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Competitive analysis
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Competitive analysis



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  • 1. Competitive Analysis
  • 2. Categories within Apparel
    Men’s Wear
    Women’s Wear
    Children’s Wear
    Formal Wear
    Casual Wear
    Girls & Boys Wear
    Evening Wear
  • 3.
  • 4. Kolkata Primary Survey
    Multi brand Outlets
    Big Bazaar
    Brand Factory
    Kolkata Bazaar
  • 5. Kolkata Primary Survey
    Multi brand Outlets…
    Shoppers Stop
  • 6. Kolkata Primary Survey
    Exclusive Brand Outlets
    Wills Lifestyle
    Allen Solly
    Louis Phillipe
    Van Heusen
    Tommy Hilfiger
  • 7. Kolkata Primary Survey
    Exclusive Brand Outlets….
    Marks & Spencer
    Gini & Jony
  • 8. Future Group
    Future Group shall deliver Everything, everywhere, everytime for every Indian Consumer in the most profitable manner.
    We share the vision and belief that our customers and stakeholders shall be served only by creating and executing future scenarios in the consumption space leading to economic development
  • 9. Future Group
    Big Bazaar
    Brand Factory
  • 10. Big Bazaar
    Big Bazaar is a chain of hypermarkets in India, with more than 100 stores in operation. It is a subsidiary of Future Group Venture Ltd's, and follows the business model of United States-based Wal-Mart.
  • 11. Big Bazaar
    • Provides the best products at the best price.
    • 12. Reflect the look and feel of Indian bazaars at their modern outlets .
    • 13. All over India, Big Bazaar attracts a few thousand customers on any regular day.
  • Big Bazaar
    Target audience
    • Big Bazaar targets higher and upper middle class customers .
    • 14. The large and growing young working population is a preferred customer segment
    • 15. Big Bazaar specifically targets working women and home makers who are the primary decision makers
  • Retail Mix
  • Big Bazaar
    Stores Visited: Lee road, VIP road, Hiland Park, Mani Square
    Less Breathing Space
    Excessive Schemes(danglers)
    Loud announcements
    (Sab Bazaar ekbaar Big Bazaar Bar bar )
    Satisfactory Staff
    Medium quality Display
    No Mirrors
  • 24. Big Bazaar
    Price cues used
    SabseSasta Din (15th August and 26th January)
    Asin and Dhoni Brand ambassadors
    Exchange schemes to induce purchases
    Store Specific
    VIP road
    Exit well placed
    Kids section on entry and then the grocery section
  • 25. Observations @ Big Bazaar
    Big bazaar was extremely crowded specially the grocery section, the second floor wherein there were apparels was comfortable
    There were danglers all over the place which made it look very flooded with sales schemes
    Customers sounded pretty satisfied, they thought that big bazaar had a value for money offering
    A lot of vernacular advertising
    Communicates offers and range in a big way
    Festive oriented
  • 26. Big Bazaar
  • 27. Big Bazaar
  • 28. Big Bazaar
  • 29. Pantaloons
    Pantaloon Retail (India) Limited, is India’s leading retailer that operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer market.
  • 30. Pantaloons
    Stores Visited: Camac street, South city mall
    Excellent Display
    Adequate Breathing space
    Courteous staff
    Ambience comfortable
    Gift vouchers
    Upcoming movie collection(London dreams)
    Viewed as trend setters
  • 31. Pantaloons
    User friendly e-store (
    Sponsor of events like Femina Miss India
  • 32. Observations @ Pantaloons
    The design of the store is fabulous assisting the consumer and reinforcing his/her purchase decision every time; for example there was a round structure created with mirrors where the consumer could see even the accessories on her/him
    Even the staff reinforced and acted as a stimulus during the point of purchase
  • 33. Pantaloons
  • 34. Pantaloons
  • 35. Pantaloons
  • 36. Pantaloons
  • 37. Brand Factory
    Future Group obsolete stock
    Lack of breathing space
    200 Brands 20-50% discount 365 days
  • 38. Observations @ Brand Factory
    Brand factory is the ultimate destination for innumerable brands, Consumers have that mindset while entering the store that they will get expensive brands at affordable rates hence they tend to compromise on breathing space
  • 39. Central
  • 40. Central
  • 41. Central
  • 42. Central
  • 43. Central
    Communicates both Range as well as Promos
    Target Market is upward moving trendy urban customers
    A very vibrant and peppy feel to the communication
  • 44. Kolkata Bazaar
    Visual display poor
    Inferior merchandize
  • 45. Observations @ Kolkata Bazaar
    The merchandize quality and display is extremely poor
    There were hardly any customers
    The offerings were low priced and inferior in quality
  • 46. Westside
    The company has a turnover of Rs. 357.6 crores (FY 2005-2006) and currently operates 36 stores in the major metros and mini metros of India. An international shopping experience, a perception of values, and offering the latest styles, has created a loyal following for Westside's own brand of merchandise.
    Westside was named the 'Most Admired Large Format Retail Chain of the Year' by the Lycra Images Fashion Awards2005.
  • 47. Westside
    Stores Visited: Camac street, Mani Square
    Kids collection (Hanna Montana)
    Schemes not excessively marketed but noticeable
    Price cues used
    Gift Vouchers
    Store Specific
    Mani square Excellent Display
  • 48. Westside
    The kids section was strategically thought of with there being a Hanna Montana counter, the kids lead their parents to the stores- hence Westside en cashed on getting customers to visit their stores first
  • 49. Westside
  • 50. Westside
  • 51. Shoppers Stop
  • 52. Shoppers Stop
  • 53. Shoppers Stop
  • 54. Shoppers Stop
  • 55. Shoppers Stop
  • 56. Shoppers Stop
  • 57. Shoppers Stop
    Generally sale and promo communication
    Black and white communication in accordance with the brand campaign
    One or two ticket size offers and not arrays of offers
    Does not have a fixed visual grammar, often determined by the partner brand
    Selective vernacular communication
    Communication does not showcase range of apparel available but portrays a mood not essentially related to shopping
  • 58. Globus
    Celebrity endorser
    Communicates both range and the prices upfront
    Does not showcase low end apparel but advertises expensive clothes
    Has a fixed visual grammar and ensures that the communication is dynamic
    Has a very international feel to it
    No vernacular advertising
  • 59. Globus
  • 60. Globus
  • 61. Globus
  • 62. Lifestyle
  • 63. Lifestyle
  • 64. Lifestyle
  • 65. Lifestyle
    Communicates range in a very simple and clutter free way
    Communicates gifting options also
    The moods are very Indian and can be related to by the common Indian urban consumer
    Mostly communicated through fashion and current affairs magazines, not present in dailies
    The communication is not aspirational
    No vernacular advertising
  • 66. Ebony
  • 67. Ebony
  • 68. Ebony
  • 69. Ebony
    Totally promo driven communication
    Does not showcase range or products
    Very similar to retail advertising but not close to fashion advertising
  • 70. Levis
  • 71. Levis
  • 72. Levis
  • 73. Levis
  • 74. Levis
    Levis-Elgin road Crossing
    Excellent Scheme
    Change your reach 150 I phones
    Change your studio 50 Mc Books
    Change your World Car Beat
    Spykars, Wills, Benetton……
  • 75. Observation @ Levis
    Levis had a cool ambience and the entire store depicted the brand personality – “Rebel” extremely well
    The campaign was well targeted to the youth
    Celebrity endorser
    Sale and product communication
    Bold communication
    Consistent visual grammar
  • 76. Wills Lifestyle
  • 77. Wills Lifestyle
  • 78. Wills Lifestyle
  • 79. Wills Lifestyle
  • 80. Observations @ Wills Lifestyle
    Designer apparel with mention of the designer
    Outdoor ambience sets the mood and adds to the story
    International look and feel
    Stylized communication
  • 81. Allen Solly
  • 82. Allen Solly
  • 83. Allen Solly
  • 84. Observations @ Allen Solly
    Relaxed communication
    Showcases the range
    Has different stories for different products
    Tells the same story in more than one way
    Communicates only to the working man
    Portrays him to be a hero in his own sphere
  • 85. Louis Phillipe
  • 86. Louis Phillipe
  • 87. Louis Phillipe
    Very similar to other communication in the category
    A lot of mood advertising
    Showcases the range
    The communication is aspirationalfor the urban office-goer
  • 88. Van Heusen
  • 89. Van Heusen
  • 90. Van Heusen
  • 91. Van Heusen
  • 92. Van Heusen
  • 93. Van Heusen
  • 94. Arrow
  • 95. Arrow
  • 96. Arrow
  • 97. Arrow
  • 98. Arrow
  • 99. Arrow
    Sale and promo communication
    Authoritative tonality
    Does not showcase any range
  • 100. Tommy Hilfiger
  • 101. Tommy Hilfiger
  • 102. Tommy Hilfiger
  • 103. Tommy Hilfiger
    Sale, promo and product communication
    Visual communication
    No brand story
    Generally international advertising
  • 104. Dockers
  • 105. Dockers
  • 106. Dockers
  • 107. Dockers
    Mood and range communication
    Portrays the attitude inherited with the clothes
    Visuals and logo, no copy
  • 108. BIBA
  • 109. BIBA
  • 110. BIBA
  • 111. BIBA
  • 112. BIBA
    Sale and range communication
    Brand tries to establish a fantasy
    Usage of very archaic elements to give the communication an ancient seriousness
    Consistent visual grammar
  • 113. Marks & Spencer
  • 114. Marks & Spencer
  • 115. Marks & Spencer
  • 116. Observations @ Marks & Spencer
    Sale and range communication
    Presence of catalogue advertising
    Simple visuals to portray range
    Lacks style, looks ordinary
  • 117. Lilliput
  • 118. Lilliput
  • 119. Lilliput
  • 120. Lilliput
    Communicates range and footprint
    Also communicates ticket sized promos
    Usage of international models gives it a premium look and feel
    Showcases range from 0 to 12
  • 121. Gini & Jony
  • 122. Gini & Jony
  • 123. Gini & Jony
  • 124. Gini & Jony
    Communicates promos and range
    Also communicates ticket sized promos
    Usage of international models gives it a premium look and feel
    Showcases range from 0 to 12
    Communicates activities involving mothers to portray the brands understanding of children
  • 125. Colorplus
  • 126. Colorplus
  • 127. Colorplus
  • 128. Colorplus
  • 129. Colorplus
  • 130. Colorplus
  • 131. Colorplus
  • 132. Colorplus
  • 133. Colorplus
    Communicates range
    Tongue in cheek communication
    Generally visuals only show products in different forms to connote a story
    The visual grammar is consistent and the stories are not repetitive
  • 134. Colorplus
  • 135. Thank You