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Quiz 4

  1. 1. White Diamond through ch 4 know the days that you raise/lower flag Saturday/Monday 10 house facts 1. Steps leading up to the house are 3 national and 5 local founders of Pi Kappa Phi 2. Crest at the front of the house has 100 pieces of glass + 18 blue members on charter 3. Faucets are Delta Delta 4. The starshield was given to us by Steven Chow 5. Craig Mueller, Gremlin, Delta Delta 375 left us a note in back of the picture in the TV room 6. The tree in the parking lot was given by Eric White, Delta Delta 174 7. The old letters in the basement were given to us from the old house 8. Mark R. Miller has the chapter room named after him because he took out a second mortgage to pay for the house 9. Sheet in the basement was given to us at the Alabama Concert 10. House was dedicated in 1994 know everything about nu phi Non Fraternity, 15 guys wanted to join the Chrestomatic Literary Society against the fraternity ticket. Nu Phi eventually came to be anybody who has attended at least 5 national meetings. who lives in our house, white apts, s and scott + high House: White Apts: Scott and High: Bryan Kryzanowski Robert E. Lee Shane Mulrooney Jeff han Clement Warr Ian Hartling Jeremy Degoff David Staffle Andrew Griener Alex Behlman Mike Menne Rich Lloyd
  2. 2. Josh Wills Kyle Vannitersum Tyler Menz #5 Grant Fitzgerald Bryan Johnson Kyle Winkeler Drew Vandas Jon Gatzke Ben Brinkman Matt Grose Lee Jones Zac Brune Tim Guertin Andrew Green Steven Layton Whitey Holt now warden info and big bro info Drew Vandas, Stick Wielding Odysseus, 675, Exercise Science major, from St. Louis Alex Halama - 711, Polesmoking Friendzone Fuckup, from St. Louis, Chemistry Major executive council Archon-Tyler Menz Treasurer-Lee Jones Vice Archon Internal-Whitey Holt Secretary-Carl Rudruff Vice Archon External-Josh Wills Historian-Steve Layton Warden-Drew Vandas Risk Manager-Jon Gatzke committees Social-Andy Mansfield and Rudy Cessaretti Parental-Zac Brune House-Jon Davis and Nick Blechle Tech-Patrick Davies and Jon Eman House Project-Josh Webster and Devin Scott Formal-Whitey Holt and Max Stroup
  3. 3. IFC-Garreth Cooksey Intramurals-Phil Abernathy Push-Lee Jones and Patrick Davies Brotherhood-Matt Grose and Andrew Green Scholarship-Dan Ritter learn the student creed I believe that the ideal chapter is made up of men Who are bound together in a common loyalty Which transcends any personal selfishness. Who realize that membership means personal responsibility In bearing their share of the financial burden Of the chapter and the national organization. Who brings credit to the fraternity by striving to attain The highest possible standards of scholarship. Who safeguard the reputation of their chapter By keeping careful watch over their personal conduct. Who uphold faithfully the traditions And activities of their college. Who prepare themselves diligently to shoulder their Full responsibilities as citizens. I believe that my chapter can become an ideal chapter,
  4. 4. And I shall do my share to make it so. learn the rose And a vision so bright came to me through the night, With my dream girl I seem’d to be. Oh her eyes are the stars of heaven that shine as a lamp so bright; Her lips are the roses petals, which open their folds to the light; Her hair is the gold of sunset as it fades in the western sky. No flow’r that grows is like the rose, she’s the flower of Pi Kappa Phi. gifts given to college of charleston and when Gate-Dec. 10, 1929 Clock-Dec. 10, 1954 Rose Garden-Dec. 10, 1979 Belltower-Dec. 10, 2004 gifts given to durwood owen: fishing rod, truck, ring 6 responsibilities of an associate member Be yourself, learn Pi Kappa Phi, Act Responsibily, Be Enthusiastic, Be a Friend, Fill a Role, Take Care of Yourself first mr pi kappa phi
  5. 5. Leo Pou spell the motto in greek know what a pi alpha is and who they are in our fraternity -Somebody who has completed a summer Push event Joe Baumann, Andrew Green, Andrew Griener, Wistar Holt delta delta men 100-Br. Rick Smith 200-Br. Doug Parsons 300-Br. Doug Moellering 400-Br. Austin Moore 500-Br. Joshua Wombacher 600-Br. Chad Lograsso 700-Br. Tyler Menz last 5 archons, wardens, pledges of semester Archons: Wardens: Pledges: Tyler Menz Drew Vandas Steve Layton Andrew Green Clement Warr Jon Gatzke Clement Warr Robert E. Lee Tyler Menz Scott Lesenski Bryan Heinrichs Bryan Johnson Nick Hart Andrew Green Andrew Green Michael Brovy Tim Ricker
  6. 6. picture in tv room and what it says “…To all my brothers, never forget where you came from” Craig Mueller, DD375, Gremlin Randy Owens book: “To my brothers at Pi Kappa Phi: Our lives have touched, and I am better for it.”