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CU Alumni

  1. 1. Consumer Behavior 2800321 THAI ALUMNI To Dr.Worawan Ongkrutraksa By Kittiporn Ansirimongkol 4945303628 Pimpisa Jular 4945346628 Parkorn Wongsiri 4945351728 Pusita Pongsopa 4945352328 Wei Hong Chou 4945366128 Sundhika Chagsudulya 4945371228 Usaporn Tanadumrongsak 4945386728
  2. 2. Print Advertisement Magazine Information Magazine Name: BrandAge (Read Online: Magazine Type: Business-focused, middle class to upper class-focused, educated Printing Style: four-color printing, glossy/quality paper Issuing Type: Monthly Target Group: Businessperson, middle class people who like to keep themselves updated with the latest information on the brands of various categories of products Price: 90 Baht Issued By: Thaicoon-BrandAge Holding Co.,Ltd. Table shows the frequency of ads for each university in year 2008: University Chulalongkorn Mahidol Assumptio Dhurakij Thammasat University University n Bandit University Month University University January 1 1 1 February 1 March 1 1 April 1 1 May 1 1 June 1 July 1 1 August September 1 1 October 1 1 1 November 1 1 December 1 1 Analysis Part Different frequency that each university employs in placing the ads means different in tactics/strategies in pushing the messages towards their target consumers (students). In this case, we can see that Chulalongkorn University and Assumption University have the highest numbers of advertising and they also maintain their message frequency (quite frequent) along the way in a year. Both of them have utilized the same strategy that provides a gap between advertising period to get people to be motivated and let them to have some time to consider. If placed too often, the ads may appear to be clutter and have lesser impact. The strategy will have the ads appear in a row of 3-4 months then stop to have a resting period and then wrap up at the end of the year with another set of ads. However, as for Dhurakit Bhandit University and Mahidol University, the ads profile is different from those of the first pair. The ads seem not to be their priority since it appears only three times a year. On one hand, it may be good that it helps reduce the clutter; however, target people will be more likely to forget due to the lack of frequency in reminding them. However, it can be used with strong brands because it creates trustworthiness and accountability. The fact that the good university keeps less advertising is crucial. For Thammasat University, the ad appears only once. It is possible that this magazine is not their target for their mainstream advertising but they want to try, so they place only one ad in a very small column. It is very hard to grasp the attention of the reader since it is very small in a detached small book inside the magazine except for those who look here intentionally to seek for job/university. **See more analysis on the specific ad later**
  3. 3. Tables show the type of ad that appears in the magazine for each university: Chulalongkorn University Mahidol University Type 1. 2.PR 3.Publicity 4.Others TOTAL Type 1. Ads 2.PR 3.Publicity 4.Others TOTAL Month Ads Activities Month Activities January January February February March 1 1 March 1 1 April 1 1 April 1 1 May 1 1 May 1 1 June June July July August August September 1 1 September 1 1 October 1 1 October 1 1 November 1 1 November 1 1 December 1 1 December 1 1 TOTAL 7(100%) 7 TOTAL 1(14.3% 2(28.6% 4(57.1%) 7 ) ) Thammasat University Dhurakit Bandit University Type 1. 2.PR 3.Publicity 4.Others TOTAL Type 1. 2.PR 3.Publicity 4.Others TOTAL Month Ads Activities Month Ads Activities January January 1(Interview) 1 February February March March April April May May June June 1 1 July July August August September September 1 1 October 1 October November November December December TOTAL 1(100%) 1 TOTAL 1(33.3% 1(33.3%) 1(33.4%) 3 ) Assumption University Type 1. Ads 2.PR 3.Publicity 4.Others TOTAL Month Activities January 1 1 February 1 1 March 1 1 April 1 1 May 1 1 June July 1 1 August September October November December 1 1 TOTAL 1(14.3% 1(14.3% 5(71.4%) 7 ) )
  4. 4. Analysis Part Chulalongkorn University All the ads appearing in the magazine in the year 2008 are all the same. It wants to promote the CBS programs and place the same ad throughout the year. The use of pink, which is the university’s color, really suits its message. All information are fully presented, how to apply, which period etc. Mahidol University There are many formats and styles for the advertising. The different in size depends on the importance of the programs they want to publicize. Some of them are in colorful mode; however, the rest are in black and white color. Also, most of them are for new program’s publicity. Assumption University The ads are very colorful with the arrangement that really catches an attention. Most of them are half-page format. All the details are provided. Dhurakit Bahdit University Mostly, the university focuses on presenting the information to the readers. Accordingly, the page is mostly crammed with textual and visual types. One tactic that is very interesting and is unique among other universities is the interview of the Chief Executive about the new program and let her declare/persuade the target in the interview text. Thammasat University The small ad with little details on the new open for application period rarely catches the attention of the readers. The format of the ads varies from university to university. Take CU for example, CU has only three formats that run through a one year period, which is different for ABAC. ABAC have different formats for each month. Other university such as TU, Mahidol, DPUIC, Dhurakit Bandit has only a few ads. So we will be focusing on ABAC and Chula, which have the most ads in the magazine. The content of the ads for CU is a bit dull and boring. One of the reasons is because CU uses the same ads over and over again, while ABAC uses new ads every month. The second reason is that, CU ads has very few colors making it not very attractive, while on the other hand, ABAC uses many colors and has a lot more photo than CU. ABAC and CU photo focuses on different things and photo is one of the most important elements in an ad. CU’s photo focuses on building or the statue of the King Rama the VI while ABAC focuses on people mostly foreigner making it look more international. And the last reason is that ABAC has all these business partners on the ad from other university such as London University, University of Exeter and more. Chula has no business partners on their ads at all. So ABAC ads look more attractive and more appealing for those who want to go international. Both ABAC and Chula have attitudes in their ads, but only ABAC has attribute. The attitude that you get from both the ads is that is a good university, has nice environment and provides good education, but I could say that the attitude for ABAC is stronger than CU because it looks more international. ABAC has a very strong attribute in their ads because all the photos gives off an international feeling in it mainly because they focus on the people and the learning environment, which make it looks very professional. You could see from the ads that ABAC photo is a lot bigger than CU making it clear and easy for the reader to understand the message. But as we have all know that CU is the best university in Thailand, but for those who are new to Thailand, new to Thai universities when they look at these ads they will think that ABAC is probably a better university than CU because it provides a clearly image and it gives off an international feeling.
  5. 5. IMC Program: Event *คืนวันหวานชาวจามจุรี* Theme As the target group of this event is the Thai Alumni of Chulalongkorn University, both, who have just graduated and long graduated. The point of this event is to gather all the former students of Chula and create connections among different age range, so that it will build good foundations among them, which could be beneficial for both the University and the Thai Alumnus. More importantly, the ultimate aim of the event is to reinforce understanding and loyalty to the University, so that they can recall what they have gained as valuable experiences from the university, which play an important part in shaping who they are today. The by-product of this event is also to form a new image of the university, “Pillar of the Kingdom,” so that they understand that Chulalongkorn University is the first leading educational facility now as it always has been since their times here. As a result, the main theme is to bring to minds the old feelings of unity and fun that most people have at Chula when they were students. Therefore, the theme is based on old Thai soap opera stories in the 1970s such as MonrukLooktung (ม น ต์ รั ก ลู ก ทุ่ ง ) and Thai festive fairs or Ngarn Wat (งานวั ด ). This idea leads to a theme of vivid and vibrant colors to imitate the old days; the colors are strong, primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. Still, pink is the core color of this event to recollect the Chula’s atmosphere. The event location is set at King RamaV’s statue area (ห น้ า ล า น พ ร ะ รู ป ). This is because, firstly, it’s located on Chula’s ground, which can help emphasize the feelings of old days. Secondly, the ground is big enough to sustain a hugh number of people and still doesn’t make the attendees feel crowded. Thirdly, due to the capacity of the area, it is most suitable to set up the event as old-Thai-amusement-park-like because it can support other facilities such as Ferris wheel, Marry-go-round, and other activity booths. Fourthly, the lighting and decoration will look gorgeous at night, which makes this open area most suitable for attendees to feel attach to outside atmosphere. The date of the event is on the 28th April, 2009. The event will be opened for enter at 5.30 p.m. The information that the guests need to know will be available on the invitation card. Logo The Logo is for reunion of Chulalongkorn University. The logo is inspired by the moment in the old days, so the colors use in the logo are mainly vivid color-bright green, fresh purple or yellow, especially pink color- identical color of Chulalongkorn University. The reason why our group use vivid colors is because they usually give the feeling of fun, energetic and vivacity; we want to directly communicate to our target- universities alumni to bring back their memory to the period when they was studying at chulalongkorn Universities, when they were teenagers. From the appearance of the logo, it looks like an advertisement or a poster that could normally be found in Mitchai Bancha or Petchara Chaovarach period. Moreover, blending between traditional Thai alphabet type and bright color also produced a very eye-catching piece to all viewers. However, our design still remains uncomplicated but by the use of fine lines, photos and textures, we can make the logo unique. Entrance gate The design of the entrance gate is a rainbow, decorated with some external surface shape as hearts and stars. The entrance gate will be located at the opposite side of the main stage. The logo is placed at top of the gate to make the event more recognizable. All designs are inspired by the memory of the old days, so we use the vivid and vibrant colors to imitate the old days and emphasize the pink color as a color of the university. The height of the gate is around 2.5 meters and width 2.2 meter; we tend to create the moderate size for the front gate because it will be used as a backdrop where the guest, if desired, can take photographs there. With colorful design, it will draw the guests to sign in at the main gate because of its big, bold appearance.
  6. 6. Invitation Card The invitation card will be sent out to the Thai Alumni two week prior to the actual event, so that all attendees have some times to prepare themselves and clear up their schedules. The design on the front looks rather obsolete but, however, unique. It is colorful and has high contrast, which makes it stand out and will appear attractive to the Alumnus when they receive the invitation card. At the back of the invitation card, all the important information about the event will be given to make sure that all the attendees know what they will find at the event. Also, the date and time are clearly stated on the back of the card, to prevent misunderstanding. Moreover, attendees who want to partake in the lucky draw at the end of the night, they are welcomed to register at the front desk, which the number printed on the right hand side of every invitation card will be torn off by the registration people and will be taken for the lucky draw. Stage and Podium The event stage is also as colorful as the overall theme, consisted of energetic colors such as pink, green, and blue. It is designed to be consistent with the podium and the entrance, thus when the guests enter the event they will feel that everything in the event is harmoniously incorporated. Again, the stage’s design is primarily based on the 70s theme, so high contrast colors are used to bring out the feelings of the 70s. The podium is quite fancy with variety of vivid colors such as yellow, red, blue and designed with a unique shape with external surface like star and rainbow. It will be made into a three dimensional object. At the top of the podium, we use the logo to show the consistency everywhere, which can remind our theme. Our podium reflects the 70’s Thai style when people loved colorful stuff, which can be portrayed through dressing, belonging, and makeup. We want our audience to think of the old days like 30 years ago when there was a lot of this type of event such as Ngan wat or Ngan Phu kao tong. Activity At the event, there will be several activities booths for attendees to enjoy: game campus; auction and product display; beauty contest; lucky draw; souvenir photography; shows from current students. At game booths, attendees will take pleasure in old fashion games that they enjoyed when they were young such as Ferris wheel, Sao-noi-tok-nam (สาวน้อยตกนำำา ), dart game (ปา เป้า), and marry-go-round. The ticket can be bought at the registration table at the price of 500 baht for two games. During the night, there will be an auction session, which before it starts there will be a product display of people who participate in this program. The products at the auction will be from several well-known and successful guests who were students of Chulalongkorn University; the products will be showcased around the area and framed nicely in colorful photo frames to make the products become more interesting. After the auction is done, all the money will go to Chulalongkorn University’s CSR and health science programs. This auction is to offer the attendees something to remember from the event once it is over, which also acts as a good reinforcement of the objective of the event, which is to create a strong foundation between former students and the university. For people who like to have more fun at the event, to participate in the beauty contest can be very ideal. To join this competition, participants need to follow the rules and codes that the judges set up, which is to dress as if you were still in the 70s and dress accordingly. The person who can truly bring the feelings of the 70s to live will be awarded the winner of the night. The prize will be a golden cup with the name of the winner on it, including a free gift voucher for all activity booths. More excitingly, there will be several shows; for example, fashion show, short play, and music talent, from current students from different faculties that will keep the guests entertained throughout the night.
  7. 7. To participate in the lucky draw, attendees need to register at the front desk to join in the game. The lucky draw will be made when the night is done by having the chairman of the event pick up one lucky number, who will win the prize of 1,000 baht cash. Another suggested activity that all guests should attend is the photo booth. This photo booth is very unique because the attendees will have to put their faces into other people’s bodies; the bodies will be of famous people from the old times, including people from famous old-film-like movies such as Fa-ta-lai-jone (ฟ้ า ท ะ ล า ย โ จ ร ) and Yam-ya-so-torn (แ ห ย ม ยโสธร). The photos will be printed immediately for pick up, so there is no need to wait in a long queue. Uniform for waiter and waitress The uniform will be specially made for this event; the waiters and waitresses, who are students from all faculties, will be wearing tailored made t-shirts during the night. The T-shirt is designed to look funky and retro by adding several colors and playing with geometric shapes, the pattern of the shirt itself is an abstract art. On the back of T-shirt, Chula’s logo is printed on but is also made abstractly; on the front, the name of the event ‘คื น วั น หวานชาว จ า ม จุ รี ’ is screened in a big bold font. To make the event more casual, the waiters and waitresses will be wearing jeans with their t-shirts, so that it goes with the theme of the 70s and makes the event feel suburban-like. Giveaway The reunion’s souvenir is a well-designed notepad. It looks like a colorful carousel that regularly found in Ngan Wat or temple fair in the old day. We want to create consistency between the event’s concept and alumni contact points, so we get the idea of a carousel, where people spend their time with families, friends, or even their sweethearts. The carousel can be a sign that can remind our seniors to think of their old moment when they were Nisit Chula. The notepad also has a logo on the center and the same design will appear inside. But we use the light pink color and make it transparent to make it easy for reading and writing. The reason that we choose the notepad to be a keepsake is because, first, it is not too expensive to produce. Second, it is useful for many people because stationary can always be used in a normal routine. F&B Booth For the food and beverage selling booth, there are two types of booths which are standing booth and trolley. Both of the booths and trolley are 1*2*1 size which is a perfect size as it not too big or too small. In case of overcrowded, the Trolley will be able to move for the guest convenience; and another reason is the cost of rental. For the standing booth, it will cost more than the trolley and will be sold only by the selected suppliers. The trolley is a place for Nisit to sell their products, however, the trolley isn’t going to stay on a permanent area the seller can not choose the area on their own as the university’ committee will manage the location according to the suitability. Basically, the event will hold 25 F&B Booths and no more than 30 trolleys. The event will serve mixed fusion Thai-food and snack, which are mostly the same menu that can be found in old-time events such as Kao Man Kai, Yum Mamuong, Hoi tod, Sai Mai or Kanom La. Certainly, there will be the logo of the event in front every booth and trolley because setting up own store with out permission is definitely disallowed.
  8. 8. MC: Kulnadda Pachimsawat Nina or Kulnadda Pachimsawat was a Nisit Chulalongkorn when she studied her first degree at faculty of Cummunication Arts. So, she can perfectly represent chulalongkorn identity; she is the result of Chulalongkorn University, and now she is producing a lot of good work for the society, which can strongly represent the “Pillar of the Kingdom” slogan well. Moreover, now, she is working as an MC at Channel 3. Nina has personalities that fit with being an MC which are ingenious, easy-going and smart. She communicates fluently in English and Thai and interpersonal skill that can help in communicating through our alumni effectively. She will share the experience about her study life and what were the benefits that she received when she was here. Throughout the event, Nina will be emphasizing on Chula’s transformation, "Pillar of the Kingdom." She has to know that Chulalongkorn University is the oldest and most respected university in Thailand since 1917, and it still remains that way until today. It is ranked 166th university in the world and it's also the only Thai University to make the list. Guest speakers: Taksaorn Paksukcharoen Aff or Taksaorn Paksukcharoen was also a Communication Arts’s student who is now a popular actress in Thailand. Importantly, her reputation is positive and her look represents Thainess. In the event, she will be responsible for the promotion about Chula’s current CSR programs - Baan Nee Mee Suk project: aim to promote greater awareness of health issues among alumni to encourage an increased sharing of knowledge of related issues within families and other communities. Guest Speakers: Yanee Jongwisut Tuk or Yanee Jongwisut was a student of Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University. Now, she is a well-known actress and a business woman who is very successful in life. She will talk about her life at Chulalongkorn and how the University pays attention to both student’s acedemic and other extra-curricular activities achievements. Guest Speakers: Sunya kunakorn Du or Sunya Kunakorn, was a student of Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. Now, he is a prestige MC and have his own TV programs. As a popular MC, He will talk about research of bio-fuel exploration and development, unemployment and other social problems, regional migration, political conflict, religion, agriculture developments, medical developments, natural disasters and many other key issues which benefit to the whole public in order to educate all guest about what the university contribute to the Thai society. We choose Du to do this job because he has good credibility and reliability,
  9. 9. which will make serious issues such as the contributions that Chula’s been making and is making appear more prestigious and valuable.