Fire cape guide


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Fire cape guide

  1. 1. QUOTE (Tully @ Dec 7 2008, 01:16 PM) Im epically bored, just lost my own cape so at least i can do that on rs. so if you've always wanted to try getting a cape yourself heres my strategy of getting to Jad. Wont even explain waves 1-37, jus hug the Italy Rock. Wave 38-45 (360-90's) - CYAN DOT Wave 46-52 - PINK DOT Wave 53-60 -YELLOW DOT Wave 61 (360-180-180) - Just hug Italy rock or the Pacman rock. Wave 62 (360-360) - Pray mage, be ready for Jad! Wave 63 (702) - Jad! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- SUMMARY: Placements! These are the areas you go when your up to either 360-90, 360-180 or 360-180-90:
  2. 2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- But first, ignore that image because you have to know some terms i use to identify places:
  3. 3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- 360-90's Waves Ok the key for pures to survive caves is being able to lure and drag the NPC's, so lets start off with a more in depth look at going thru the 360-90 waves: FIRST of all, ALWAYS PRAY MAGE (90's hit like 7-11, 360's can hit big ;<) So better off being hit for a few hp's then getting ko'ed. Ok here we see a typical spawn, now ive only gotten 1/6 bad spawn where 360 and 90 BOTh spawned where the 360 (red dot) is in my diagram (ill tell you what to do if that happens) But here we see 360 is the current attacker, and the 90 is stuck behind the Italy (might also get spawned to be stuck behind the Pacman)
  4. 4. Heres the in-game pic for you non visual tards. note the green safe lines ive mapped out.
  5. 5. Another shot reiiterating why this spot works 9 times out of 10 for early waves id say.
  6. 6. ^ when i mean stay DD'ed, this is only at the START of the wave, so let the 360 attack you like 3-5 times to be sure all NPC's have moved to where they are stuck/or are in position to attack you --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ GOT A BAD SPAWN and 360 and 90 can attack you? Do this: Remember: 90's hit low, so jus kill it while prayin mage - then after u kill it p sweet up to heal and RUN back to the original spot while killin 360 - This sets u up for the next wave.
  7. 7. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- 360-180's do this: RED: 360 BLUE: 180 PINK: YOU
  8. 8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Bad 360-180 spawn like this? Then this is what to do:
  9. 9. OR
  10. 10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- 360-180-90 Do the exact same like with the 360-90's, remember to always pray mage! But if the 180 comes to you and the mage still isnt attacking you then pray melee and kill the 180 where u are. Then pray mage again and investigate where everything is by running up and down the safe area perimeter (1) Run South-North and check what is stuck behind Italy...if nothing there run back immediately. There you know that they must be stuck behind Pacman rock. If you have the 360 and/or 90 stuck and want to lure it back out then use your knowledge of the 'safe area' perimeter and lure it towards you (such as you are doing in (1) and (2))
  11. 11. Voila~ Bad spawn? Then do the reverse-pacman lure like in my picture
  12. 12. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ I don't read your mind, if you dont understand it post and ill try and help explain it better. Sorry i dont have any in-game pictures yet, ill try and get those up soon. I think sourded has a vid on youtube for doin pure caves, try youtubing him. he uses like the same spots i think.