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Sagacious Research   Intellectual Property (IP) & Patent Services
Sagacious Research   Intellectual Property (IP) & Patent Services
Sagacious Research   Intellectual Property (IP) & Patent Services
Sagacious Research   Intellectual Property (IP) & Patent Services
Sagacious Research   Intellectual Property (IP) & Patent Services
Sagacious Research   Intellectual Property (IP) & Patent Services
Sagacious Research   Intellectual Property (IP) & Patent Services
Sagacious Research   Intellectual Property (IP) & Patent Services
Sagacious Research   Intellectual Property (IP) & Patent Services
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Sagacious Research Intellectual Property (IP) & Patent Services


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Provides a brief description of intellectual property (IP) or Patent related services offered by sagacious research (

Provides a brief description of intellectual property (IP) or Patent related services offered by sagacious research (

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  • 1. Service Offerings Prepared For: Prepared By: Sagacious | Research
  • 2. Presentation Overview
    • About Us
    • Our Values
    • Services
    • Why Engage Sagacious |Research?
    • Sagacious Engagement Models
    • Case Study
    • Sagacious Details
  • 3. About Us… (1/2)
    • Sagacious Research was conceptualized when a bunch of IP professionals realized the need for improved and efficient Intellectual Property services and products. They founded Sagacious in early 2008 to fulfill this unmet need with a vision to provide 'Best in the Class' IP services to clients across the globe.
    • Our India-based center has proficient techno-legal expertise that strives to bring success to its clients by providing quality services at a competitive price.
    • The current technical expertise of our team includes:
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Automobiles
      • Biotechnology
      • Pharmacy
      • Medical Sciences & Devices
      • Electronics & Communications
      • Computer Sciences
  • 4. About Us… (2/2)
    • Sagacious team has a collective experience of 500 plus projects related to Intellectual Property
    • Sagacious team has good experience of managing and performing IP projects for Fortune 500 companies
    • Sagacious team adds value and insights to the projects by utilizing its previous industrial exposure
    • Sagacious believes in assuring quality rather than checking quality.
    • Based on the above, Sagacious has capability to perform projects more efficiently than the competition. This leads to both time and cost benefits to our clients.
    And that is why our clients say: "Sagacious is our first choice in outsourcing patent analysis and market research. They have their competition beat in all categories: knowledge, responsiveness, quality and cost. We have used them on nearly a dozen engagements and have been pleased with their work on every one of them. I highly recommend them!“ - Vice President, Engineering of a leading Patent Consulting Group
  • 5. Our values
    • Quality
      • We believe in and adhere to providing 100% quality in whatever we deliver.
    • Ethics
      • We believe in being transparent and descriptive about our processes, methodologies and billing. We give our client complete control of the project and we work as an extended team.
    • Knowledge
      • Knowledge is an important criterion for entry and growth in Sagacious. Internally designed training modules and constant brainstorming sessions help us ensure constant knowledge development within Sagacious.
    • Innovation
      • At Sagacious, innovation is a key ingredient of LIFE. We believe that ‘ Yesterday's successful way was not the best way, and it can be improved further today ’
  • 6. Sagacious Services
    • Drafting Services
    • Patent Drafting
    • Drafting Response to Office Actions
    • ‘ Accelerated Examination Support Document’ preparation
    • Litigation Support Services
    • Validity Searches
    • File Wrapper/History Analysis
    • Claim Charts preparation/
    • Product-Patent Mapping
    Sagacious provides a number of services to its clients. We have listed the services most relevant to your firm below.
    • Intellectual Property Asset Management
    • Technology Landscapes
    • Design-around searches
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • Patent Portfolio Management
    • IP Watch Services:
    • Technology-based patent watch service
    • Assignee-based patent watch service
    • Patent ‘Legal Status’ watch service
    • Trademark watch service
    • Searching Services
    • Patentability Searches
    • Validity Searches
    • Freedom to Operate searches
    • Specialized Searching (Bio-sequence & Chemical Structures)
  • 7. Why Engage Sagacious | Research?
    • Gain an increased bandwidth
    • We let you utilize your time on analysis and case preparation by providing you with ready to use data. This helps you focus on detailed analysis and decision making.
    • Comprehensiveness
    • We can screen larger set of patents during our searches to ensure comprehensiveness. We have analyzed 20,000 odd patents in certain projects using our efficient methodologies ensuring high quality and reasonable time.
    • We cover a large set of databases for our searches and provide a consolidated output, which is most comprehensive.
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Apart from the conventional benefits of out-sourcing, our efficient and experienced team ensure time (and hence cost) savings on each project.
    • Efficient Project Management
    • Experience of more than 500 projects makes us best-in-class project managers and gives us competitive advantage over competition.
    • Quicker turnaround
    • We work in parallel with you, so you can achieve nearly halved turnaround time.
    • We can modulate our team-size to meet your quick turnaround requirements.
    • Increased technical coverage by Sagacious team
    • Our access to a diverse talent pool helps Sagacious team operate in any given technical domain.
    You get an extended team of trained analysts to work with you on various projects providing equally good quality as your in-house associates at a reasonable cost
  • 8. Case Study Our Understanding of Client End Sagacious understands that individual patent agents are usually juggling more than one task/project at the same time under tight time constraints. Therefore, they need a company they can rely on and expect an easy and pleasurable experience each time. Based on our understanding, we have summarized below the issues that our clients usually face:
    • Spikes in Work & Denial of services to Clients
    • This might usually happen when multiple clients approach you at the sametime and you might have to deny services to them
    • Hiring
    • hiring associates for back end jobs
    • Training
    • training associates
    • Managing
    • managing the administration/IT issues for new associates
    • High salary of associates
    • Sagacious can solve these issues by
    • acting as an extended team for your firm,
    • in this extended team you will get a trained manpower with a minimal/no lead time
    • Advantages
    • No time and expenses being incurred for hiring and training of a team
    • No management of the manpower required – you can focus on your core competencies and business development
    • Access to a well trained, qualified and cost effective team
  • 9. Sagacious Details Current Team Details Team size : 8 & Growing Team experience : >500 IP projects Technical domains : Mechanical Engineering, Automobiles, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Medical Sciences and Devices, Electronics Engineering Computer Sciences Our team size is growing rapidly. We are also open to add more professionals (in any technical domain) on the request of a client with a lead time of 20-30 days. Contact Details Tarun Kumar Bansal Email : [email_address] Cell: +91-931-387-2266 Office Phone : +91-124-403-4927 Website :