Many Worlds


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Karnataka happens to be land of Silk, Sandlewood, Sculpture, Sea food & Scented agarbhattis.

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Many Worlds

  1. 1. Welcome to the world of Sandalwood, sculpture, silk and sea…..Karnataka One state……………….many worlds
  2. 2. The KSTDC trip to North Karnataka was a revelation, firstly it allowed us to getaway From Bangalore amidst cyclonic weather & secondly because of amazing co-passengers who made the 5 day trip thoroughly enjoyable.
  3. 3. Any successful trip should definitely have the blessings of Lord Ganesh according to Indian tradition….so all the passengers are keenly listening to the history dished out By the guide Ravi. This monument is known as Doddakalu Ganesh, which was difficult to be photographed during my earlier trip, due non availability of sunlight, see how bright It is even during winter, the sky opened up for us to shoot lovely pics on Sony W series
  4. 4. The detailing on the pillars on this monument is so amazing, that it can be called as the Culmination or zenith of artisans unparalled anywhere in the world. The dexterity & acumen displayed has to be seen to be believed, get out of the freezing climate, come and witness the gift of godly men….of the forgotten empire
  5. 5. This area on the Hemkunta hillock was the centre of activity for the architects, artisans, & the royalty to create multiple edifices to be cherished by future generations….He is Srinivas one of the amazing whizz kid responsible for a lovely trip…
  6. 6. Here is another wizard in photography BALU, trying out various angles at Hampi. He added zest along with Srinivas to the entire group while travelling
  7. 7. It was a mind-blowing or awesome experience to match your dress to suit the Monuments, please remember prime rulers of Vijayanagar empire Krishnadevaraya Was from Tuluva dynasty………wherein I hail from viz South Kanara
  8. 8. Virupakasha temple can be shot in 360 degrees and you will still end up with a great pic All the time, on this premise pooja is performed even today to keep the diety happy So that all the people return safely and spread the word of mouth…….to welcome Others to witness the extravaganza dished out by the Vijayanagar empire .
  9. 9. I found this monument to be of classic example of simplicity providing grand vision of The architect using nature and space….. For enhancing the beauty of landscape.
  10. 10. This monument has been cleared of the tourists staying put and creating ugly scene In terms of drying clothes and staying overnight etc…..It was a surprise development… The world heritage team is doing a wonder work to preserve the heritage……
  11. 11. Virupakasha temple tower
  12. 12. Cobra’s was worshipped as protector from enemies…….the royalty took care to provide A special place for even a poisonous snake.
  13. 13. One of the guides explains 3 hooded or headed bull with a single body and its Significance. This picture when shot individually does not seem impressive…..
  14. 14. The pinhole effect of the Virupaksha tower is featured on this wall panel, It is difficult to Capture this magnificent technology on camera…….every body is giving a trial to get The best shot….of the technology displayed by ancient architects.
  15. 15. This relic captures the quintessence of the golden era of Hindu era
  16. 16. Tribal displaying the skills of the present day artisan @ hampi bazaar…..earlier days The world’s best diamonds were traded here.
  17. 17. Ugra-Narashima was the family deity of the Vijaynagar kings which has been Salvaged Or spared the widespread vandalism……
  18. 18. Poor women’s phallus dedication……known as Badavi Linga.
  19. 19. Entrance of underground Shiva temple
  20. 20. Water enters the temple premises maybe to keep the air conditioned environs during Summer time for the royalty to visit and seek Lord Shiva's blessings.
  21. 21. French couple really seems to be enjoying their trip……with glowing faces, and relief @ escaping harsh winter @ PARIS.
  22. 22. The French couple shot our pics @ Elephant stables enclosure.
  23. 23. Children happily posing and walking away from Lotus Mahal
  24. 24. My wife wanted to dedicate Lotus Mahal……
  25. 25. She seems to missing the real beauty & elegance of this Ramayana panel
  26. 26. If only the world heritage trust can recreate the acqua duct it will a modern marvel…..
  27. 27. This stepped tank was assembled elsewhere piece by piece with each slab engraved……
  28. 28. Imagine how the trick photo was taken by wife……in next pic.
  29. 29. There you find shades of junior Rajnikanth…..checkout the angle closely.
  30. 30. Check out Unique features Of this snap.
  31. 31. Stone gateway of the Fort….which was dismantled from the crumbling fort…..
  32. 32. Love seems to be blooming for this professional photographer.
  33. 33. He has parked the bike where The emblem of Vijaynagar era is Engraved on King’s Balance.
  34. 34. On the banks of river tungabhadra…..
  35. 35. Now gentlemen only the hairstyle is little diff… Can you spot the heroine besides
  36. 36. Even the collapsed musical pillar premise is a great photo shoot locale
  37. 37. @ Bal Krishna temple
  38. 38. @ virupakasha temple
  39. 39. @ Mahanavami dibba panel
  40. 40. . @ exclusive angle photo shot by oversight
  41. 41. Nothing can get better than Humpy…Lol
  42. 42. Thank you friends…… Please give your feedback @ [email_address] WISHING YOU ALL A MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008 UMESH DEREBAIL & VASANTHI DEREBAIL