Web Design Presentation Creative Vision


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This is the pdf presentation of our proposed work on Website project.

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Web Design Presentation Creative Vision

  1. 1. Alan Marybeth Rita Shubhreta
  2. 2. Topics for Discussion • Client Expectations • Target Audience • Design Notes - Proposal for color scheme, Page format type, Fonts and Page Layout • Appearance - Color and Graphics/Content presentation , Navigation
  3. 3. Client Expectations : 1.) The client expects an interesting website which informs costumers of the hours of operation, the menu, contact information, weekly musical showcases and performances, culinary specialties, special meetings and available times for conference rooms. The client also expects not only an informative site but an attractive website that reflects the shop's tastes: modern, warm, and cozy.  2.) The client hopes that with the attractive website, more people will return to it and therefore new customers will come. By word of mouth, there will be at least 100 new customers weekly visiting the site and therefore the Café; local artists can sell their artwork and enjoy greater publicity. 3.) The third expectation the client has is that the attendance rate of the musical showcases and performances will rise through the site's presence. By being able to view show times, customers can visit the shop accordingly to not only enjoy their coffee but also listen to their favorite music or band. The client hopes that we create a logo for the shop since the Coffee Café does not have one officially. We are requested to design the logo and use warm, earthy colors that reflect the Café's interior.  
  4. 4. Target Audience: The Coffee Café's clientele includes a wide variety of people. The main customers are young professionals in their twenties and early thirties. An equal amount of males and females frequent the Café, with no preference to either sex. Most of these folks are working their first job out of college, are single or newly married, and have no children; consequently, they can spend their time and money at leisure at the Café. Whether it is debating or mildly conversing, coffee-lovers enjoy the atmosphere. In addition, the food options, many items being organic, attract the health-minded and vegetarians. Many of these people use the Internet frequently, therefore the Café's wireless Internet is a convenient attraction. Social networking sites, like MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook, are quite popular with them. Since Coffee Café gets numerous comments regarding its art displays, folks of that group—artists, bohemians, etc.—frequent the shop as well. Countless people view, buy, and sell the various artworks while local artists gain more publicity. On Saturday evenings, young musicians congregate at the café, while a small clientele of elderly people regularly stops in on the weekdays (probably having been hippies in their youth). Overall, the friendly baristas, diverse food selection, and delicious coffee is what drives people the most to visit the Cafe.  
  5. 5. Design Notes : Proposal Color Scheme / Graphics : 1.) We have played mostly with earthy tones like chocolate brown, beige as the use of these color conveys the meaning and overall feeling of coffee house. 2.) The color will be used consistently throughout the web page. 3.) There is good contrast between the background and the foreground color. 4.) Graphics have complementing background which mixes well with over all tone of the web page. 5.) Graphics use tag to make them more accessible.
  6. 6. Wireframe
  7. 7. Page Layout : 1.) Appealing to target audience - Simple fonts/ minimal colors > easy to read - Clear organization > easy to navigate - No flashy colors/graphics/videos/banners > not distracting - Ice layout >consistency in design from browser to browser 2. ) Consistent site header/logo, navigation area, title page, copyright, last update, email/contact info. 3.) Good use of basic design principals: contrast, proximity and alignment -Chocolate brown, beige will be used consistently through the site. - Legible type. - There is enough contrast on the page. 4.) Balance of text/graphics. Good contrast between text & background.
  8. 8. Navigation: 1.) Navigation links are properly organized / categorized into major sections. 2.) Using images as links to the other pages.
  9. 9. THANK YOU.