Using social media to improve brand visibility


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Increasing professionals are being hired for their ability to share ideas and exert influence. Social media has transformed from being purely social, to becoming a powerful business tool, ushering in Enterprise 2.0.

With the 35+ market now being the fastest growing segment in the social media market, what can executives and senior management learn from the lessons of the corporate sector to build their own personal brand?

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  • Using social media to improve brand visibility

    1. 1. Using social media to improve personal brand visibility
    2. 2. Seen in the office Seen online
    3. 3. 12 key Asia Pacific countries, 2005, figures are per annum, Nielsen Media Research Asia Pacific reached a record $US66.6 Billion in supermarket advertising
    4. 4. Email 65% Social media 66.8%
    5. 5. Can this guy can talk?
    6. 6. Web 2.0 Enterprise 2.0 Fastest growing segment is 35-49 year old age group (+11.3 million). Help you hire the right people
    7. 7. 3% are using social media for all recruitment 50% login for 3-5hr week to use social media for recruitment
    8. 8. Who you know What you’ve done Where you’ve worked
    9. 9. 80% of internet users don’t know where to look
    10. 10. Flickr photos Online newspapers Share slides Blog posts Forum posts Urban dictionary book
    11. 11. 8.5 million visitors to the blog each monthly 2,000 YouTube videos. Watch 80 million times 15,000 million friends on 15 social networks
    12. 13. Blog post Online newspaper iTunes podcast
    13. 14. Inside social media
    14. 15. 1980s 2009 Visible to 5 people Visible to 9 million people
    15. 16. Common button found on social media
    16. 17. Serve 20 billion requests each month
    17. 21. Choose social media you’ve comfortable with
    18. 22. Recent poll by mashable
    19. 24. planning social media visibility
    20. 25. Long term goal is visibility Training notes for staff Write a book Develop an idea
    21. 26. Still 8 hours in the day, just spent differently Workflow is changing
    22. 27. Email ends up here in 6 months Imagine you saved 10% of what you threw away.
    23. 28. 150 characters 30 minutes (250 words) 6 hours 2 hours
    24. 29. Start a word press blog in 5 minutes Personality Write a 250 word post Okay to post once a month
    25. 30. Use twitterfeed to promote the title and link of each blog post I’m brushing my teeth Print quality content
    26. 31. Use LinkedIn answers to get feedback
    27. 32. Measuring success
    28. 33. Google analytics
    29. 34. The concepts, ideas, strategies, information, materials, artwork, plans and copy contained in this document are presented in absolute confidence and are the property of Firestarter Pte Ltd and must not be reproduced, adapted, communicated to third parties or in any way used without the express permission of Firestarter Pte Ltd. © Copyright Firestarter Pte Ltd 2009.