Making Real Money With Paid Surveys


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Making Real Money With Paid Surveys

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Making Real Money With Paid Surveys

  1. 1. Making Money with Paid Surveys Stop wasting any time; Make real money NOW Author: Shalini “If a 22 year old girl like me can make $1000 a month by spending just 2 hrs a day, YOU CAN do it too!” Webpage: Shalini Hubpages Email:
  2. 2. Here's a Story that I like Several years ago two friends, Bernard Haygood and Jimmy Glenn, were driving in the South Alabama foothills on a hot August day. They were thirsty, so Bernard pulled behind an old abandoned farmhouse with a water pump in the yard. He hopped out of the car, ran over to the pump, grabbed the handle and started pumping. After a moment or two of pumping, Bernard pointed to an old bucket and suggested to Jimmy that he get the bucket and dip some water out of a nearby stream in order to “prime” the pump. As all pumpers know, you must put a little water in the top of the pump to “prime” the pump and get the flow of water started. After a few minutes of pumping, Bernard worked up a considerable sweat. At that point he started asking himself just how much work he was willing to do for that water. He was concerned about the amount of reward he would receive for the amount of effort expended. After a time he said, “Jimmy, I don’t believe there’s any water in this well.” Jimmy replied, “Yes, there is, Bernard; in South Alabama the wells are deep and that’s good, because the deep well produces the good, clean, sweet, pure, best-tasting water of all.” Jimmy is also talking about life, isn’t he? The things we have to work for are the things we appreciate most. By now Bernard was getting hot and tired, so he threw up his hands and said, “Jimmy, there just isn’t any water in this well.” Jimmy quickly grabbed the pump handle and kept pumping as he said, “Don’t stop now, Bernard; if you do, the water will go all the way back down and then you’ll have to start all over again.” And suddenly the water started to flow. The two friends quenched their thirst and filled the nearby buckets for the people who may pass by later. And, they wrote a note near the pump, quot;Prime the pump. It works!quot; and continued their journey. That, too, is the story of life. There isn’t a human being in existence, regardless of age, sex, or occupation, who doesn’t occasionally feel he might as well “stop pumping” because there isn’t any water down there. So if you occasionally feel that way, it should be comforting to know that you’ve got lots of company. The message is clear. Whatever you’re doing, work at it with the right attitude and the right habits, but above all, keep at it with bulldog tenacity and persistence. Just as the flow of water is often one stroke away, the sweet taste of success and victory is often just over the hill or around the corner. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, student, housewife, laborer or salesperson, once you get the water flowing, it’s easy to keep it flowing with a little steady effort. really want. As you move to the top, remember the story of the pump. If you start pumping casually or half- heartedly, you will pump forever before anything happens. Pump hard to begin with and keep it up until you get that water flowing. Then a great deal will happen. Once the flow of water starts, just maintain that steady pressure and the time will come when the rewards will be so enormous that you’ll be getting what you want instead of having to want what you have. Forget all the hardships you faced so far. You are one stroke away from creating your cash flow.
  3. 3. Can you REALLY make MONEY with Paid Surveys? quot;Get paid for filling survey forms.quot; quot;Take part in our survey, Win a Car / iPod.quot; Just like you, I got bombarded with such countless offers that ask (tempt!) me to sign-up for 'paid survey' forums. They promise me that I can make from $20 to $90 per hour for filling online survey forms (without leaving home), to express my opinions without divulging any of my personal information. I had dismissed them as bogus and illegitimate, then I had few thoughts at the back of my mind. Could they be true? Can people really make money for taking part in online surveys? Do companies pay such large sums of money to get a customer's opinions? May be. According to old and modern age marketing principles, I had known that customer is the king. A customer can make or break a company by his / her choice. We have the buying power - YES, you and me. I have participated in some group studies even as a child for trying out free product samples (cornflakes, new flavoured chocolates) to convey my likeness and qualify for a 'lucky prize'. If you extend that conventional market survey, now the web has thrown open a multitude of opportunities for marketers to collect information from any target audience (customer group) without much overheads. Let me make this clear, now the process of surveying customers has become simple and very cost effective. The cost of surveying even a million people is almost zero with no need to print forms, employ field surveyors, pay for travel, food and pocket money etc. So, may be the corporates are willing to directly pay (a
  4. 4. fraction) to customers to collect opinions - the pay is still would be less than what they would have spent in employing field surveyors and other stationery's, travel etc. Now, we can conclude that there could be some genuine marketing agencies which actually pay for filling out online forms and expressing our opinions. Since there is so much easy money involved, like any other business, spam agencies jumped in and now I bet there could be 80% of illegal companies for the genuine 20%good companies. How do you find the genuine, repute companies that pay without cheating customers? That's all that makes you a winner or loser. Five Essential Things Paid surveys are , without any doubt, great opportunities for people who wants to work from home and earn extra money with little effort (other than reading and typing your answers) on your convenient time. These are usually conducted by many companies in relation to development of their new products. These companies recognize how you need to spend time and effort to answer their queries, so they pay you accordingly for answering them. Therefore, you really do get paid for surveys. Here are the five best tips to remember while you get started with earning money from quot;Paid Surveyquot; agencies. 1. Do NOT divulge any personal information: Never ever give any personal information - this is a RULE 1. No company is interested in knowing what is your street address and phone number. May be they would like to have your postcode or city name - that is enough for them. Do not use your personal email-ids. May be your email -id could fall into wrong hands and victimised to spams. Sign up with a throw-away email id and create one with Google or Yahoo exclusively for this purpose. 2. If anyone asks you money to participate, DON'T: Genuine companies pay to get your (customer's) opinions, remember? If someone asks you to pay to take part in surveys, show them your hand (or the finger).
  5. 5. 3. Invest in a course; Learn from experts: Time is money, if you agree or not. So, spend your time wisely. I have seen lot of my friends complained that they have lost countless hours of their hard labour in filling surveys that were conducted by bogus companies. Such companies get your responses and sell it to a higher rate to the companies, and you may not even get paid at all. So, invest in a good course and learn the insider's tips and tricks. Check below the best available course about quot;Making a successful income from Paid Surveysquot;. You can consider the $40 that you spend on such learning material as a good investment. 4. Know the Terms and Conditions: Yes, every survey opportunity comes with a certain terms and conditions. Marketers, sometimes, would like to have the opinions of a certain age group, nationality or geographical region. Read the fine print before you start filling the surveys. Obviously the people living in USA and Europe will have more number of survey opportunities than the people living in India or Pakistan. There is nothing against them, but 70% of the companies are based in USA and Europe. But, the trend is changing, as India, China are growing as the biggest consumer base for any company in the world. They can't simply ignore. 5. Keep an eye on Suspicious things: Bad things, deceptive opportunities and traps exist everywhere. So, open your eyes and smell for only good opportunities. That's why I ask you to invest in a good course that teaches you all the tricks and tips about paid surveys. It is worth every penny. And you can't ignore experience, you will get better as you progress. If you do not invest in learning from a course or from other experts, you will lose your precious hard work and time which could be well worth hundreds and thousands of dollars. As you start filling our surveys, you will get to differentiate between a legitimate survey agency and a untrustworthy one. Trust your own instincts in choosing the surveys and do not fall for the big bucks.
  6. 6. How do you get started? How do you get started? Where do you get all the survey databases? How do you find a legitimate survey offer quickly? How can you easily earn a steady monthly income from paid survey opportunities? Who will answer all these questions? Those who have got more experience and who have already made money. Here is the best online course that teaches all about making money with paid surveys in a quick way. of course, there is no free lunch, you have to invest a minimum of $40 for learning the secrets of the trade. Let me tell you one thing about the investment that you are going to make. If there is anyone giving you a free information on the web, it is going to be crap. When you pay, you get a quality product. When I invested in a paid survey course, I did borrow $60 from a friend. It was a risky thing, but now I am glad that I did make the first step. Here are the five best paid survey portals to get started, they will teach, provide opportunities for you. It is up to you to take them all or leave them on the table. Remember this universal truth: For the one who seek wealth, there is plenty available.
  7. 7. Five Best Courses:Choose Any one 1. Survey Scout: SurveyScout is the world's leading survey forum and a legitimate learning source to know all about earning through paid surveys. It is longest running forum and well known and has a great success record with good reputation. Their testimonials speak for themselves as they publish exclusive interviews from successful money makers through their forum and post publicly. You can even contact the experts to know about the insider's tips and tricks. SurveyScout offers cash (paid through cheque), free product samples and free credits that you can use in online stores. If you are a housewife, a stay-at-home mom, a student, retired, working full time, or just looking to make some extra cash, SurveyScout is the best, most trusted place to begin. You can sign up get access to all the quality learning materials right now from SurveyScout. Highly recommended by me. 2. Paid Survey Etc: PaidSurveysEtc is a new product that has recently come out in the market. But, the people who attended the course are already raving about their experience of earning their first $1000 in few weeks.The household mother of two kids has expressed her gratitude for providing an opportunity to make extra money without leaving her home (or children). PaidSurveysEtc not only teaches you how to succeed, but they carefully selects the best opportunities for you and they attach their credibility stamp to the offers. So, your effort and time spent is well worth. The opportunities include watching a trailer / new advertisement (commercial) and express your opinions, traditional online surveys and taking part in focus group online chat discussions (up to $150 per hour). Nothing to lose with PaidSurveysEtc. 3. Paid Surveys Online: Paid Surveys Online is another popular program that not only provides you the learning
  8. 8. resources, but they also maintain a tie-up over 700 marketing agencies who conduct surveys all the time for various interest groups. Paid Surveys Online offers even telephonic surveys, if you don't have Internet connection at home, and they provide passes and gift vouchers to actually go out and shop (how good is that?). You may even asked to watch few movie trailers and earn $5 to $70 to give your honest opinions about what you liked and what you didn't like. Here's the offers that you can not resist to take.You can sign up to Paid Surveys Online and immediately get paid $20 with their introduction survey (if you are lucky, you may find that offer even today). 4. Express Paid Surveys: Express Paid Surveys is a new portal that pays you from $20 to $70 an hour for filling out paid surveys and take part in discussion forums. They pay quicker than other competitors and they have a huge database of survey options to choose from. That means you can choose to devote your time based on your interests and the money you will get. Many of the paid surveys with this portal, pays you from $30 to $500 for a successful completion. With Express Paid Surveys, you will be mailed to try beauty care products and toys and you will get money for giving a honest review. After trying the product, it is yours too. Join with them and start earning a monthly income right now. Highly recommended by me. 5. Highest Paid Surveys: Sara was a mother of 3 children and she gave up her job to look after her children. Then she stumbled upon a new way to make money online. Yes, she discovered Highest Paid Surveys and joined with much suspicion. Yet after a week into the course, she become an expert and learnt the tricks of finding the best paid survey opportunities on the web and made $300 in her first 10 days. After a month, she peaked her earnings at a rate of $3000 a month and now she earns more than her husband. Now, her husband works only 3 days a week, so the couple can spend more time with their kids. Highly recommended by me. That's the advantage in learning anything well and the investments you make is worth every penny. Other Money Making Methods Making Real Money with Paid Surveys:5 Tips Earn at least $500 per month from Just Blogging Make Money with your Digital Camera Sell Photos and Make Money at FeaturePics Make Money with Digital Camera:Fotolia Review
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