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  • 1. My Amazing Life Project Blake
  • 2. All About Me
    • I was born on May 28, 1997
    • Today I am 4,340 days old
    • The moon that day was a Waning Gibbous
    • The author that was born on the same day as me was Willo Davis Robert
    • The book she wrote was undercurrents
    • The price of a gallon of gas was $1.29
    • Bread cost $0.87
    • Milk cost $2.67
    • .Milk cost $2.67.
    • Popular song: I’ll Be Missing You
    • Biggest Movie: Titanic
    • Total Gross: 600,788,188
    • The event that happened on my birthday was a peal for ammest campaign launches.
    • What my name used to be called Blac or Blaec
    • Famous person that shares my name is William Blake
    • He is famous for writing poetry
    • The name of the first site listed was www.Behindthename.com
  • 3.
    • Cigarette Sting
    • When I was a little boy I loved carnivals. Especially seeing all the toys and balloons they had out to give. My dad loved eating the delicious food they had to eat while I played in the blow up houses. My dad favorite food that he liked to eat at carnivals were crapes. To me blow up houses was the most fun part at a carnival.
    • By my first paragraph you probably thought that I liked all carnivals but some weren’t my favorite. Like one they didn’t have anything for kids to play with or blow up houses. And they barely had anything to drink or eat. By the time we had to leave I was dying of thirst. I would always ask my mom if I could have some mulk ( that is what I used to say if I wanted some milk).
    • The one that I hated the most was (THE TIME). It started out as an ordinary day. When my parents and I were having a good time till I wanted to go see what CD’S they hade to sell. When I felt a searing pain in my right eye.
  • 4. Every day life at My Age
    • Hi, I’m Blake. I am from the 21st century. I bet you want to know what it is like in the 21st century. What is hip an in is sport games like NCAA basketball, baseball, and football. The famous TV shows are The Suite Life on Deck and Wizards of Waverley Place. The famous movies are Norbit and The longest yard. The stuff that is not in is the movie titanic and the TV show Dora. The artist that is really old is Soulja Boy. And to top it off the oldest thing in the world is home phones. The fashion that’s not in is Mohawks and Afros.
    • A typical day at school for me is I have to wake up at 7:00 every day. Get in the shower ever morning and get dressed for school. Go in the den and pack up my books for school. Get a breakfast bar and get a drink. Then my mom and my sister and I get in the car and drive off to school. When I get to school I grab my books and go to my first two classes. When those classes are done I go to my locker and get my books for the next class. After that is done we have break. After break we have PE.
  • 5. Being Your Age
    • Da na na na can’t touch this. Hi we just got out of music class. My name is Blake. I am pretty tall for my age about 5 foot 4 I would say. I have blue eyes, brown hair, and have white teeth. All the people in my grade (5th grade) are 11. I am turning 12 on May 28. The thing that bothers me the most is when my sister annoys me and does not stop and when it gets really loud in a classroom at school. I play a lot of hobbies like baseball, basketball, and football. Some things that I collect are old dollar bills and old coins. One day I wish I will grow up to be an athlete. Will You.
  • 6. A Picture is worth a thousand Words
    • Can Food Drive
    • One day Holy Cross’s food pantry was getting very low they were asking people to donate as much as the can of their food cans that they weren’t using. So me and my friend thought that we should have a can food drive to help them out and who ever brought the most can supplies would win a surprise. My friend Austin started making the flyers and I and my mom set things up. My mom went around and passed out the flyers to everyone in the neighborhood. Then it started, people were coming about every minute. By the time we finished we had over 400 cans. After it was over we took the cans and put them in my garage. Then the next day we took them to the holy cross pantry and they thanked us for everything that we did.
  • 7. Brag Page
    • I play baseball
    • The positions I play a shortstop, second, catcher, pitcher, and outfield
    • One baseball game it was a tied up game and I hit a walk off grand slam to win the game
    • I also play basketball and football
    • The positions I play in basketball are forward, guard, and center
    • The positions I play in football are running back, full back, DE, MLB, and CB
    • I hit a ball 340 in baseball practice
    • I have all A’s in all of my classes
    • I am good at teather ball
    • One day no one beat me in it
  • 8. I wish I could do…
    • Fly
    • Super speed
    • Be 6ft 5in.
    • Be a major league baseball player
    • Own a limo
    • Own a machine
    • Own a RV
    • Dunk a basketball
    • Feed all the people who are hungry
    • Give shelter to the poor
    • Both grandparents live beside me
    • Be on a TV show
    • Meet Jesus
    • Meet Derek Jeter
    • Meet Babe Ruth
    • Meet Hank Aaron
  • 9. Give me your eyes
    • Give me your eyes so I can see for everything that I keep missing . Give me your love for humanity. Give me your arms for the broken hearted the ones that are far beyond my reach. Give me your heart for the ones forgotten. Give me your eyes so I can see.