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  1. 1. Adi chunchungiri was never on our radar when we started off from Bangalore, it was so Refereshing to arrive @ Adi. This was the welcome arch which greeted us at the enterance. Adi is situated just 110 kms from Blore.
  2. 2. Swamji, Balgangadar’s visual is display at the enterance, greeting the visitors, With a message of greenary.
  3. 3. We parked our car and started climbing this magnificent steps to the arch of the adi Hillock, where the ashram, temple and all the adventure unravels.
  4. 4. Two huge statues greet the visitors entering the Adi arch
  5. 5. The grandeur of the enterance, is quite exhilarating
  6. 6. This Nandi, the bull greets you on the hillock climb….giving you the confidence to Go ahead and experience the adventure.
  7. 7. These two young priests… Madava and Somiya were our unofficial guides on the Diwali day, to tour adi chunchungiri…
  8. 8. Adi’s presiding deity is Kalabhairav…. Here we find the image of Lord Shiva
  9. 9. When we entered this place our guide told me u can enter through this pin hole of Rocks, I was disappointed and frustrated, but an idea flashed, why not crawl ? Bloody hell I managed in commando style, where there is will there is a way remember
  10. 10. It is rocky and risky climb all the way to the top…….not for weak hearted I suppose
  11. 11. Catching our breath along with our guides listening to their version of Adi epic and History…..
  12. 12. One of the view point on Adi…. Rock being protected by artificial wall, even the rocks Are preserved for their intrinsic value….
  13. 13. There are some lovely resting places, if one has to catch up on breath, but we were Fresh as daisy when we saw the vision of real adventure…..
  14. 15. I handed over the camera to our unofficial guide and from there on my risk of slipping, My minimised in the bargain he shot these lovely pictures of our descent
  15. 16. And one more picture of the effort to tackle the rocks…
  16. 17. An exclusive preview of the new temple complex to be inaugurated in Feb 2008
  17. 18. Pillars under construction…..
  18. 19. Lord Shiva’s statue ……
  19. 21. Portrait of Swami, Bal Gangadhar…
  20. 22. We were invited to partake breakfast by the priests….
  21. 23. Culture programme stage…..@ Adi
  22. 24. Temple amidst the pond….
  23. 25. We have to reach this scorpion cliff…. By undertaking an extreme stunt of hanging On to iron rods embedded on the rocks, like a monkey swing….
  24. 26. Exit arch….. Of ADI
  25. 27. A Place for sacrifice of lambs….. For Lord Kalabaireswar…
  26. 28. Several educational and technical institutions have been started in different places of the State including a Sanskrit college at Sri Kshetra. The service activities have increased many fold ever since the present Swamiji became the head of the Mutt in 1974. At present there are twelve branches of the Mutt. Seven Mutts receive patronage and more than 220 Institutions are managed by the Mutt through a Board of Trustees under the Presidentship of Swamiji. About 6,000 needy students are given free boarding and lodging and about 30,000 students are provided with general and technical education.
  27. 29. The social service activities include providing Medical camps to the needy and less fortunate folks of the region. Periodical free Medical camps are conducted in several rural places. A 1050 bed Hospital has been constructed at Balagangadharanatha Nagar which is situated in the interior rural area. This Hospital is equipped with the latest equipment's brought from Germany and USA Since the majority of the population that is being catered to by this hospital is backward and needy, Swamiji has seen to it that the diagnosis, treatment, medicine are all given free of cost. Even diet is being given free. Efforts are made to render the best of service to the underprivileged. Some of the institutions managed by the Mutt are as follows : Sri Kalabhairaveswara Veda, Agama and Sanskrit College at Sri Kshetra. Adhichunchanagiri Institute of Technology, Chikkamagalur. Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences, BalagangadharanaNagar.. Sri Chandreshekharanatha Swamiji Institute of Technology at Chikkaballapur, Kolar S.A.C. College of Arts and Commerce at Nagamangala, Mandya District. S.A.C. Institute of Commerce at Nagamangala. Adichunchanagiri Hospital and Research Centre at BalagangadharanathaNagar. S.A.C. College at Channarayapatna. S.A.C.College of Education, Channarayapatna S.A.C. College of D.Pharma, Channarayapatna. J.S.C. I. T.I. Nelamangala. S.A.C. I.T.I Melukote. S.A.C. College of I.T.I. at Channarayapatna. Adichunchanagiri Mahila Sevashrama at Mysore and Bangalore . Institute of Nursing at B.G. Nagara.