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  • 1. Vasco da Gama
    By: Rick Martell and Rebecca Randle
  • 2. Background Information
    -Born in about 1460 in Sines, Portugal
    -Died in 1524
    -His nationality was Portuguese
    -He probably attended school in the town of Évora
    -he became a naval officer in 1492
  • 3. Purpose of Expedition
    -to find a sea route to Asia
    -the land routes were blocked by the Ottoman Turks in 1453
    -the land routes were also blocked by wars along the way
  • 4. Route of Expedition
    -Crew size was 150 men
    -At the end of the voyage only 70 men were left
    -In 1498 sailed down south around South Africa and up north-east to Asia
    -Landed in Calicut and Goa, India in May, 1498
    -He returned to Portugal in August 1498
  • 5. Hardships Faced
    Scurvy broke out 2 times on his voyage once on the way there and once on the way back because of lack of fruit and vegetables
    The ships were separated off West Africa in a storm and reached Portugal at different times. Da Gama stopped in the Azores and finaly reached Libson on Sept 9, 1499
    • When the ruler in Mozambique came aboard he was expected to be honoured with valuable gifts, but all they could offer him was trinkets and clothing, so they will not let da Gama and his men come ashore to get water. Then da Gama lost his temper and fired at the Arabs
  • Other Notable Occurrences
    Vasco da Gama became a captain himself at the age of 20
    He got the chance to go to sea at the age of 15
    He killed many innocent Indians
    His flag was the Sao Gabriel
    The two other ships in the fleet were the Sao Rafael and the Berrio
    The forth larger vessel, the Sao Maria, was the store ship
    The Sao Maria was destroyed
    The Sao Rafael was beached on the coast of Africa, the the ship was set afire
    Only the Barrio and the Sao Gabriel made it home to Portugal
  • 6. Historical Contributions
    Found the first all water sea route Asia (India)
    Second person to round the Cape of Good Hope
    He was the first person to trade with Africa.
  • 7. QUIZTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 8. What was the Crew size of Vasco da Gama’s men?
  • 9. Answer
    b) 150 men! 
    a), c),d), are wrong 
  • 10. Bibliography
    -Bartolomeau Diaz and Vasco da Gama
    -Vasco da Gama, adventures in discovery
    -Clip Art
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