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Lawandorder Lawandorder Presentation Transcript

  • Law & Order
  • Nine Steps to Success in the Free Response Section of the A.P. Examination
  • The Crime Scene
  • 1. Take Inventory
  • 1. Take Inventory
    • Assess the crime scene and inventory all of the evidence.
    • List all relevant information that comes to mind about the topic at hand.
  • 2. The Prompt
  • 2. The Prompt
    • Develop a preliminary hypothesis.
    • Read the question carefully and determine exactly what the author is asking for.
  • 3. Brief Outline
  • 3. Brief Outline
    • Interview any witnesses.
    • Write down as much basic information as you can for further investigation.
  • Opening Arguments
  • 4. Thesis
  • 4. Thesis Statement “ Tell them what you are going to say, …” Make it arguable and be sure it can stand alone.
  • Question:
    • Should my students
    • high-light
    • their thesis statements?
    • No. It is a distraction and some readers find it patronizing.
  • 5. Set Scene
  • Presenting Your Case Your middle paragraphs
  • 6. The Evidence
  • 6. The Evidence
    • Three or more facts per argument
    • Develop logically & chronologically
    • Cite your sources
  • Question:
    • Is it wise to take a controversial position on a question?
    • Probably not . The readers do not know the student and such essays often read poorly.
  • 7. Idiot Paragraph
  • 7. Concession Statement Explain the fundamental argument of the defense attorney. Then refute it.
  • Editorial Comment
    • This is the second critical paragraph. A good concession statement demonstrates a command of an alternative view on the issue and allows for a smooth transition into the conclusion.
  • 8. Closing Arguments
  • 8. Closing Arguments Build on you concession statement and reiterate the strengths of your position.
  • The Intangibles
  • Burnish or …
    • “ You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
  • Common Errors
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Arrows / lines
    • Ink Color
    • Readers will expect your students to write properly and punish those who don’t
  • Common Errors
    • Arrogant or immature commentary
    • There is a time and a place for this. The A.P. Test is not one of these. Use good judgment.
  • Fatigue Factor
    • It is hard to describe how tired you get while reading these essays. Anything which acts as an irritant can adversely impact the score.