logic inputs with that increase operator efficiency maintenance downtime. Along with its DFE, Avtron supplies firing up to 10ms resolution. Coupled with a large number of inputs, this  Temperature control systems for continuous lines that modules, transformers, and field wiring as needed for upgrades. Its increases the likelihood of catching the fault the first time it occurs. PV regulate the structure of a strip Advanced Motor-Generator Set Controller (AMG) delivers process software then makes it easy to reduce this data to useful information, performance improvements worthy of a completely new drive system. rapidly isolating the problem and pointing to its solution.  Dynamic drives and AC motors that reduce maintenance and improve uptime Avtron also has extensive experience upgrading M-G sets. We provide  High-speed process control platforms for optimum control digital solutions for motor and generator field power supplies up to 510A DC. The forcing algorithms in our regulator allow performance Ut alitas none close to static drives. For series and parallel M-G set applications, we reiciditatur aceptae Drives and Automation supply automatic load sharing and other advanced controls. nos velibusto dolutem am quidem Avtron has been a pioneer in developing drives, motors, and controls for all kinds of mill processes, applying these products on both new projects and line upgrades. In addition to our drive manufacturing expertise, from fractional kW to MW sizes, our application engineers have a deep understanding of the effects that motors and driven equipment have on each other. This allows us to engineer controls for the best throughput, while avoiding the kind of drive operation that leads to maintenance problems and downtime. For instance, Avtron’s Digital Front End (DFE) controller provides distributed control functionality for optimum performance and cost- savings in mill upgrades. This DFE design generally allows you to retain existing motors, generators, and/or SCR power converters and field
  • 5. Metals Industry Solutions  Quick problem- Downtime eating solving keeps up your profits?  Avtron customers coming back. Industry-Best Service and Support Surveys consistently show that Avtron’s world-class service is a major Beyond service and support, service contracts are available, which reason customers keep coming back for solutions to their drive and can be customized and created at the time your Avtron equipment automation problems. or automation system is purchased. Service contracts can also be developed at any time during the life of your system. Under these  “Most important criteria are reliability, service, and cost; contracts, Avtron engineers and service experts can provide: Avtron has been great at all of these.”  “Avtron has very good products, product knowledge,  Retrofits/Modernization Engineering and their service is great.”  Commissioning/Startup  “These are very smart guys at Avtron and they always The reasons Avtron is a preferred provider of drive systems and  Training help us out.” process automation are many. We consistently deliver robust designs, supported by the engineers who created them, and backed by the  Inspection/Evaluation  “Other companies want to start charging us the minute we best field service in the industry. Avtron’s ISO 9001-certified project  Predictive/Preventive Maintenance need support; Avtron is more interested in helping us out.” management, engineering, and commissioning service teams provide  Power Quality Studies  “High quality products, good service, and cost.” assistance throughout each phase of a project.  Transient Analysis  “Good service and I’m impressed with what I’ve learned In addition to talented design engineers, a dedicated full-time  Testing about Avtron drive capabilities.” Customer Support Engineering Department is available to help  Repair customers maximize the use of their Avtron equipment. We maintain  Spare Parts a 24/7 toll-free emergency hotline, allowing many technical problems to be resolved by phone. If on-site service is required, our technical  Automation Program Revision Services coordinators quickly dispatch field service engineers and parts as required from the nearest location. Furthermore, we maintain a Program revision services provide software support on a strategically located warehouse with an extensive inventory of spares. contract basis to customers who have purchased automation In addition, many products and components are available within our systems from Avtron. This service allows customers to update large network of distributors. their software with new algorithms and process routines as conditions change on the plant floor. Avtron PV’s built-in teleservice feature connects our engineering and service centers via modem or VPN to your installation, making our concentrated resources available to your staff. This allows easier and faster troubleshooting and repair of a problem. It can also be used to establish “normal running conditions” as part of a Preventive or Predictive Maintenance Program.
  • 6. Metals Industry Solutions We’ll be your partner for driving performance. For world class drive systems, process automation, and unmatched service, call on the Avtron Metals Team: 7900 East Pleasant Valley Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44131 Telephone: 216-642-1230 Email: Or visit our website at
  • 7. For world class drive systems, process automation, and unmatched service, call on the Avtron Metals Team: 7900 E. Pleasant Valley Road, Cleveland, OH 44131 Telephone: (216) 642-1230 Email: For valuable reference information, request our Metals Industry Solutions CD