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  • 06/06/09

Telesphere Presentation Linked In Telesphere Presentation Linked In Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction
    • By 2011, traditional PBX’s are projected to make up less than 5% of the overall market – a massive decline from 2002 when traditional PBX segments accounted for more than 85% of the market revenues.
    • Dell’Oro Group February 1, 2007
    • Hosted IP PBX will see year-over-year growth rate of 90% through 2009.
    • Instat November, 2005
    • Now you will learn how Telesphere will help YOUR business benefit from these advancements.
  • Who is Telesphere?
    • Founded in 2000, Telesphere has been providing converged voice and data services over a private IP network since 2002. With a true national footprint, from coast to coast, and border to border, Telesphere currently provides services to customers in over 40 states.
    • Telesphere now has offices in 3 states and plans on growing to 20 offices in 3 years.
    • Telesphere is backed by some of the most prestigious telecom founders in the industry. Key financial partners include entities that launched telecommunication giants such as:
        • Nextlink / XO Communications
        • Nextel Communications
        • Nextel Partners
        • Clearwire
        • Cellular One / AT&T Wireless
        • Cbeyond
    • Rally Capital and Hawkeye Capital make up the cornerstone of Telesphere’s vision of a nationwide business telecommunications service provider.
  • Evolution of Business Telecom Businesses connect a phone system to the Public Switched Telephone Network and the Internet to servers and computers. PSTN Businesses replace existing PBX and phones with IP PBX. Dual use of internal wiring enabled. CLEC’s provide Integrated Access combining PSTN and Internet on the same connection. Telesphere moves the phone system features into the network providing a centralized, more flexible, robust and feature-rich solution. Intelligent Network and Features Voice & Data IAD Internet Router
  • Why Telesphere?
    • Why would you have the most critical part of your business sitting in your closet? Now you can:
      • Have the intelligence and features of your phone system along with voice and data services all hosted in a secure data center that is monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
      • Get complete access through a robust web interface to instantly make changes to your service, monitor your network connections, or order new service.
      • Combine all of your local voice services, long distance, high-speed Internet access, data connectivity, IP phone handsets, and the latest in business communications features.
      • Have ONE provider, ONE simple, predictable, flat-rate bill, and ONE point of accountability.
  • Voicemail to Email
    • Telesphere can provide a feature that delivers your voicemail messages into your email account by attaching a wave file recording to an email. From there the user can open that file and listen to the message, save to a file, forward the email to other email addresses, and set filter and routing parameters.
  • Fax to Email
    • Telesphere can provide a feature that will actually deliver your inbound faxes directly to your email account. From there the user can quickly manage the fax including save to a file, forward to other email accounts, delete junk faxes, and set filter and router parameters.
  • Total Voice Control
  • Dial From Outlook
    • Users have the ability to place calls directly from their Outlook contacts by simply right-clicking on a contact and choosing “Dial”.
  • Dial From Web Page
    • Users have the ability to highlight a phone number on any webpage, right-clicking, and choosing “dial”.
  • Administrative Control Features
    • Telesphere provides a secure, web-based login to access administrative control features. Features include changing extension names and numbers, resetting passwords, minor call flow changes, setting up new users, and more.
  • Corporate and Personal Directories
    • Corporate Directory lists all of the employees in your company along with their name, phone, extension, cell and department. Calls can be made with the simple click of a mouse on any of the numbers in the Corporate Directory.
    • Personal Phone List allows you to store frequently called numbers to be dialed from your Telesphere Call Manager. You can also import multiple numbers for this list quickly by loading them from a CSV file. Calls can be made with the simple click of a mouse.
  • Call History
    • The Telesphere Call History lists up to 100:
      • Missed Calls
      • Received Calls
      • Dialed Calls
    • The history includes the phone number, time and date stamp including internal extensions. Calls from the Call History can be made with the simple click of a mouse
  • VOI versus VOIP
    • VoIP is sometimes referred to as the process of converting voice to IP and transmitting it. Other times, VoIP is referred to as the convergence of voice, video and data into a single network. And sometimes, VoIP is thought of as “free long distance.”
    • Voice Over Internet - term to distinguish voice IP packets traversing the public Internet. IP packets that route through the public network don’t have Quality of Service (QoS) because the person or company placing the IP packet on the network does not own or control it and the network does not have the intelligence to distinguish Class of Service (CoS) throughout the network.
    Unlike most managed service providers, Telesphere uses private network connections to deliver IP services to the customer. This ensures QoS.
  • Built-In Disaster Recovery
    • Telesphere has installed its core PBX equipment in a secure data center. When a call comes into a customer, it is not really being received at the customer’s office. It is being received at the data center, and then pushed out to the phones in the customer’s office. For that reason, if there is a circuit outage to the customer’s office the caller will not get a disconnected greeting, and Telesphere has many options on how to handle that call.
      • Re-direct main line to another number
      • Insert recording instructing callers on what to do
      • Allow calls to go to voicemail to be remotely retrieved
  • Auto Failover Capabilities
    • Telesphere will provide the hardware and architect the failover of both voice and data to a customer supplied business class DSL or cable connection. This is designed to provide emergency connectivity in the event of a primary circuit outage.
  • Private WAN Management
    • Telesphere can provide Wide Area Network management to a customer with multiple locations that includes building and managing private VLANS, routers at each location, 24X7 monitoring and support.
    • Telesphere will:
    • Provision
    • Monitor and support 24 x 7
    • Manage
    • your private WAN eliminating public VPNs.
  • Network and Bandwidth Monitoring
    • Telesphere provides customers with private, web-based login access a monitoring tool. This tool gives customers the ability to view statistical information regarding bandwidth usage, CPU loads, historical reports, and notification alerts
  • The Telesphere Difference
    • Hosted and Managed Voice and Data Network ( private and public )
    • Total Solution Provider and Guarantor of End to End Performance.
    • Direct access to Network Engineers
    • All CPE Hardware (Routers, Circuit Cards, Switches, UPS, Racks, Handsets, ATAs, etc.) are provided to all locations
    • Secure private VPN network separated from the Public Internet
    • Aggregation of voice, data, and video equipment is available
    • Nationwide carrier-grade fully meshed MPLS IP network
    • Last mile dedicated dynamically allocated symetrical connectivity
    • Complete solution – fully hosted PBX, SIP trunking to PBX, Remote office, data services
    • Predictable, simple flat rate all inclusive pricing for voice, internet, and long distance calling
    • No up front capital investment required
  • Single Solution for Many Needs Telesphere brings all the communication services together into one simple, single solution. Customer spend time juggling multiple responsibilities. Maintenance Support Service Level Agreements (SLA) Monitoring Internet Voice Services Intelligent Services
  • The TeleSphere Network
  • Functionality and Features
    • Fully Meshed MPLS Enabled IP/VPN Network
    • Customized QOS on Demand (prioritized voice queuing & custom data traffic shaping per site
    • Collocation services provided
    • Customer access and visibility to network elements via SolarWinds and SNMP
    • Historical Stats of Network throughput, errors, latency
    • High Availability through upgraded inter-carrier redundancy on the core network
    • Ubiquitous features and 4-digit dialing between office, home, or anywhere in the U.S.
    • Interface to all SIP based phones as well as Cisco Skinny (SCCP) phones
    • The most robust feature set available including: Unified voice and email messaging, fax to email, simultaneous ringing between office and cellular, remote office call routing, others
    • unified messaging, remote office, simultaneous ring, call fowarding, conference calling, click to dial)
  • Product Solutions
    • Business Sphere Complete™
      • Fully managed services
      • Handsets supplied by Telesphere
    • Business Sphere Select™
      • Fully managed services
      • Handsets supplied by customer from approved list
    • Business Sphere Connect™
      • TDM or IP voice services for existing PBX & Handsets
      • Managed features to supplement existing PBX abilities
    • Business Sphere Remote™
      • Fully managed services over public internet connection
      • Handset included in simple “Plug ‘n Play” experience
  • Complete/Select Advantage
  • Connect Advantage
  • SUMMARY Telesphere has designed and implemented a nationwide, fully-managed technology converging voice, video, and data services. Using this leading edge technology, Telesphere provides all size of businesses (small, medium, large, home office) with enterprise level features and support at a tremendous value.
  • Questions?
    • Please contact Anthony Mauro
    • [email_address]
    • 480-289-7558