Learning Activity Justin Hoeft


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My Learning Activity for my Introduction to Informatics Class

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Learning Activity Justin Hoeft

  1. 1. Health Information Management Director Justin D. Hoeft
  2. 2. Do you: Enjoy working with computers? Like a career working with cutting-edge technology? Want a job with solid prospects for the future? Like to help others? Hoeft -
  3. 3. Consider a Career in Health Information Management! Hoeft -
  4. 4. What is Health Information Management? <ul><li>The study of the principles and practices of acquiring, analyzing, and protecting digital and traditional medical information.
  5. 5. Links clinicians, technology designers, and information technology.
  6. 6. Value-adding bridge between patients’ health information and payors, government, and regulating agencies.
  7. 7. HIM practitioners demonstrate leadership and management of health information in all formats (paper, scanned, or computerized forms) </li></ul>Hoeft -
  8. 8. What is a Health Information Management Director? <ul><li>Expert in : </li><ul><li>Patient health information and medical records
  9. 9. Administering computer information systems
  10. 10. Collecting and analyzing patient data
  11. 11. Using classification systems and medical terminologies. ( AHIMA ) </li></ul></ul>Hoeft -
  12. 12. What must a Health Information Management Director know? <ul><li>Possesses comprehensive knowledge of: </li><ul><li>Medical practices and standards
  13. 13. Healthcare Administration
  14. 14. Ethical and legal requirements and standards </li></ul><li>All of which focus on healthcare delivery and the privacy of protected patient information. ( AHIMA ) </li></ul>Hoeft -
  15. 15. What does a Health Information Management Director do? <ul><li>Manages people and operational units, participates in administrative committees, and prepares budgets.
  16. 16. Interacts with all levels of an organization - clinical, financial, administrative, and information systems - that employ patient data in decision-making and everyday operations. ( AHIMA ) </li></ul>Hoeft -
  17. 17. Health Information Managers are a vital link in Healthcare! ( AHIMA ) Hoeft -
  18. 18. How does one become a Health Information Manager? <ul><li>RHIA Certification - Registered Health Information Administrator </li><ul><li>Successfully complete the academic requirements, at the baccalaureate level, of an HIM program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).
  19. 19. SLU is CAHIM Accredited ( AHIMA ) </li></ul></ul>Hoeft -
  20. 20. What other education or certifications would help? <ul><li>IT Certifications: </li><ul><li>MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)
  21. 21. CISSP (Certified Information Security Systems Specialist) </li></ul><li>Healthcare Experience: </li><ul><li>Medical Billing and Coding
  22. 22. Working Knowledge of HIPAA </li></ul></ul>Hoeft -
  23. 23. CISSP, What's That? <ul><li>Certification for information security professionals obtained through the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 </li><ul><li>Must be distinguished as an experienced, knowledgeable, and proficient information security practitioner.
  24. 24. Provides a means of identifying those persons who subscribe to a rigorous requirement for maintaining their knowledge and proficiency in the information security profession. </li></ul><li>( ISSA ) </li></ul>Hoeft -
  25. 25. How do I get a CISSP Certification? <ul><li>Certification is awarded to those individuals who: </li><ul><li>Achieve a prescribed level of information security experience, comply with a professional code of ethics
  26. 26. Pass a rigorous examination on the Common Body of Knowledge of information security
  27. 27. In order to maintain currency in the field, each CISSP must be recertified every three years by participation in research or study, attendance at recognized subject-matter training and professional educational programs, presentation or publication of information security papers, contributions to the information security Common Body of Knowledge, and service in professional organizations. </li></ul><li>( ISSA ) </li></ul>Hoeft -
  28. 28. How much does a Health Information Management Director Earn? <ul><li>According to a 2008 AHIMA Salary Survey Health Information Management Directors earn an average salary of $73,376 annually.
  29. 29. Salaries vary greatly by setting </li><ul><li>Long-Term Care HIM Director: $47,134
  30. 30. Integrated Healthcare Delivery System: $102,129
  31. 31. (IDS's are associated healthcare providers who have joined together for the benefits of increased buying power and greater ability to negotiate with private and government payors)
  32. 32. ( AHIMA ) </li></ul></ul>Hoeft -
  33. 33. Salary by Position and Setting ( AHIMA ) Hoeft -
  34. 34. Where do Health Information Management Directors Work? <ul><li>Hospitals
  35. 35. Doctors Offices
  36. 36. Consulting Services
  37. 37. Education
  38. 38. Nursing Homes
  39. 39. Surgery Centers </li></ul>Hoeft -
  40. 40. Where do Health Information Management Directors Work? ( AHIMA ) Hoeft -
  41. 41. Average Salary by Work Setting ( AHIMA ) Hoeft -
  42. 42. Are there any occupational hazards? <ul><li>Potential exposure to communicable diseases exists in all patient care settings!
  43. 43. Majority of work is done indoors in a well-lit, temperature controlled environment.
  44. 44. Brief survey of job offerings suggests minimal physical exertion </li><ul><li>Example (from a job listing for an HIM Director at the Yampa Valley Medical Center, Steamboad Springs, CO):
  45. 45. Able to perform repetitive standing, sitting, stooping, walking, and reaching. Performs minimal lifting of 15 lbs, carrying 15 lbs, push/pull of 20 lbs, and reaching over head 10 lbs. ( yvmc ) </li></ul></ul>Hoeft -
  46. 46. The Future of Health Information Management <ul><li>Employment is expected to grow much faster than the average. Job prospects should be very good – the Department of Labor estimates 20% growth in the number of jobs over the next 10 years.
  47. 47. Individuals with a strong understanding of technology and computer software will be in particularly high demand. ( bls )
  48. 48. Implementation of Electronic Health Records by the government and private industry will spur growth. </li></ul>Hoeft -
  49. 49. References http://www.ahima.org/certification/rhia/requirements.aspx http://www.ahima.org/certification/rhia/requirements.aspx#1 http://www.ahima.org/certification/epc.rhia.asp http://himcareers.ahima.org/whatishim1.html http://www.ahima.org/salarystudy/ http://www.issa.org/Resources/Industry-Certifications.html#CISSP http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos103.htm https://www.yvmc.org/Careers/job.aspx?jid=90&id=147&sid=1 Hoeft -