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Globalization Workshop 2008 Rrlc Globalization Workshop 2008 Rrlc Presentation Transcript

  • Was Columbus Wrong After All? Jacquie Henry, LMS Ruben A. Cirillo High School, Gananda CSD Workshop Handout Workshop Website J
  • NPR Morning Edition, January 1, 2007 A Song for Students:
      • "Not on the Test" by Tom Chapin
      • Video Version
      • J&C
  • Should we listen to Thomas Friedman? J
  • From School Library Journal “ .... an ideal title for tech-savvy teens. Friedman's thesis is that connectedness by computer is leveling the playing field, giving individuals the ability to collaborate and compete in real time on a global scale....This is a smart and essential read for those who will be expected to live and work in this new global environment...." J
  • Friedman emphasizes Science & Math. For the Humanities viewpoint – try Daniel Pink. A Mind Map summary of the book "A Whole New Mind" by Daniel H. Pink “Asia, Abundance, Automation” J
  • This is what our students' world looks like J
  • What Do They See When They Come To School? C
  • C
  •'s what they sometimes see in our school. J
  • J&C
  • Other roadblocks?
      • Many (most?) web 2.0 technologies such as blogs and wikis are blocked.
      • “ To Block, or Not to Block: Education, not filtering, may be the best answer” by Will Richardson in District Administration , February 2007
    When students leave our buildings at the end of the day, they simply turn on what we have turned off. ~ Will Richardson C
  • Chris Harris says... "Filter a website, and you protect a student for a day. Educate students about online safety in a real world environment, and you protect your child for a lifetime." C
  • In spite of the obstacles.....
      • Several of our colleagues
      • became interested in the ideas Thomas Friedman presented in his book, and began to ask “What if”....
  • Building interest among busy faculty can be a challenge... C
  • Not always easy.... C
  • Our 21 st Century Learning Committee showed a video at the September faculty meeting Did You Know” created by Karl Fisch And we asked a question.... J
  • Are we preparing students for t heir world...or ours?
      • Did You Know? (YouTube Video)
      • Did You Know (Streaming Flash Movie)
      • Original presentation created by Karl Fisch
      • Video format by Scott McLeod
  • Now WE know..... but what can we do? J
  • On a National Basis....
      • Learn about the new
      • AASL Standards for the 21 st Century Learner
  • In Our Own Libraries...
      • Update our Mission Statements
  • At Gananda, we formed the GatesBeatles Committee
      • 21 st Century Learning Committee dedicated to:
      • Free-range brainstorming
      • Studying trends
      • Discovering the needs of 21 st century learners
      • Re-imagining what a school should be
      • Trying out ideas
  • A.C.E. Academic Challenge Event
      • Real World, Interdisciplinary Learning
      • Two 12-student teams
      • 83 out of of 325 students volunteered
  • 3 students from each grade level per team Students of all abilities on each team 3 teacher facilitators per team 2 “neutral” advisors – the librarian and one of our teachers who is a builder C
  • The Challenge....
      • Stay within a budget to build a home
      • Create a virtual model of an energy efficient, environmentally friendly home
      • Meet local building codes
      • Make the home accessible for the physically challenged
      • Include recreational features to make the home appealing for a family
      • Market the plan to a team of judges
  • The Resources...
      • A real estate agent
      • A banker
      • An architect
      • A contractor
      • An attorney
      • A code enforcement officer
      • 3-D Architect Software
      • Cell phones, ipods etc.
      • Virtual Home Building (Online Library Pathfinder)
  • The time frame...
      • 2 school days
      • Under 6 hours to actually create the virtual home
      • Yikes! Are we CRAZY?!
  • Did the kids (and teachers) really get it ? You Decide
      • Academic Challenge Event
      • Virtual Home Building
  • Overheard.....
      • I signed up for this because – we would not be sitting in a room just listening and writing – we’d be doing stuff.
      • I LOVE this furnace. It’s BEAUTIFUL – and it’s energy efficient too!
      • Hey Mike! Mike! - it’s not YOUR house! It's OUR house!
      • Did you find the information? Yes – I talked to the judge on his cell phone in the grocery store.
      • Enough of lunch – let’s get back to work!
      • I’m so sick of the other team spying – I’m going over there.
      • We're not going to get in a fight – this is GANANDA!
      • Since you are like, a genius – can you help?
      • Use the Pythagorean theory to figure out the slope on the entrance ramp.
  • And from one of the students not chosen....
      • “ I signed up for this – but I wasn’t accepted. How come they couldn’t take 48 kids instead of just 24?”
  • How were students selected?
      • The sign-up sheets were divided by grade level.
      • Each grade level was divided into 3 piles: high, average, & low performing students.
      • 1 student was chosen randomly from each of those piles for each grade level.
  • More about this project
      • Fun & Exciting Stuff
      • Mr. Potter's Blog
  • SO... What do we do for an encore? 21 st Century Learning J
  • School of Tomorrow
      • Design a School of the 21st Century.
      • Make some of the ideas a reality right here in this building.
      • Create the vision this year.
      • Next year the teams work on writing grants and/or requesting district budget support to make the best ideas become a reality.
  • A Student Vision School For Tomorrow School For Tomorrow Resources C & J
  • Change
      • Limited Audience
      • Larger Audience
      • Poster
      • In person presentation
      • Current event
      • Wiki
      • Blog post
      • Google Reader article
  • Changes I have made:
      • Virtual tour of Italy:
        • $20,000 students had to visit 8 historical sites in and around Rome
      • How are students like the Ancient Greeks:
        • Compared ancient Greeks lives to their own. (histories, myths, epics, scientists, mathematicians, etc.)
      • Civil War Elective – WWI Wiki
  • It's YOUR turn now!!
      • Start BIG!
      • Start SMALL!
      • It really doesn't matter – just START!
      • Let's do some planning ....
  • What does a COMPLIANT student look like? J
  • Now...What does an INQUISITIVE student look like? J
  • Now design a task that will engage inquisitive students J
  • Planning Time Create a plan using my Wikispaces page, so that we can share each other's ideas. J
  • These tools might help you design activities with authentic, real-world elements. C& J 1. The New Blooms Taxonomy Handout 2. Choosing the Right Medium: Reference Guide. by: Jacqueline Keane Library Media Connection 3. Columbus Workshop Page Click on resources. 4. Template for Understanding by Design Units 5. GRASPS Planning Document
  • NEXT... Our 10 th grade English Teacher had an idea.... J
  • Let's revamp the 10 th grade Research Report!! J
  • Redesigned Project
      • Goals:
      • Student will understand the concepts from Thomas Friedman’s “The World Is Flat”.
      • Students will learn 21st century information skills.
      • Students will learn essential technology & presentation skills.
  • Students will research aspects of the new global economy. Research skills will be taught incorporating technology skills. Students will present/demonstrate their learning using the new tools available to 21st century learners. J
  • Student reactions....
      • Wonderful – ANOTHER research project!
      • However - after the usual whining....
  • Students liked the project because....
      • The topics were current.
      • Topics concerned their future.
      • They were allowed to work together. (research together, write separate papers)
      • They actually had opinions about what they were reading – it felt relevant.
  • Some Resources Globalization & Web 2.0 My Page GatesBeatles Page C
  • More Resources Wanderings.... Fun & Exciting Stuff Gananda High School Library Page J & C
  • This is what we could do: The Flat Classroom Project
      • The Classroom is Flat: Teacherpreneurs and the Flat Classroom Project Kickoff
      • Flatclassroomproject – Home Page
  • Modeling Information Fluency J
  • Don't be shy - Jump right in! J & C
  • Getting Started:
      • Subscribe to library and general education blogs via a news reader (Bloglines, Google Reader etc).
      • Read/skim those blogs regularly.
      • Start your own blog (you might be surprised how much you have to say!).
      • Open a social bookmarking account such as (
    J & C
  • Want to get your teachers started?
      • Blogs In the Classroom?
      • Let the Kids Show You Why!
  • Have Fun! The web is a great equalizer. A little old librarian like me in a tiny school in upstate New York gets blog comments from all over the world. J
  • How librarians can illuminate teachers
      • Advocacy
      • Time
      • “ Workshops” (aka - more time)
  • Ready to communicate with the world?
      • Here is an online course made for you!
      • 23 Things
      • Created by:
      • The Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County
  • Overwhelming? Try these.... 2008 Web 2.0 Awards from New Tools by Joyce Valenza J
  • And these....
    • Classroom 2.0
    • G oogle search: “list of web 2.0 tools”
    • Web 2.0 Tools
    • Web 2.0 for the Classroom Teacher
  • Don't Wait..... J
  • Just Do It!! MacNN - The Macintosh News Network Image used with permission from The Macintosh News Network. J