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Just some facts for people who want to know more about austalia!!!

Just some facts for people who want to know more about austalia!!!

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  • I think this was a post card all by it’s self


    Class by Mrs. Rhodes
  • 2. Just in review... What Australians say that is different the Americans
    Australians speak English. But they say different words that mean the same thing as another word in English.
    Here are some examples:
    American Say Australians Say
    countryside bush
    good day or hello g'day
    sweater jumper
    candy lollies
    large ranch or farm station
    ketchup tomato sauce
    diaper nappy
    cotton candy fairy floss
    cookie biscuit
  • 3. More AussiwORDS
    ANZAC -- Australia and New Zealand Army Corps
    back of beyond -- far away in the outback
    bail up-- to rob
    billabong -- a watering hole
    bloody -- general all purpose adjective, once thought profane
    cobber -- a friend
    cuppa -- a cup of tea
    digger -- Australian soldier
    g'day -- hello, good day
    good on ya -- well done, general term of approval
    jackaroo -- apprentice cowboy, station (farm) hand
    jumbuck -- sheep
    Kiwi -- New Zealander
    mate -- friend, buddy
    outback -- the bush, the interior of Australia, or desert country
    Pom or Pommy -- an English person
    swagman -- a vagabond
    up a gum tree -- in a bad situation
    vegemite -- black, yeast based bread spread
    walkabout -- travel on foot for long distances
    Yank -- an American
  • 4. The Great Barrier Reef
    The Great Barrier Reef is an Amazing place. Most people come to Australia for all it wild
    Life and the GREAT BARRIER REEF!!
    This is Me!!! Today I will be your
    Tour guide!! The only rule is to
    Have fun!! So lets get started….
    We are going to take a little trip around the Great Barrier Reef today!!!
    Well at least online we are Follow ME!!
  • 5. Here we go!!!!
    Lets look at some animals that we
    would find on the great barrier reef!!
    This is a Dugong.
    They are Mammals and Vegetarians. Very BIG MAMMAL!
    Can you guess what this is???
    A marine turtle!! Another Vegetarian animal!!
    There are lots of star fish in the Great Barrier Reef
    Because there is so much coral that star fish can live basically anywhere.
  • 6. Plants on the great Barrier Reef
    These are some great plants! Most of the great barrier
    reef is made up of coral but then there are these COLORFUL plants that God
    Made to make visitors like you and I AMAZED!!
  • 7. Collage of Photos
    DADDY SHARK!! Du dudu
    Du dutadu
    Fish Fish and More FISH!!!
    I wouldn’t touch that if I were
    You it looks kind of mean??
  • 8. Thank You
    For watching the PowerPoint!!
    I hope you enjoyed it!!