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Kcb202 New Media: Social Media Guideline for PR using Facebook
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Kcb202 New Media: Social Media Guideline for PR using Facebook


Published on

New Media Assignment 3: Social Media Guideline. …

New Media Assignment 3: Social Media Guideline.
Kasturi Shanmugam
Dave Cordes
Aisha Glen
Natasha Cowey

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Kasturi Shanmugam - Dave Cordes - Natasha Cowey - Aisha Glen
  • 2. about
    PR company – “PR4U”
    decided to create a social media guideline, whereby our PR Professionals will adhere to
    especially concerning
    developed 8 do’s and don'ts asa starting point
  • 3.
  • 4. 1. DO use facebook connect
    Facebook Connect – to be used as a way of connecting different new media platformseg. Blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, company website
    - Mend the fragmentation social media platforms & users > highly networked environment and reach a wider audience
    How? - two ways. Embed the tool (Facebook Connect Wizard Tool) into blogs, websites, etc. (bear in mind most sites now come with Facebook Connect: Youtube/Vimeo/Blogpost)OR Connect with Facebook Connect when visiting other sites
    Privacy is an issue.. combat through constant moderation – of users and Facebook site.
  • 5. 2. DO affiliate with other Organisations and People
    Friends = ambassadorsutilise the networks“piggy back reputation”
    Remember: audience are not a passive audience
    Appropriate org. / Inappropriate org. Association = mutually beneficialrecognising and promoting org. networks
    Agreements between organisations
  • 6. 3.DO filter & moderate info.
    No inappropriate images should be uploaded that could hinder image of:Clients Brand Company/YourselfDon’t post anything un-work related on the pageRemember = “Client confidentiality”
  • 7. 4.DO share media/news clippings
    New concept of - PR2.0
    "Social media releases" replacing traditional forms of media release
    Allows PR professionals to develop and maintain relationships with journalists
    Facebook is by far the market leader among social networking sites
    3/4 of public relations professionals believe Facebook has enhanced public relations
  • 8.
  • 9. 1. DON’T choose group profile setting
    Three different platforms:Personal/People – Fans Pages – Group PagesDifference between pages = moderation ability, privacy, different levels of involvmentso – different settings allow for different professionals usesPersonal/People – does not posses useful utilities to aid in campaigning a brandGroup pages – not much privacy, allows everyone to be moderators, “faceless robots”.So: always choose Fans PagesAudiences: active – “persumption”Why Fans Pages instead?
  • 10. 2. DON’T misuse facebook apps
      Not all applications are optimised for pages
      Applications should be related and
      Should reflect purpose of FB profile
    Appropriate use of applications shows - understanding of FB
    Understanding best practices for chosen communication tool
    Allows publics to engage in dialog
    Useful applications
    Note application: allows you to import an RSS feed to drive traffic to a related blog or Twitter account.
    CoinJars: an application used in fundraising. Provides mechanism for free movement of funds between users and to merchants. Uses 'iCoins': an online currency that you can spend and send around the world.
    Adult literacy: "i read" application
    Inappropriate applications
    Depends on organisation
    Anti Gambling page - "Poker Palace" application
    Mental Health awareness page – "What does my personality say about me"
  • 11. 3. DON’T invite everyone and anyone
    When planning for an event (on Facebook event) – be careful of the guest list – or even when sharing event information
    Who is it going out to?
    Don’t allow for an “open” guest list – not everyone should be invited
  • 12. 4. DON’T Bombard with spam updates/inapropriate links
    PR professionals urge other PR professionals tocheck out Facebook
    Best forum in which to share information
    Should not share anything unprofessional
    Should be used to share your company's professional opinions, not unprofessional links or posts e.g. YouTube videos
    No one likes Facebook spam - especially in PR
  • 13. “To succeed in PR Using facebook”