SpringCM BD Institute Webinar 0511 Final


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Presentation from SpringCM/Business Development Institute webinar featuring Howard Nutt.

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SpringCM BD Institute Webinar 0511 Final

  1. 1. Improve Win Rates and Capture Ratios “Benchmarks in World-Class Proposal Writing Capability” ® Capability Maturity Model, CMM, and CMMI are registered in the U.S Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University
  2. 2. Introductions BD Institute Howard Nutt, Executive Director The BD-Institute is a non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting BD excellence through the BD-CMM. We provide direct support and services to organizations that use BD-CMM as their framework, path, and guide for managing and improving business development results Privia by SpringCM Ashok Sankar, Sr. Director, Product Management Privia is the leading bid, capture and proposal management solution that improves top-line revenues through increased win rates and team productivity by streamlining the competitive procurement process – from opportunity identification to proposal delivery. © 2008 SpringCM Inc. All right reserved. 2
  3. 3. Agenda Overview of Benchmark Study Best Practices in Use of Automation Implied Criteria for Selecting an Automation Solution Summary and Questions Entire research report available for purchase at www.bd-institute.org
  4. 4. Motivations for the Study Validate the state-of-the-art in proposal writing capability Improve the efficiency and effectiveness across all types of proposal writing activities Establish an end-state for world class proposal writing capability Share results industry-wide Study sponsored by: BAE Systems Electronics and Integrated Solutions Nashua, NH
  5. 5. Participants by Industry
  6. 6. Participants by Annual Revenue
  7. 7. Participants by BD-CMM Level Benchmarks come from high maturity companies.
  8. 8. Summary of Benchmarks 182 best practices benchmarked across five areas Proposal Steps, 51 Proposal Automation, 35 Organizational Constructs, 24 Training, 22 Other Factors, 50 32 companies screened, 23 studied
  9. 9. Top-10 Benchmark Practices 1. BD process guides - Seen as essential for predictable results 2. Proposal plans - Substantiated as way to optimize B&P expenditures 3. Storyboards in pre-proposal planning - Found to ensure that strategies and themes are effectively communicated and used 4. Collaborative environments - Determined that success depends on commitment to tool and how it is managed within the process 5. Active strategies for knowledge management - Viewed as best way to maximize value of intellectual property and give teams a head start
  10. 10. Top-10 Benchmark Practices 6. Professional writers - Seen as best way to ensure that winning messages are effectively communicated 7. Corporate branding - Found to be relevant in substantiating value of customer offering 8. Appropriate and timely staffing - Linked to team efficiency and success 9. Facilities aligned with process - Determined that effective virtual environment for BD is dependent on broader Corporate commitment to virtual work environment 10. Coherent training strategy - Validated that “best” training is multi-layered and aligned with process roles
  11. 11. Agenda Overview of Benchmark Study Best Practices in Use of Automation Implied Criteria for Selecting an Automation Solution Summary and Questions
  12. 12. Collaborative Environments A variety of significant tools used for collaboration on bid responses Successful execution was not specific to the technology or brand used Highly dependent on how organizations institutionalized the tool Use of secondary tools that integrate well
  13. 13. Knowledge Management Systems Range from repositories of past bid responses to actively managed content libraries Degree of sophistication selected based on the anticipated need for content reuse Use of a knowledge management staff that provides a competitive advantage Large organizations – dedicated content management team that comprises 5 percent to 15 percent of the proposal staff Small organizations –part-time responsibility assigned and supported
  14. 14. Data and Art Repositories Searchable repository for artwork as a key part of an overall knowledge reuse strategy “Action captions” associated with artwork either as part of the individual file or, better still, in a separate, associated entry Unique tracking number associated with each graphic Branding and image reinforced with graphic repositories maintained by corporate media groups Consistency, quality and conformance to corporate media guidelines ensured by graphics style guide Symbol library of often-used graphic elements maintained for incorporation into actual graphics
  15. 15. Document Layout and Assembly Ease of real-time production of drafts and review copies at any stage identified as significant advantage Document layout and assembly facilitated through version control and configuration management Formal configuration management techniques for proposals Process incorporated into automation strategy and tools
  16. 16. Agenda Overview of Benchmark Study Best Practices in Use of Automation Implied Criteria for Selecting an Automation Solution Summary and Questions
  17. 17. Key Automation Criteria Ease of use Security and access control for employees, competitive divisions, subcontractors, and partners Appropriate support for subcontractors and partner access essential Version control and retention Integration with a knowledge management systems Process Management Record responsibilities Track status of response elements and milestones Distribute notifications Manage intervention Distribute team information Track action items Support workflows
  18. 18. Key Automation Criteria (cont’d) Enhanced communications for the response team Contact lists, messaging, etc. Availability of project specific reference library Ability to support storyboards and structured writing templates Collaborative spaces for project teams, review teams, and various SME teams Repository for necessary tools and templates Ability to easily generate real time copies for management and color teams reviews
  19. 19. Agenda Overview of Benchmark Study Best Practices in Use of Automation Implied Criteria for Selecting an Automation Solution Summary and Questions
  20. 20. How to Use the Results Understand the current state of proposal writing capabilities Compare internal operation with “ideal state” benchmarks Class “B” BD-CMM Appraisal Identify alignment and gaps Develop appropriate action plans Commitment to improvement Invest and train as appropriate Align metrics
  21. 21. Privia Solution Proposal Opportunities Task Orders Change Orders Standardization and Quality Management Tools Best Practices Process • Opportunity Status Privia • Capture Phase Solution Development • Dashboard Visibility Workflow • Proposal Development • Exception Management • Task Order Management Customized to Your Business Content Reuse and Repeatability • Secure Consolidated Proposal Repository • Secure Artifact Library • Resumes • Past Performance • Opportunity Tracking and Reporting 21 © 2008 SpringCM Inc. All right reserved.
  22. 22. Privia by SpringCM • Central repository promoting content reuse & sophisticated search Collaboration Tracking and • Security and access control Notifications Reporting IM / Presence • Integration with opportunity E-Mail Opportunity Status Dashboards sources Ad-Hoc • Version control and configuration management • Process Management • Enhanced communications Document Process • Virtual collaboration and Management Management reviews Version Control Time Constrained Security Customizable • Status & milestone tracking Collaborative Review © 2008 SpringCM Inc. All right reserved. 22
  23. 23. Best Practices To Meet New Challenges Virtualization Organizational Integration Concurrent Activity Standardize Processes © 2004-2007 Business Development Institute International. All Rights Reserved. © 2008 SpringCM Inc. All right reserved. 23
  24. 24. Privia Customers Privia® is used by over 10,000 business capture and proposal development professionals and executives in the government contracting market. 24
  25. 25. Customer Proof-points 25 © 2008 SpringCM Inc. All right reserved.
  26. 26. Contact Information Business Development Institute International Howard Nutt, Executive Director hwnutt@bd-institute.org +1-602-502-5100 Business Development Institute International www.bd-institute.org “Benchmarks in World Class Proposal Writing Capability” orders http://guest.cvent.com/EVENTS/Info/Summary.aspx?e=20bd885d-011f- 4284-90c8-e8fa0e1dc76e • Privia by SpringCM www.springcm.com Email: sales@springcm.com Phone: +1-877-362-7273
  27. 27. In Closing… THANK YOU!